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An Entry, ohemgee.

30 Things You Might Not Know About Me
Mmmk, this was a thing on facebook (The object is to tell 25-30 random things!), but I know I'ma never gonna get tagged, so I'll just post here. ^^ I can add in a few gaia facts! I know some of you proally know a lot of this, but I still hope you enjoy reading! Comments loved! Haha, if A certain number interests you, I wanna know which one!

1. I was named after some chick on a soap opera. I believe it was "General Hospital." But yes. I hate my name, it's WAY too common.

2. I prefer pictures of me in black and white because I look less flawed that way.

3. I have a strange thing for certain men in uniform. Some guys can totally work it. Hense why I think some police/Military officers are hawt! I kinda wish my boyfriend still had his ROTC uniform...

4. I can mimic a lot of smoothie flavors from places, but the one I can never re-make is a Peach Slice Plus from Smoothie King.

5. I'm pretty afraid of most insects/arachnids, especially ladybugs, beetles, bees, the praying mantis, and spiders. I can handle rolly-pollies, worms, ants, and fireflies.

6. Literature is like... a passion of mine. I want to major in it in College. I love to read.

7. I cannot match white items on this site to save my life! My avi is usually darker colors.

8. My favorite snack is currently pretzel bits, but if I eat a mix with pretzels in it, I'll pick them all out and make my mom eat them.

9. I have an Ipod obsession. I currently own three. I have to have a new one every year for Christmas for some reason.


11. My favorite "country" food is Chinese. I could eat it for breakfast.

12. My hair IS Naturally red, but I want to but blue or green in it.

13. I think the aquarium stuff on here is so damn overpriced it isn't funny. I just bought a sunken ship decoration for... oh... 5 real dollars??!?!?! A seaflower? 149 cash? WTF?!?

14. I like to collect rubber duckies. ^^

15. I love yet hate my English class. The teacher is a huge butt-face, but I like some of the stories and history tied in.

16. I'm watching some barnyard movie and wondering why the guy cow has udders.

17. I have a mini fridge stocked with suar free red bull and other sugar free drinkies. I haven't had a soda in over 2 years. If you call my energy drinks "Soft" drinks, I will kindly punch you.

18. I make fun of Billy Mays EVERY time he comes on. I scream back at the T.V.

19. I really have to use the bathroom right now, but I'll hold it like usual. I might pee... twice, maybe three times a day. My dad finds this abnormal.

20. My favorite color is pppiiiiiink, bu I'm not a prep. I think the whole notion that it's a prep color is stupid. I like purple too.

21. My favorite smell for a lotion is VINALLA! I think it smells fantastic!

22. I don't really have a favorite movie.

23. I own at least 50 purses. I prefer larger ones, but I do have a few cute small bags too.

24. I know Gameboy24, xxNew York, Sasuke Uchiha 101, and Guardian in the Night in real life. They are all very kick-butt people!

25. I HATE THE ABBREVIATION "IDK". I have no idea why... It just pisses me off. My friends, however, can get away with it.

26. I would rather read Pendragon and Harry Potter over Twilight. I mean, Twilight is o.k, but a bit overrated, especially Edward.

27. I can't spell most "ly" words. The word before Edward in the last fact is probably spelled VERY wrong.

28. I'm a Christian!

29. I hate braggers so much. I want to punch them in the ******** face. Aw, man. See? That's how much I don't like them!

30. I love Kyle. heart YAY!

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