Not to whine or anything but...gah.
I will admit, I LOVE it up here and I'm so glad I moved. But now everything is different. I swear I'm going crazy cuz I feel so cooped up in this small apartment. I feel like I can't really go anywhere or do anything. Like I can't leave. I want to more than anything but I feel my dad will be all pissy if I leave.... -_- So I just wait for him to get home so we can go golfing together. Or meet up with other people. But it's like why can't I just go out by myself and play with some people, without him always being there? I know how to take care of myself and do things on my own. But that's not ever what he thinks. PX So that makes me feel like I can't go anywhere on my own. (besides, I'd probably get lost. -_-) Yet, it'd still be nice to go somewhere, do something by self every once in a while. Cuz that's what I did down in the valley. Grant it I had my boyfriend with me all the time...and we went everywhere. I got used to getting out of the house, with someone by my side.
Oh but the other problem is that I don't entirelly KNOW too many people here. YET.
I just know my disc golfing buddies. And not too many of them are entirelly in my appropriate age range. Except on kid, who is always busy with work. Which sucks, otherwise I'm sure I'd hand out with him everyday....but ya. No. I need to meet people up here. But that's hard. Ugh. If only school was in session now. xP Not saying I want to go to school, just saying it would be and easier way to meet people. Unless everyone decides to reject me and kick me out of their school xD
Hmph....I just need something, anything to do.
Hell I would go out disc golfing by myself. BUT that's usually no fun...I get even more nervous when I'm by myself. It's weird.
So tell me what I should do!!! :0
Downtown kind of seems interesting...but....there are usually some weird people over there, I don't really want to be bothered by all of that....oooor do I?
Oh me....xP