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DANGER: You have just entered my mind!
November 25, 2010
I can't sleep, I fear I might dream 'that' again
What is 'that' you ask? Well, for the last few days I have been having the same dream over and over again. Should I be scared? Should I shrug it off? Should I talk about it? Anything to make it go away; but it fascinates me so.

I dream of a world covered in disorder. A world that I find not familiar. This world is not mine, but somewhere far away.

I walk into a building, abandoned by all, the walls are crumbling, the paper that once decorated those walls turned to ash, not by fire but by time. I step in like a child, fearing nothing and led by curiosity. I run my hand through the once smooth railing now covered in a thick blanket of dust. I move towards a room where I see two girls chatting. My curiosity piqued again, I walk towards them and try to converse with them. They glare me down for what seemed like eternity until one lifts her hand and motions to place it on my shoulder. At the exact moment where her fingertips meet my shoulder, she as well as the other vanish into what seemed like a thin dust like substance and scatter throughout the room.

I stare puzzled at where they once stood but simply do not question it. I step outside the room to find the once empty halls and rooms filled with people. People who seemed... Evil. On the floor, on the beds, simply crowded. Drugs, Alcohol, Sex, Gambling. That, though, was not what gave me a sudden uneasy feeling but it was a man. A man who made his way up the stairs and to the area I was in. A tall man whom wore all black. His black suit looked expensive indeed. His shoes a glossy black. Dark hair but four or five centimeters long. I continued walking towards the exit noticing someone by his side. Another man, of non importance; a character who's role in my dream mattered near to none.

For what seemed like a brief moment I walked towards him trying to avoid eye contact. I find myself in front of him looking down and hoping I'm not being looked at by his dark eyes. I look up, fearful inside but with the emotion completely hidden from my expression. His eyes met mine. I felt the whole world grow black and gloomy. My breathing heavy and my lungs felt like they would burst. I held myself together, composed and glared back with an emotionless expression.

"What do you want?" I asked him weakly but the words were there nonetheless. He said nothing but his intentions were clear to me. He wanted to hurt me. He smiled as he stuck his hand into his pocket. Out of it he pulled out a few small pieces of metal, about the side of a half dollar. From what I could see he had five. He grinned menacingly as he played them in his hand. He remained silent, it felt like years passed by. The fear was rising, slowly but surely. He chanted with incomprehensible speed. With a blurred motion, he stuck out his hand and dropped the metallic stones, they made contact; my ears felt like they were going to explode. The pain, the tug at my own life, it was there and it hurt.

"Stop it." I said weakly as I covered my ears to try and stop the pain. It didn't help. I looked around at everyone else. As if they heard nothing. Was it me? Was I crazy? All I knew then was pain. With a swift wave of his hand over the stones, he called them back to his hand. His chant, even faster this time. Once again he dropped them followed by my scream. "STOP IT!" My eyes shot up at him with great detest, anger, disgust. "I hate you!" I spat the words at him and before he could recall the stones I lunged myself at him.

At the the instance I made contact with his chest the room, everything, people, items, it all turned black and white. Everything lost its color and time seemed to have stopped. A flash engulfs everything and now I am alone with this man. In a dark empty room with only one small insignificant window where a tiny sliver of light shined through and an old wooden door with designs engraved on it and a golden knob. Who am I? This is not me? I spoke inside my head. Or who... what, I thought was me.

My attention shoots back at the man... He was furious at me, he spoke with boiling anger. "Where have you taken me? Take me back!" ... Or at least I thought he spoke. I did not hear his words but thought them. His lips were moving but I was hearing him with my mind. With anger he recalled the stones. Flung them towards the ground. My hands shot up to cover my ears but there was no need. Repeatedly he tossed them to the ground but the room remained silent.

My lips speak, I do not. "You can't hurt me anymore." My body moved on its own, it was not responding to me. One moment I stand there staring at him, the next I'm grabbing him by his shirt and but two inches from his face. I stare into his dark soulless eyes. With a voice that is no longer mine I spit out words at him which make him shrink away. "In my world there is no sound, therefore I cannot be hurt." With a blurred speed I turn and grab at the door. I fling it open and toss him inside with incredible strength and slam the door angrily.

I wake up. What this means I do not know. I did not make this up. I dream it once in a while. I wish I would understand it one day. I suppose it's late, 2am, I should head to bed and see if this nightmare comes to visit me once again this night. I hope not but it's interesting nonetheless.

Imaginary Rabbit
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Imaginary Rabbit
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