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SasuXNaru ~ Charapter 3
Naruto fell out of bed when Kiba’s alarm went off. Normally he would have marched into dog boy’s room and ranted about how inconsiderate the brunet was but this time it was well suited as he had to get up too for his 9 o’clock. He heard the front door shut and found it odd Kiba hadn’t waited for him so they could walk to university together.

The blond jumped up when he remembered last night. Sasuke was on his couch. His couch. He had come to Sasuke’s rescue in his time of (drunken) need and quite literally swept him off his feet. This was worth like one date, right? Grinning, he ran out of his room forgetting he was only in his boxer shorts to see how Sasuke was. Maybe I can watch him sleep again. As creepy as that sounds, Naruto really only had the best of intentions at heart.

Naruto looked around. There was no Sasuke. He looked around again, just in case he’d missed him; Sasuke was small. Nope. He went to the bathroom, without knocking (Naruto was a little desperate at this point). Kiba stood there, with his back to Naruto, in front of the toilet, rapidly pulling his pants up.

“Naruto!!!!” Kiba let loose quite the unmanly scream.

“My eyes! I’m blind. I’m blind!” Naruto backed away quickly, shielding his eyes as he stumbled. Ew. Kiba butt. Ew. Kiba butt. Ewwwwww. Momentarily forgetting his quest for Sasuke, Naruto’s mind was occupied with visions of Kiba’s rather naked a**. Ugh. I know Kiba’s hairy, but he’s got a freaking forest growing down there.

Kiba had slammed the door and could be heard cursing about senseless blonds that don’t know how to knock, then see a real man’s a** and freak out.

Naruto’s retaliation was to yell back the suggestion of waxing.


Naruto flopped back on the couch, Sasuke was officially MIA. He would have liked to hold Sasuke’s shirt and sob into it, but that was unmanly and besides the b*****d had thrown up all over it. That also led to thoughts of a half naked Sasuke walking the streets, which of course consequently led to thoughts of a completely naked Sasuke on his bed. That thought occupied Naruto for a while.

Kiba had thrown Sasuke’s bag at him and was now sitting beside him. Naruto had forgotten to take it with him the night before. Naruto shifted his eyes to the right, and then to the left. No one was around. Akamaru was back to sleeping in Kiba’s room and Kiba had left to pick up Hinata to walk with her. He grabbed Sasuke’s bag. Well it wasn’t really a bag, more like a satchel, those over the shoulder thingies. Heh, another tick for the homo tribe column, sorry Sakura, but you are wrong about this one. He rifled through it and was disappointed to find only text books and rolls of chart recordings. He looked for the secret pockets and found a tiny expensive looking iPod. Well at least he listens to music, he can’t be that stuck up. Well now he had a hostage. Naruto grinned. Checked the time and saw he only had fifteen minutes to get dressed for his lecture given by his new favourite TA. Dressed in a black T shirt and orange cargo pants he legged it to the lecture.

Naruto got there early. He pouted until Sakura moved up a seat so he could have the aisle. “Sakura, these long legs get cramped down there” Sakura had rolled her eyes and given in quite easily; she seemed a bit preoccupied sending and receiving text messages. When Naruto had tried to peer over her shoulder she had snapped her phone shut, kicked his ankle and told him to pay attention to the professor.

Naruto was a little disappointed there was still no sign of Sasuke and that Professor Hatake was taking the lecture. He slouched down in this seat, crossed his arms and pouted more. I’m sure he’s okay.


Sasuke’s left eye was twitching. He was in the men’s toilets next to where he was due to take a lecture in five minutes. He glared at the mirror and took in his appearance. Even though he had washed his face, gargled water and straightened his clothes he was still a sight for sore eyes. Sasuke wasn’t one for vanity, but he had a certain amount of personal pride that refuted that statement. The orange T-shirt that he had pilfered from his would-be kidnapper(s?) wasn’t very flattering. It had the effect of making him look washed out and the sickly pale look was not in fashion. The T-shirt wasn’t dirty but it did give off a faint musky smell when he sniffed it. Sasuke didn’t want to say it smelt good, because it didn’t. He certainly didn’t hold it closer than necessary.

Sasuke cringed when he ran his hand through his hair. His hair had met water or some sort of liquid at some point because instead of its usual spikes it had flattened down at the back and curled slightly towards the ends. Sasuke’s famous dark eyes glared again at his reflection. This is your fault. He would have continued with this line of thought as Sasuke was prone to internal conversations; however he thought perhaps now was not the time for mutiny.

