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Softspoken entry..
I will sometimes post my lititure or just whats on my mind.
The War for the Fallen Angel( rp intro)
The War for the Fallen Angel.


Note: I will be playing the Angel in this role-play. I need for now at least a male and female on the good side (Angels Army) and a male and female on the bad side (Heaven’s Army). I will be requesting for more specific characters later when the time comes for them to appear.


“Peace is but a fleeting illusion, unless you endured the agony and chaos to achieve it.”

“Can this really be happening now?” The dinning hall echoed with the Kings sigh. No one ate or said a word as all pairs of eyes including the Kings were focused on one man.

“I’m afraid so my Lord,” the old scholar stood beside the Kings thrown. He was dressed in his dark blue night robe. It was clear he was previously in his chambers, ready to settle down for the night, “We had known it was coming for centuries. It has been our kingdoms destiny to prepare for it. And tonight has shown the sings. We cannot ignore it,” the old man lifted his weary head and looked up to the skylight through to the night sky.

Every head lifted to the ceiling as well and widened eyes watched as glittering lights whisked across the sky, first a few of them, then the sky began to fill so much they could barley see the black canvas behind. Murmurs and whispers filled the dinning hall, as the King and the scholar faced each other.

“Alright Nathaniel, since you are usually the most skeptic person I have ever met, I will take this into the highest regard. Now what must be done?” King Carlyle tuned to look at the night sky as one light , the largest of all soared over head.

“ I must leave at once. There is a reason our ancestors were entrusted with this. I must do my duty to prevent to inevitable,” Old Nathaniel bowed to his King, gave a weary smile, and left the hall.

King Carlyle watched as a bright blinding light filled the whole sky, stinging his eyes with it’s intensity. Through the open windows the smell of burning and carnage was unmistakable, “Prevent the inevitable…it has already begun. Most people will not be able to handle what is coming our way. All of us are a people who indeed cherish our hard earned peace. Hate and anger with befall any who dare shatter it. I sincerely hope they can bear it,” Carlyle looked down into the bowl of soap that was set before him. In his reflection he looked as if he aged ten years in an instant and his deep blue eyes were as though they were filled with the worries of the world.

* * *

An impatient tap, tap ,tap filled the empty bed chamber as King Anthem’s finger rapidity hit the window pane. With his hard face resting on his other hand he watched out the window, looking down on the village folk outside his castle. Though it was nearing dusk, two children were running outside their tiny shack of a home. Their faces filled with merriment in this time of peace that Anthem could not understand. He was outrageously bored, and needed something destructive to do to fill his mind. There was this disgusting truce that he and Carlyle were forced to put up, only for the sake of their countries. Anthem could have went on happy continuing the war not caring about the lives and villages destroyed. If it wasn’t for his good for nothing son he wouldn’t have signed that damn treaty. His son who was supposed to take his place, was supposed to be his prodigy in the ruthless rule that had been passed down for centuries. But When he went into battle, he meet Carlyle’s daughter also fighting in the field. Instead of fighting their hated enemy like any obedient children would do, they fell in love, and in the end died tragically. He sympathized with the weak hearted Carlyle, since his heart was broken as well. But now a foul peace filled the air, and with nothing to do, Anthem fell into a boredom that nearly drove him insane. He desperately needed to cause some chaos, but how?

Anthem finally noticed the children had stopped playing and were staring up at the sky, wonder filling their wide eyes. He too looked up at the sky and he was transfixed . He thought maybe he finally had gone insane. Billions of lights flickered across the night sky, and all the people of the country of Denation and their King Anthem, watched horrified as a huge light sailed a little too close over head and crashed in a village a couple hundred yards away from the Kings castle and Village. The impact was so great, a wave of energy sailed through the country side and blew King Anthem from his window and sent him crashing into the door.

Anthem groaned as he slowly sat up, trickles of blood dripping from the back of his head. As he steadied himself to his feet, his dark eyes caught the bright red image from outside the window. The village that had been impacted was a burning inferno. Screams and cries of despair could be heard as the villagers below suffered damage and cried for their fellow country men in the blaze. As for the little girl and boy that he had been watching earlier, they lay beside each other, in a mangled and bloodied mess, as their mother screamed in agony over them. Chaos and carnage lay at Anthems feet once more and he grinned malicialisly.

