So I got bored and decided to go on quizilla and take a quiz on which Akatsuki member I'd end up under the mistletoe with. I GOT ITACHI!!!! 4laugh 4laugh heart heart whee whee Here is the result:

You were actually surprised when Hidan pounded on your door, screaming that “you’d better get the ******** out of there or else he’d use your intestines as Christmas decoration”. Even though you weren’t afraid of him you decided to agree with him, after all, wasn’t Christmas supposed to be a peaceful time? “Hey drama queen what’s with the shouting... since when do you care if I’m present or not?” “F*ck you, b*tch!!” You rolled your eyes, in Hidan’s language that meant as much as “I don’t care if you’re here or not, now leave me alone”. It was then that you noticed the Christmas tree, since when did S-ranked criminals decorate Christmas trees? “Your work?” You asked Konan. You got a small nod as an answer and you actually thought you saw a small smile when you complimented her. Even though it was supposed to be a party it got boring pretty quickly and you decided to step outside for some fresh air. You were disappointed when you stood in the doorway and saw a snowstorm was brewing outside. “Damn.” You muttered under your breath. “It’s not going to stop any time soon so that’s not going to work.” You smiled when Itachi appeared next to you. “What makes you think I was planning to go out?” You asked. “I know you.” Itachi replied. “You do?” Itachi nodded. “And I planned to do the same.” You started laughing. “I didn’t think I was that funny.” Itachi replied dryly while staring up. “Gomen Itachi-san I didn’t mean to offend you.” “You didn’t.” Itachi said while continuing to stare at the ceiling. At first you were confused why he kept looking up but when you followed his gaze a bright red blush spread over your cheeks. The two of you were looking at mistletoe. Suddenly Itachi looked back at you and your face reddened even more. But before you had a chance to say that he didn’t have to kiss you if he didn’t want to he had pressed his lips against yours. Immediately you wrapped your arms around his neck, smiling in the kiss when you felt him wrap his arms around your waist. “Here they.... WOW!!” Itachi broke the kiss to glare at Deidara who had destroyed the moment. “Don’t look at me like that; Leader-sama wondered where the two of you were.” Deidara said after which he walked away. “We’ll continue this later.” Itachi whispered in your ear before the two of you followed Deidara back in the living room. You had the idea that this was going to be a Christmas you’d never forget.