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My stories
my fan fiction for a site, i was going to put it on a site but a wan't some feedback and none of my friends are willing to read it. also Myridden is a gaelic word and is pronounced Myrithen.
-Begin Chapter 5-

Nico slowly made his way through the rows of trees. The heavy rain beat down hard on his head, darkening his mood further. As he lowered his head against the chilling wind he tried a little spell he had thought up as a small child. It was a spell to keep rain away during a storm. His teachers had told him off for trying something so childish but it was something to keep his mind off the cold, damp walk.

Nico stopped walking and closed his eyes. Brows furrowed in concentration he visualised a black dome around his body. He pictured the rain bouncing off of the dome, leaving him untouched.

Opening his eyes Nico looked up hopefully. Just in time for a large piece of hail to hit him square in the nose. Losing his temper Nico threw his hands in the air. He directed every bit of his anger at the rain and hail. He wanted to be out of this rain! he was sick of this storm!

"Stop!" Nico shouted, his voice echoing through the forest. A flash of light erupted from Nico's upraised arms. The light was blindingly bright. Nico was forced to close his eyes until the light faded.

Nico's eyes widened in shock. above him was not the dark, stormcloud covered sky that he had traveled under for the lst 2 days. Above him was a clear blue sky, without a single cloud. Nico lowered his hands, staring at them in disbelief. his eyes focused on the charm on his left ring finger. It looked as dull and lusterless as it had at the tower.

"No way," was all that Nico could muster. He sank to his knees, his legs seemed to have lost all power. "This is a charm! It's the power to control the elements."

"You're half right," said a voice from the shadows. A large, black cat emerged from the bushes to Nico's right. "That is a charm, but it does not control elements," continued the cat in a deep commanding voice. "I suggest you follow me. They will be hot on your heels afterthat little display."

"Wha...?" Nico said, perplexed.

"Questions later, first we need to get out of here. Don't make me repeat myself."

The cat fixed his gaze on Nico's eyes. There was a presence there that seemed familiar, he wasn't sure what was going on but he knew it would be unwise to refuse the cat's instructions. Not knowing what he was heading into Nico stood up gingerly and followed the strange feline.

Mora ducked her head as the darkling bear took another swipe at her. The wild creature looked at her with eyes that glinted with wild rage and unnatural inteligence. Reaching into her pocket, Mora grabbed a bag of flash powder and threw it into the bear's face. The bag exploded as the it struck the dark creature's nose creating a devastating light that nearly burned the creature's eyes out. Not wasting a second, Mora rocketed herself away from the beast. She raced past trees without the slightest idea of where to go. For nearly ten minutes she ran through the forest, not looking back for fear of running into a tree while her back was turned. When she was finally out of breath she slowed and dared to glance behind her. She saw no sign of the monster that had attacked her.

Mora stopped to rest when she was certain the bear wasn't near. She closed her eyes and focused her concentration on her circlet. It's magic flowed into her as she created a magical barrier around herself. A purple circle appeared on the ground around her. Light rose from the circle creating a purple prism that seemed almost solid. Mora relaxed now that she was behind her barrier. Nothing could penetrate it. As she sighed with relief a silver gauntlet connected with the back of her head.

The circle shattered as Mora was knocked to the ground. As Mora began to black out she saw a small, slender figure move from behind a tree.

"Good work Martin," said the young woman. "That's one down, one to go. Nico should be even easier to take care of."

With her last bit of strength Mora muttered weakly.


Leera looked down at mora with a sneer on her face and a malicious glint in her eyes.

"I get what I want. I want to win this competition. That will be easier with you two out of the way. Martin here is already under my control. He didn't even try to fight my glamour magic. You may be immune to it, but Nico will certainly become my servant."

Then in a mocking voice Leera told Mora. "That will give you a bit of a sting won't it? seeing your little boyfriend forget about you with a simple smile from me."

-End Chapter 5-

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