* * *

The hoof beats pounding the earth drew closer. The horses whined as they stirred up the burning embers with each step, scalding their skin. Many villagers had already entered the destroyed village after the fire had died down. Right in the middle of the village a bright light shown, so bright it burned the retinas of any who stared at it. There were many people who had gone blind already. But just like the flames, the light was slowly dying down and the cause of this massacre would soon be revealed. And Anthem would be the one to witness it, and of course put his justice forward as the honorable king he was. Perhaps he would thank whatever it was that gave him something to live for again before he destroyed it.

The people slowly moved aside as the King on horse back , and his armored men came to the place where the crowd had gathered. The light had died down to a small dome shape deep in the middle of the crater it had coused. Anthem’s eyes could slowly make out a figure inside the light cocoon. Suddenly the light burst sending tiny little specks of light every where. One light speck touched Anthems cheek and faded away. The unbelievable warmth that passed through him at the moment was both heart wrenching and unsettling. In that moment all his thoughts of anarchy and destruction dwindled and he stared bewildered at the centre of the crater.

A pair of pure, glowing, white wings spread out wide. They were long enough to touch the edges of the crater and even the people that surrounded. The wings were attached the naked figure of a girl. Her long flowing blond hair cascaded down her bare back and her arms were curled around her legs in the fetal position. Slowly she lifted her delicate face and opened the most starling pair of crystal clear blue eyes. Innocence and purity quivered from every ounce of her being as she stared back at the astonished crowd around her. Slowly she stood up her wings curled around her soft naked body like a protective blanket. Perhaps she already felt the uneasiness of the people around her, but there was no mistaking what she was.

“Angel of God,” the people in the crowd began to murmur. Though the words weren’t whispered with love or adoration. They were said with distrust and even anger. They questioned why would God send an angel to cause such destruction. Why would he let so many innocent lives be lost at the cause of an angel, who according to faith, were meant to protect? The angel listened to their accusations and slowly she began to look around. Sorrow filled her blue eyes and pearl like tears began to fall down her soft face.

Anthem slowly regained himself as he heard the peoples words. When he saw her, he was stuck dumb by her profound beauty and light so pure he couldn’t touch without his wickedness causing his body to erupt and be engulfed in flames on the very spot. But there was no such thing as a punishment for his causes, even if considered wicked. He didn’t believe in god or angels and he certainly didn’t believe in the devil or demons. It was a story told to place the fear in people so they lead just and good lives. Anthem feared nothing. This angel, he wanted her for himself and he would have her at all costs. Slowly Anthem stepped forward and the angel turned to face him with tear filled, fearful eyes. He smiled as he stretched out his hand towards her.

“It’s alright,” he smiled wider as he held his hand out waiting for her to take it. She watched his hand and slowly began to step forward, her bare feet burning from the hard, hot earth of the crator. Anthem stretched, reaching for her, and finally she softly placed her delicate hand in his big rough one. Again that painfully feeling of warmth shot through him. He almost shuddered from the shock as he helped her out of the crater. As her bare feet rested on solid burned ground, she slowly looked up at him trust filing her big eyes. He couldn’t help but grin to himself self as he nodded to his guards and they rushed up forcing the angel to her knees and placed her in chains. Shock registered all over her face as she looked at Anthem with astonishment. Almost as if she didn’t understand what was happening. Perhaps it was the case, but she would soon find out the ways of a murderous human being was to be treated.

As the angel was put onto horse back and was being led away, a couple people in the crowd were outraged. They shouted at their King for treating a being of God so. He hated when these peasants felt they even had a voice to be heard by his ears. He detested the way they demanded him to release her before they brought on the wrath of god. What about the wrath of their King? God couldn’t cut them and kill them, God was not physical. He was. Anthem was always one who didn’t believe in the Lord in the first place and even the appearance of an angel wouldn’t change his mind.

