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Elmo's nightmares

missing charlotte
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okay so, to begin, my b - day has passed, my first day of school has passed, and now, I am on my new computer at 4:30 in the morning because of this stupid baby project.

My birthday was pretty cool.I got a lot of different stuff. I got a laptop, footscrub, these cool socks, a book, gummy earphones, and perfume. I didn't do anything that day besides go to school, and hang with my family. None of my real friends are here to celebrate it, so what's the point? And besides, if I wanted a big production, then Christy (my mom's "friend" lol not really) and her 5 million babies would have to come. I don't exactly like them. they're so noisy, and they ruin everything of mine.

Christy had invited my mom and dad to a bar on saturday, a week after my birthday. Now, my mom doesn't really like to go out. Especially because her work is tiring, having to be driving the car longer than actual work. She had only 2 days of relaxation, and she took it. So she told Christy that niether of them could go because they wanted to relax, and because they couldn't be irresponsible with 3 children. So Christy says, w/e, and texts Tatyana (my mom's REAL friend) Now, Tati is pregnant. About 3 months to be exact. She isn't allowed to drink or she'll mess the baby up. So she says no to Christy's offer as well because at the bar all she would be doing is watching everyone else drink while she didn't enjoy soberness, so Christy says w/e. So she gets on facebook, and posts just about a million times "some people are fake and some just aren't your friends." WTF?? seriously? Did you just call my mother a fake? Because she didn't want to go to a bar? No, to be fake, she'd have to pretend she wants to go and then not come. She's as truthful as it gets. She makes me so angry. My mother is a lot of stuff. But she isn't a fake.and she better quit calling her and Tatyana fake before she finds out how mean I can get. My mother would never aprove of me slapping some sense into that woman, but of course I'm 13, so makes sense. anyway, that made me so mad.

So I also started school. there isonly 1 word to describe this. Nitemare. I have almost no friends in my class. It would be different if I had different classes because I do have friends, they're just all over the place. So yesterday was the worst. We stayed with our HR teacher and I had no one to talk to. And this kid who seemed to gravitate toward me, was about to meet Mr. fist. He sounded like he had tourettes. He was this nerd who finded the need to call all of his friends bastards with ******** in between everything else. On top of that, there was this ignorant guy. Really cute, a twig when it comes to his body, and rude all the way through. I hate him though I can't get my mind off of him. Hell, him and I have the same pants. lol. But for some reason, I like him. I think...

GTG baby's crying.

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