He collected himself. Posture stiff and walked out. His right eye began to twitch when having entered the lecture hall a few minutes late, the whispers from the girls and the sniggers from the boys reaching his ears. Sasuke’s stride if possible became even stiffer as he approached the front. His eyes widened slightly when he noticed Kakashi was there. Taking the lecture. Kakashi was never there. At least never on time. Sasuke had grown accustomed to the fact that being Kakashi’s TA meant being the professor. His mouth falling slightly open and the eyes widening (while continuing to twitch) made it seem as if Sasuke’s usually unemotional face was having spasms.

“Ah, Sasuke…” Kakashi’s only visible eye curved down in his semblance of a smile as he took in Sasuke’s appearance. “A little late are we? Looks like someone had a rough night.”

Late?! I’m late?! Why I ought to… Sasuke’s train of thought went into less PG areas as he imagined removing the eye patch and stabbing whatever was hidden behind there. With a blunt pencil, Sasuke thought grimly.

Kakashi remained unruffled by the thoughts he could quite clearly see on his TA’s face. “Sasuke, perhaps you would like to sit down so I can continue, I shall talk to you after the lecture is over, we don’t want these students missing out on any information now do we?” Kakashi’s tone wasn’t condescending, but Sasuke chose to take it as. Stiffer than ever, he took a seat, not before he glanced up and saw the blond moron whose eyes were fixated on him. Tch.


When the lecture had finished Kakashi and made a swift exit, telling Sasuke he would talk to him in the lab later that day. Sasuke would have been irritated except the reminder of the lab caused him to panic slightly when he remembered he hadn’t left his bag in the locker. He had taken it with him to the bar. Right this is good, now what can we remember about the bar? Sasuke’s pompous inner self made the brunet want to hurt things. He was drawn out of his thoughts when he saw a flash of orange and black in his periphery and he tensed when an arm swung around his neck.

“Get off me Uzumaki,” Sasuke’s words were a little forced.

“Heh, its funny, out of all three hundred students here, mine is the only name you seem to remember,” was the husky reply. The blond chuckled in his ear sending shivers running up and down his spine.

Sasuke forcefully removed the arm adding more pressure than was needed and stalked towards the exit without looking back. He needed to head to the union bar and find his bag. He glanced down at himself, but first he would go home and change.


Naruto did a jig on the spot. The Uzumaki-deep-sexy-voice had worked again. Sasuke had been so close to giving in to the sex god that was Uzumaki Naruto. His little high went down when he realised that Sasuke didn’t remember any of last night. The TA would have at the very least demanded his bag before swooning into Naruto’s arms for rescuing him. Naruto sighed; he had let Sasuke walk off, Sasuke who was wearing his favourite orange T shirt. Naruto grinned at the thought of Sasuke having to wear more of his clothes in the future.

Naruto was just thinking over options for Plan C when he felt something hard hit his head. Sakura stood there with her hands on her hips and a scowl on her face.

“Ow, Sakura, you know one of these days you’ll end up killing me with those fists of yours,” Naruto whined, clutching his head, waiting for the pain to go away and peeking between his arms to see if Sakura was looking guilty or homicidal.

“Naruto,” Sakura all but growled before she stomped over to take a look and see if she had caused any lasting damage. “And just why was Sasuke wearing your ugly orange T-shirt and looking like a drowned rat?!”

“I didn’t do anything to him! I swear!” A pink brow rose. Naruto gulped. “Ehehe, well you see Sakura there’s reeeeeally long story behind it” Naruto grinned sheepishly, his arm coming up automatically rub at his neck. The pink eyebrow was still up. “Um… he got drunk, I carried him home, but I didn’t molest him I swear!”

Sakura reached up got a hold of his left ear and dragged him towards the exit while saying in a oddly calm tone “You are going to buy me coffee, and then you are going to tell me everything”

“Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow,” Naruto whimpered as he tried to keep with her pace. “Sakuuuuuraaaaa.”


Sasuke arrived home. Now usually Sasuke had very little belief in the way of religion but right now he was praying to every and any deity that would hear his plea. Don’t let Itachi be home. Don’t let Itachi be home. Don’t let Itachi be home. However apparently no one was listening or whoever was decided it was more fun to ignore him. Sasuke kept his composure calm as he registered Itachi sitting on the couch leafing through a newspaper.

“You know, little brother, when I offered to take you in, this wasn’t quite the behaviour I expected,” Itachi spoke smoothly without looking up from what he was reading. It seemed that whatever article Itachi seemed to be reading was far too important to put down to even glance up at Sasuke.