He mearly turned his back on them and followed the angel back to the castle where she was placed in the dungeon until he figured out what to do with her. The whole time she watched him, silent tears pouring down her face, a look of pity filling her clear eyes. Pity for him, who was not a captive in chains. She clearly didn’t understand her situation yet. Right when Anthem was about to make her understand, one of his servants came to him explaining that the council needed to see him. Anthem grumbled as he followed the servant to the council chambers, the angels pitying eyes following him as he left.

Anthem took his seat next to the other council men and focused his attention on a single old man standing in the middle of the floor. He looked weary and the hat he held in his hands was being rung repeatedly. He was agitated so much he looked ready to jump out of his wrinkled skin. His coat had the symbol of his country Selatia. The symbol was a shadowed winged warrior holding a great sword. Now that Anthem thought of it, it looked like an angel. Anthem glared down at the man who came from the most hated country of Selatia, ruled by King Carlyle.

“Why has Carlyle sent you? What business does he have with me?” Anthem demanded in a harsh tone. The council men looked at Anthem. It was more or less them who convinced Anthem to sign the treaty, knowing at that time Anthem was not in his usual state of mind. He now distrusted the men that surrounded him, who he himself apointed high councel men of the courts. Each and every one of these men were the Legendary warriers that fought right along side Anthem and shared his lust for blood and carnage. This was the war a century ago that Anthem and Carlyle’s fathers , the former Kings of Denation and Selatia, had been fighting even centuries before. The princes of each country, Anthem and Carlyle, fought at the front line of each battle and crossed swords many times. Then Carlyle had been a different man, and was his equal in battle. Now the rule and the war had been passed down to the warrier princes after the deaths of their fathers. And the war continued, but everything changed.

Looking around at these men now he remembered each one of them. He pictured a different image then the ones before him. It was a bare terrain covered with blood and fallen soldiers. These men fought like it was an art. Them fighting beside him was like a perfacty coordinated ballet, blood and screams filling the air around them while they performed in their most glorious moment. Anthem deeply frowned at the men now surounding him. Men that became too old and weak after they were honored with their place in society. They considered this to be greater then knighthood on the battle field.

Why was everyone turning out to be this way? Carlyle and everyone around him seemed to not care for the thrill of battle and would rather sit back and talk about peaceful negotiations. Anthem didn’t want to talk, especially about concepts as ridiculous as peace. He wanted action even if it came with a blood covered sword. In Anthems view it was the best way. But these men valued peace above all, like Carlyle. Anthem felt like he was leaving them all behind, his desiers becoming all him own. At that moment Anthem realized how alone he really was, that only fed to a flame of hate that was slowly burning inside him.

“I am known as Nathaniel. I am a scholar and a prophesier for King Carlyle, “the man cleared him throat” I have come to tell you of a prophesy that has been known in our kingdom for centuries. Tonight had began that legend. Please listen to the tale,” Nathaniel looked at Anthem and took a deep breath and began the recite the encryptions.

“ On a star fall night, God Almighty will send one of his beloved Angels to earth to judge man kind, and bless it, cleansing it from evil. At this time there must be no war or conflict, for even the smallest child who is inflicted will be cleansed away and innocent lives won’t be saved. The Lord will send his angel at humanities greatest time of peace in order to test their worthiness. If they fail and fall into conflict once more, there will be no miracle and the beloved angel will fall victim to war. However, even when all seems lost , there is hope. Inside the angels heart there is a crystal with immense power to be able to perform this miracle of light, but beware, the crystal holds two faces. While in the angels hands it will remain pure but if tainted, the crystal will turn black with darkness and the only outcome will be death. The world will become victim to the Apocalypse, the demons will rise up and the human race will be destroyed.”

As Nathaniel’s words became silent, a heavy air settled in the council room. Then the whole courts erupted and demanded of Anthem why he had captured and treated an Angel of God this way. Though he was seething with anger, Anthem calmly raised his hand and silence filed the room. Though they had their opinions it was Anthem words that were law and the ultimate decision. He claimed Nathaniel was lying and he had seen the angel himself, and she was no angel of god. After all, why would a angel of god destroy their country so.

