It's been years since I last wrote something on gaia's journal. xd

I was reading my past journal entries just a little while ago.. They were like, written WAYBAAAAACK, 2007. Alright.. So I was only 1st Year High School back then and it seems that my entries were really:

..And a total shame. gonk

So, I didn't contemplate whether to keep them or clear it.. (Before someone gets to read it! sweatdrop gonk ) I deleted them all. redface

5 years.. I've been playing gaia for 5 years already! eek And those keys in my inventory proves it. lol

Last night, I was also strolling in towns and played Zomg because I kind of missed it. 4laugh Those players I met were around 13-15 years old. Ah, very nostalgic. I remember those days when I was struggling to get gold to be able to reach my goal. Funny how it seems, even though I've already saved enough gold for my dream avatar.. I never followed it. Til now that is. sweatdrop But instead, I would donate them to guilds or help players with their quests, give gifts to other gaians and make them pleased and happy.

Hahaha. Well, I just wanted to share what I had in mind though. Whoever you are, thank you for reading this, and thank you for being a part of my gaia life as well. 3nodding heart whee