Sasuke tensed for the umpteenth time that morning, allowing the arrogant tone to wash over him as he concentrated on relaxing his hands that were curled up into fists. He was deeply tempted to walk over and make Itachi look at him, but right now Itachi’s aloof nature was in his favor as he turned, focused on not walking too fast and entered his own room.


Sasuke leaned against the shower wall; his head was throbbing from the hangover that had taken up residence in his mind. He needed some stress relief, a way to release all the tension that the morning had built up inside of him, that little scene with Itachi had been the perfect finish. Like any twenty something horny-but-in-denial-about-it guy his stress relief methods were fairly typical of the male species.

Sasuke contemplated the bar of soap in his hand, and then set it aside in favor of the shower gel. He squeezed a generous amount into an open palm; it smelt of strawberries. He bypassed all the foreplay, he didn’t need to tease himself; he just needed those after-sex endorphins running through him. Sasuke set about the matter, just as he approached all work-related aspects of his life, quickly and efficiently.

He started with slow strokes to his c**k, working them gradually up to fast-paced ones. Sasuke slid down to sit in a corner of the shower, spreading his legs a little and getting into a more comfortable position, hot water poured down at the side along his legs. He could feel the steam on his face which was nice, but the warm sensation on his c**k was even better. As he urged his shaft to hardness he found himself almost… bored. He needed an image to work with.

Sasuke, though a dark, angsty loner at heart knew that sex was always, always, better with two (or more). Drawing an image of a fantasy lover, Sasuke’s mind pictured said person with his tongue licking at the underside of his c**k between Sasuke’s spread knees. In his mind, Sasuke saw his faceless partner reach up and stroke his n****e till it pebbled. Sasuke’s body reacted to the image and while one of his hands returned to this time slowly pumping his member, the other reached up to fondle his left n****e. He pinched, and stroked it alternately then slipped his hand across his chest to do the same to the right.

Sasuke watched as his ‘partner’ took the head of his c**k in his mouth and ever so gently sucked whilst allowing his teeth to graze slightly at the sensitive skin. Sasuke was so caught up in his delusional world that he almost let loose a moan.

Every now and then he added water to the lather forming on his c**k so that eventually he was surrounded by strawberry scented bubbles.

He saw his fingers tighten in his lover’s hair and the strokes grew faster as he began ******** the mouth by pushing and pulling the head away, feeling the strong satisfaction that came with control and dominance.

Sasuke fisted himself harder with thoughts of ******** that mouth, the feel of warm saliva around his member, imagining his lover’s throat constricting as the gag reflex was triggered, and himself just shoving deeper, deeper, harder, harder and faster, faster.

It wasn’t until he was almost coming that he realised that the hair he was gripping in his thoughts so tightly, was blond, and the eyes that were glaring up at him as he ******** that mouth, were blue and spitting fire. But by then he was too far gone to care that it was Uzumaki he was fantasizing about, besides the submissive position he was imagining Uzumaki in was giving him a disturbing amount of pleasure.

It also wasn’t until he had to stuff a washcloth in his mouth to keep from screaming Uzumaki’s name as he came that he started to worry about what this meant.

Sasuke sat there on the tiled floor, panting from his orgasm with the water running luke warm and his semen splattered over his stomach sending an oddly sickening mixture of sex and strawberries to his senses.

He hadn’t come that hard in a long time, but the endorphins running through him were being cancelled out by his confusing thoughts of orange-clad idiots, with big mouths and bright blue eyes.


Itachi paused at the bathroom door, his impassive face held a faint hint of disgust at Sasuke’s actions.

Allowing Sasuke to stay with him was more to ensure that he could control his little brother’s wayward actions rather that to help with Sasuke’s financial situation.

For Itachi, control was an important aspect of life. Especially control over another human being, it was almost like a drug to him. This isn’t to say that he spent his days evilly plotting the demise of others around him. His obsession was slightly more centered on his younger brother.

His younger brother who was pursuing something he felt passionate about, who had earned an almost grudging respect from their father for pursuing said passion even without the financial support of their parents. While Itachi was involved in taking over the Uchiha Company instead of discovering what he could feel passion for.

Yes Itachi was a little bitter, but things would turn out his way in the end, they always did. One could not be the elder Uchiha heir without becoming accustomed to getting one’s way.

A faint smirk replaced the disgust as Itachi contemplated leaving Sasuke to his own devices. Sasuke was unusually self sabotaging, and Itachi’s kicks came from simply observing his self destruction.