Anthem then had Nathaniel locked up in the dungeon next to the angel. He had already swayed his council men and called the angel the Angel of Death. He grinned at his quick wits and intelligence. It was all he needed to do his will without interruption of those who clung to their faith. Anthem descended the stairs alone to the dungeon and sent away the guard who was stationed there. He could now be alone with the angel. He turned to face Nathaniel who was just conversing with her, and she turned her eyes on Anthem with all the distrust in the world. Anthem mearly scoffed at this.

“What you have said is true old scholar. However, there is a legend in our kingdom as well. It has been passed though generation though none of us took it to heart. We never believed. If I didn’t see her for my self I wouldn’t have believed either. Though once again there is a big difference between our kingdoms,” Anthem smiled as Nathaniel watched him though angry eyes,” Your kingdom was told the legend and just like Carlyle’s soft and weak ancestors, you believed it was your duty to protect in the aiding of the cleansing of the world. You believe a fragile being could really have the strength to be able to cleanse this world. Only we humans have the strength to know humanity’s true wickedness.”

“You will soon find out dear angel, that you can’t possibley kill every one. For you see, every person, even if they are innocent at the beginning, will turn to what you would call evil. You will end all life, and isn’t that what you are trying to prevent in the first place?” Anthem watched as the pure blue eyes of the angel slowly look doubtful. She curled her arms around her bare chest, holding herself,” Why would Your God send you to do this task? To kill all those people? I’ll tell you why my dear,” Anthem slowly knelt in front of the bars so he could look into her face as fresh tears streamed down at the memory of the massacre she caused.

Nathaniel rushed to the bars of his side closest to the angel. Anthem wished he could rip him away but that wouldn’t go over well when he was trying to persuade her.

“Stop Arella! Don’t listen to him! It wasn’t your fault,” The old man seemed to realize just how fragile the angel was at that moment.

“So Arella is your name?” Anthem looked over her body and beautiful face thinking it was a perfect name befitting the goddess with white wings,” Arella, you were meant to die when you hit the ground. You only carried the stone inside you so it could be passed down, to us humans to save our selves. Give the stone to me, and I will make this earth a parridice befitting the humans,” he held out his hand to her through the bars while his other held a dagger behind his back. Slowly Arella rose to her feet and stepped towards him, reaching out towards his hand. All the guilt and betrayal filled her eyes as the tears that glisten poured down her cheeks.

“Arella don’t. Listen to what he is saying. You are an Angel of God. Remember what you must do!” Nathaniel reached out touching the tip of the angels wing. At that moment she stopped and tuned to face Nathaniel. Anthem knew now she was not coming. It didn’t matter since he had his other ways of getting what he wanted. He started to unlock the gate, not even bothering to hide the jeweled dagger in his hand. He will cut out the stone himself even if it meant killing her. Too bad, it would have been nice to make her his.

Anthem threw open the gate and pounced on the angel, tip of the knife aiming towards her bare chest. Shock registered all over her face, then came an expression that Anthem wouldn’t have quite expected. Her delicate face became hard and determined as she looked at him with fierce eyes. She curled her self up and in a burst of light anthem was thrown away from her and slammed against the wall. One of the swords hanging on the wall sliced just under his rib cage. Anthem groaned as he rose to his feet, one hand holding his side and another discarding the jeweled dagger and holding the sword that had clanged to the floor next to him.

Once more he threw himself at the angel, sword held straight out as another burst of light blinded him, instead of knocking him back. Anthem stopped suddenly as he felt his sword grind as it went through flesh, skimming bone, but it was suddenly jerked away leaving his sword hitting nothing but air. When the light faded Anthem found an empty cell before him bars on both sides blown apart and a hole in the side of his castle. Off in the distance of the rising sun, a figure with wings soared across the sky. The angel escaped and took the old man with her, but he knew exactly where they were going, and it made things more interesting. Now it was a game of hunt and capture, and he never lost.

