This is a small part in my Fanfiction second book! It's Twilight, yes, so no hating comments on how much you absolutely dread the book! I'm just going to put it in what a play's script would look like for now and submit the finished part later on- considering I haven't gotten there yet (almost though!). This is based off of a song called Always by Saliva- and yes I'm using their lyrics in the fight all around that's where I got the idea! And I'm giving them credit as well... right now XD
So this is against my OC- Eve Ellion (ee-leon) and Jacob Black! Just a heads up! Eve is a vampire werewolf Hybrid and long story short-- She was originally a werewolf and as she was out rustling in the woods she was attacked by a new born (in 1918 at the age 17 yes-- Edward's same date) and the pack thought they got all the venom out when some was already injected a little ways into her heart. The next day the same thing happened and they did the attempt again but then the venom pushed together with the other and now half her heart is full of venom that can't be removed. That made her half vampire and half werewolf! She's faster than a normal vampire and her ability is to copy cat by using someone's ability and being able to take it from them and not let them use it while using it for herself, using it while they use it, or use it from farther ranged like across the U.S.A or even someplace else... okay long story long... sorry DX
To get the majority of it, It takes place in the fourth book (those that haven't read it stop reading this bit and just slip to reading the fight!)
Breaking Dawn!
Eve is dancing with Edward at the receptionist party and tells him that she is going off to the Voultri. He seems shocked and before he can speak she hits him with the 'you're married now' thing and swings him off to dance with Bella! She then retreats to the back of the party towards the woods where Felix (he one that taught her everything) tells her the rest of the plan because he's forcing her to go back to Aro on orders- even though he doesn't want to...
So here comes in where she's talking with Jacob and then They fight! I give great thanks to Saliva and their song Always for giving me this fighting scene... even though I cried writing it because they two (Eve and Jacob) love each other!

Jacob: Eve you can't, I love you!
Eve: Well... I hate you! (she's lying)
Jacob: I-I can't live without you! (waa!)
Eve: *stops and waits silently*... I just can't take anymore Jacob... I'm done with you... I feel like you don't want me around... I guess I'll pack all my things...
Jacob: I guess I'll see you around *holding back tears*

Eve: I just can't live without you! (i love how this turns!) I love you!
Jacob: *looks at ground* I hate you!
Eve: I can't get around you...

(Eve left the house already)
Eve/Jacob: I left my head around you heart

Jacob: I see the blood on your hands
Eve: Does it make you feel more like a man?
Jacob: was it all just a part of your plan?
Eve: I'm sorry....

Eve/Jacob: Just know I love you.... *turns head away and leaves*

I told you it sucked... don't worry I'm making the real thing now... G DETAILED WRITING XDDD
And my sucky Grammar!