Naruto rubbed at his ear, it was still sore as Sakura hadn’t let go until they had reached a coffee shop that wasn’t the cheap university one, but was one of those expensive ones that was way over in the city. After spending close to 2 hours telling her his ever so slightly embellished version of coming to Sasuke’s rescue, he was now just watching her fiddle with her third cup of coffee. Why am I paying again?

“Naruto… have you felt like you could be with someone that you weren’t very attracted to?” Sakura started off quite randomly, “I mean someone who makes you feel good but not in the way you want them to, like they don’t give you that butterfly feeling, do you know what I mean? Oh who am I kidding, of course you don’t, your serious relationships haven’t last more than 2 months,” seeing the hurt look on Naruto’s face she rambled on, “I don’t mean that as a bad thing, because we’re young and stuff and we need to experiment and see what’s really out there…”

“Relax Sakura, I’m not offended,” Naruto reassured her. He mulled over her question.

“So how ugly are we talking about?” he questioned with a grin on his face.

“Naruto!” Sakura reached over and smacked the side of his head. Naruto didn’t dodge it, it would only result in a much harder surprise attack later.

“Ah, okay, seriously? Even though, as you already said, I’m no expert, I think that if this person can see past your demented-ness, your man-bashing tendencies, and your bipolar-ness then you can accept that he’s ug- , a bit…erm… un-pretty” Naruto amended.

“Lee isn’t-” Sakura stopped herself and then registered Naruto’s look of glee.

“I knew it! I knew ol’ fuzzy-brows turned you on!” Naruto crowed. “It’s the green isn’t it? All that shiny black and green makes you weak in the knees. Oh Sakura, I think it’s time we took you to therapy.”

Sakura’s eye was twitching and her face had turned red with anger. Then she appeared to calm down and Naruto thought he was in the clear until he felt her spiked heel digging into the front of his shoe. Naruto leapt up so quickly that his knee banged the table and he ended up a puddle of pain clutching his foot.

“You were saying Naruto?” Sakura smiled sweetly down at him.

Naruto was still howling in pain, earning quite a few disapproving glares. He quieted down when Sakura threatened his other foot and grumbled. His thoughts strayed to how suitable Lee and Sakura would be as a couple. Lee had quite the gay streak, so that would satisfy her unhealthy lust for the ‘mos, and he was obviously very dedicated to her, so Naruto doubted he would ever leave her; win-win for everyone.

Sakura was still huffing so Naruto set about placating her, “Sakura, Lee would be very good for you, way better than that cold-blooded Neji, plus his hair isn’t longer than yours!” He beamed, and she grinned back a little hesitantly.

Naruto glanced at his watch, and jumped up, once again banging his knee. “s**t Sakura, I have to go, I’ve got a meeting with Professor Hakate about an internship in his lab this summer, you got yours with Tsunade right…?” Naruto trailed off thinking about the woman’s huge breasts.

Shaking his head, he grinned at Sakura, “Go make lurve to those eyebrows, and run into the sunset afterwards.” He took off running before Sakura could react.


Sasuke having successfully avoided Itachi when leaving the apartment, returned to his mission of finding that damn bag. That bag with his chart recordings and one of the very few expensive items he owned these days, his iPod.

Arriving at the bar, he didn’t see any sign of the spiky haired brunette that he remembered had served him, but he did see another spiky haired brunette sporting a pony tail. He approached the bored looking man behind the bar and asked in a very abrupt tone

“I left a bag here the last night, brown leather satchel about this big” He indicated the length and width with his hands.

The guy gave Sasuke an uninterested look and shrugged, “Haven’t seen it.”

“Well could you ask one of your colleagues? Or check the lost and found box?” Sasuke asked impatiently

“Tch, so troublesome,” the bartender muttered and turned to have a quick check behind the bar, “nope, nothing.”

Sasuke was getting considerably frustrated with this guy’s lack of cooperation. Today was just not his day. At the periphery of his thoughts lurked Uzumaki, with that stupid grin of his. Apparently Sasuke’s inner voice had decided to incorporate Uzumaki’s face with its thoughts. Sasuke was very close to reaching over, grabbing the bartender by the scruff and demanding he stop ******** with him and give back his bag.

The pony tailed guy seeing the look on Sasuke’s face, made a snarky comment about hot-headed students, rolled his eyes and made his way to the other end of the bar to start serving the early drinkers.

Sasuke kicked the bar stool, all his pent up tension had returned full blast. He turned on his heel and headed out. He needed to talk to Kakashi about the possibility of repeating the experiment that had taken over a week to complete. At the prospect of all that work, any average student would have burst into tears, Sasuke however pushed it aside. He hadn’t come all this way by being average.


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