While he watched the beautiful image of the fading angel he heard the soft sound of something liquid dripping on the floor. Looking down he found the blade of his sword covered in blood.

* * *

Carlyle watched as the smoke in the distance that made the sky fill with an ugly back cloud, slowly disipated. Something happened in the country of Denation. That bright light. That was supposed to be the angel that god sent fourth. He hoped to god that it didn’t cause the burning. Perhaps Nathaniel had gone to Anthems country to save the angel. No doubt it would be in danger from Anthem. Not because he would avenge his people but once he found out the true nature of the angel, he would cut out the crystal in it’s heart himself. In his arrogant nature, Anthem would believe he would be the only one worthy enough of judging humanity. He would turn this into his Ideal world, that was what Carlyle and his ancestors were trying to stop happening. For centuries the Denation and the Selatia Kings have been at war. It had just been now that they finally achieved peace.

Carlyle sighed. Now it was going to be destroyed. To be tested? He wasn’t sure if he understood the legend all to well. There had been so much sacrifice to achieve this peace. It finally took the death of Anthems first born son, the heir, for him to end it. And his dearest daughter with him. Those two wanted peace more then anything that they pushed aside blood feuding to fall in love. A tragedy. At least with peace their deaths would not be in vein. Now god would send someone to test peace. With destruction like this? And in Denation of all places? Doesn’t the Lord know who Anthem is? Anthem doesn’t believe and he will fail the test. And there will be war. Or the death of Gods angel.

As the sky began to lighten, a silhouette of a bird began to grow bigger as it neared the castle. It seemed to be heading straight for it. As Carlyle watched , his eyes began to widen as he realized that it wasn’t a bird, but a human figure with white wings carrying someone. It was a girl holding Nathaniel in her arms. Carlyle cried out and ran out into the royal garden as the girls strength gave out and her and Nathaniel crashed into the rose bushes ahead. He ran forward to the pair and stopped stunned as the girl slowly pulled herself up, her blue eyes looking at him, her face filing with pain. She was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. He knew she must be the angel. Though she was covered with blood, and Nathaniel covered with more. In her sweet soft voice, the angel explained what had happened, right up the that part when Anthem lounged at her with the sword. Nathaniel had at that moment taken the blow of the sword, saving her life. But the stick was so strong in went right through and stabbed her too. Anthems resolve was strong. No doubt Anthem was fiercely determined to get her back and knowing she took Nathaniel with her, he knew exactly where to find her.

Carlyle held onto Nerhaniels hand as the angel pressed her hand to Nethaniels chest. A soft light shawn from her hand, but faded out as soon as it came. Carlyle rose his head and his deep blue eyes scaned the angels soft face as it became flustered, “I can’t seem to heal him, I don’t understand,” fresh tears poured down her face as she tried again but got the same results. Carlyle’s eyes moved from her face down to the wound that was still open in her middle. He knew why she couldn’t save Nethaniel. His wound was so much worse, the sword had passed right through him. He was way too far gone to be saved. It was a miracle he had lasted this long.

That night Nathaniel had died, but not before he gave an important message to Carlyle. He told him to believe in the angel. That she will never give up and they would be at peace once more. Nethaniel, a man who didn’t believe in miracles or beings such as angels. He was a scientific man but he was no fool. He believed what was right in front of his very eyes. The angel was more then real. Carlyle sat on the chair watching Arella press her hand to her middle a bright light sparkling from her hand,” He was too far gone to save wasn’t he?” she whispered softly as she wrapped the silk, white robe around her body, Carlyle cought sight of her middle, the wound as though it never damaged her perfact skin,” I couldn’t save him even though I had the power too,” she slowly sat down on the bed of the rrom she was given. Her head hung her glittering golden hair falling in her face.

