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My sceret life

Community Member
Mi Angel Part I ^^

"Hey dont put your feet on my coffee table!"
"NO!! Dont mess with my plants please!"
"What the hell NO dont set them on fire!!! NO!!!"

Hi my names Sakura Hariama but, everyone calls me Mi.I'm a twelve-year old girl and I come a rich family.My dads an owner of a HUGE electic company,and my moms a fashion designer.Other than that my lifes pretty much the same as everyone eleses.I go to a public school,I go to Micky D's like all people and I get semi-good grades.So anyway you maybe wondering who those guys were and/or y i was yelling at then.Or even how in the hell they set my plants on fire.Well belive me or not(belive I belive me either) but those guys are really ANGELS!!!!No really they are!!!Well let me tell you how all this happened.
In math class
"And this equation right here will........."*poke,poke*"(whisper)Hey Mi wake up the teach's ganna call on ya' wake up man!!" "Miss Grace can you come up here and solve this problem?" "Oh yes sir"(In thought)"I'm sorry Mi your on your own right now just please try to stay quiet." "Thank you Miss Grace you take a se "AGHHHHHHHHHHH DAMN YOU!!!!" "(whisper)Aw man Mi I said stay quiet" "Miss Hariama are you asleep again in my class?" "Shut your trap you frigin' trash mouth!" (class giggling)"That will be enough class." "Miss Hariama you to." "Say that to my face you lame excuse for a man!!" "(pissed)Miss Hariama principal office NOW!!" ".....(half asleep)huh?...what?" "OFFICE NOW!!" "What I didn't..I...." "I SAID NOW" "Crap."
(after class)

"Wow Mi what a seen in that was"(still laughing)."I think teach popped a vein man that was halarious." "Come on clov that wasn't funny at all thats like the thrid time this week. Thank goodness it's Friday,no school tomorrow." "Yea thank goodness.." "WHY DIDN'T YOU WAKE ME UP MAN.I TOLD YOU IT'S YOUR JOB TO WAKE ME UP WHEN I FALL ASLEEP CLASS LIKE THAT!!!!" "I'm sorry but, you wouldn't wake up for nothin' man..... I'm sorry i tryed...." ".....(teary eyed)WHAAAAAAAAA!!!!I'm sorry i yelled i didn't mean to I shouldn't have I know you wouldn't just let me down with trying first WHAAAAA!!!" "Ok ok Mi I get it I get it people are staring now stop crying" "Ok ok (sniffuling) thanks Clov your the best" "Ok so what the hell were ya' dreaming about anyway sounded crazy" "Oh it was well I.....Wow what the hell is that?" "Huh? what?" "That! Is that a shooting star?" "Are you still a sleep or something its the middle of the day how can you you see a shooting star?" "No really look!!" "WOAH! Your right what the hell?" "Yeah I Know......Hey lets make a wish.....I mean its not everyday you see a shooting star in the daytime right?" "yea i guess your right..." "Ok on three...One,Two,Three..." (thinking) "Iwish something exciting will happen not something exciting that could happen again in an instant but, something....something out of the ordenary like this shooting star." "Wow look its gone wow" "Yea well what you wish for?" "I can't tell you or it might not come true" "Your such a kid" "hehe"

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