Oh dear. People in school are going to start believing tha I am pregnant.
Which, I hasten to add, I am not.
Ahh. It's all because I don't want to go to New Zeland next Christmas DX
I was talking to a friend and he was like "You should get pregnant around April time ... Airlines hate pregnant people."
O.e how he though that was a good idea I don't think I will ever know.
Anyways. So we were talking about it again in maths and I'm pretty sure people heard just the "I'm pregnant" part... So now the whole school's going to think I am.
Ah well!
It'll on be bad if mum hears the rumour, as she works in the school XP
That'd be one hell of an awkward conversation.
Mum: "Emma are you pregnant?"
Me: "uuuhh... what?"
Mum: "Oh Em Gee! Who's the dad?!"
Me: "Wait what?! I'm not pregnant!"
Then mum would ask how the rumour started and it would all just go down hill form there haha.
Good(ish) times.