Carlyle sat back waching her. She reminded him so much of his daughter it made his heart ache. A warmth spread through him just looking at her. He understood why Nethaniel believed in a being who only existed in myths. She made you want to believe, even though she didn’t believe herself. Carlyle rose from the chair and sat down next to her on the bed,” One thing we learn in this world from a very young age is that things happen for sometimes, no reason at all. And there is nothing we could have done to change things. We were always told it was the Lords way of testing our faith,” Arella lifted her head as those glittery tears fell down her face again,” He is always testing how strong we really are and always showing us how strong we can become. It is harder to pull yourself up and continue on then just letting go. And it is always easier to give up faith then to go on believing,” Carlyle gave Arella an encouraging smile. He thought it was ironic that he would be helping an angel with her faith.

Arella smiled a smile that lit up the room, but it didn’t quite reach her eyes,” Thank You,” she whispered, though Carlyle knew she was not convinced. Considering the events that happened he could understand how shaken she could be. Anthem was a maniacle man and he knew just what would waver her. Arella was innocent and nieve, and he played her well. That gave Carlyle reason of concern. Arella was an angel ment to protect and save. Ment to inspire Faith and love. Arella didn’t believe in faith or love, and couldn’t protect or save, more like a mortal then a goodess. That meant a long hard, road for them all, and a prophecy that was already coming true.

Then Carlyle realized the prophecy, and his very own role in it. He always wondered why there would be another war, swearing long ago that he will not retaliate. There were two sides needed for there to even be a war after all. Looking into Arella’s face Carlyle realized at that moment he would be going to war, sending a hundred troups through a country side to their destruction. All for her, to protect her, so in the end she could know love and faith and save them all.

Carlyle and Arella, now dressed in a flowing power blue gown, and his knighthood listened as the messenger told what Anthem had informed his people. He claimed that the angel that destroyed their village was no Angel of God but an Angel of Death in disguise. Her white wings and pure nature were nothing but an illusion. She is bent of destruction and death and had stolen Denation most precious artifact, The Crystal of Life after she tried to assonate King Anthem himself. It is now the Kingdom of Selatia that harbors and protects the Angel of Death. King Carlyle is to hand her over or go to war.

Arella’s eyes flicked to Carlyle with a look of guilt in their clear blue depths. Carlyle mearly shoke his head,” Of course we will never hand you over. We must protect you. You are our freedom and our greatest hope for a long lasting peace. We will go to war to save that,” His knights around them agreed whole heartedly. The whole kingdom had fallen in love with the angels beauty and purity and would stand by her forever.

Though it was Arella that shoke her head,” Judging by Anthems character, a war on the battle field is inevitable. There are some things I don’t understand, but I understand full well that he will not stop untill he has me, or more then me, the crystal. That is why I am leaving the castle. I will not put those who cared for me most in danger. I can’t bear to see any more innocent lives lost on my account. I will fight , and protect the people around me. I can’t sit back safe and secure here when I can fight to end this war sooner.”

Carlyle and his knighthood felt even more admireation for her. Her strenth was astounding and Carlyle smiled. Perhapse there was hope after all,” Alright. I will allow it but you will not be on your own. You are to be armed and trained to the fullest, and my best knights will accompany you. And once in a while please stop and see me when your heart gets weary. I’ll always help to set you on Gods way,”

Arella smiled a smile that was real and was it radient. For once happy tears flowed down her face,” Thank you. Thank you all,” her vioce quivered with emotion and her clear eyes filled with gratefulness and love.


It was declared that the Kingdoms of Denation and Selatia would once again go to war. One with the object of capture and the other to protect. King Anthem created a massive army and called it Heaven’s Army. It’s sole purpose to capture the Angel of Death alive and to destroy the army of Selatia that stood in their way. While the angel could not endanger the lives of the innocent and King Carlyle who swore to protect her, she decided to go out on her own away from the castle. It was rumored that she and her small party fought in the battles and protect the innocent, even those of Denation. King Carlyle had no choice to protect his people from Anthems rampage, so he built an army to match called the Angel’s Army. Though it was rumored that a small band of the Heaven’s Army traveled on it’s own, to capture the Angel. Humanity failed the test and the Angel was thrown into the chaos of war. The prophesy came true, but like the prophesy, There is still hope. For fighting for something one believes in can overcome even fate.

This is the War for the Fallen Angel.

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