I am a true real fan of John Cena I am apart of the Chang Gang
and if you don't like John Cena then i don't think i can be your friend.
And also i have heard ppl say the John Cena is gay and if u r reading this i just want you to know that he is not.
Just cause he is hott,sexy, and a caring person doesn't mean that he is gay!!! He is just born a nice careful person and men needs to be more like him. I think that if they were then girls would like and trust men more. See I bet ppl r just jealous of John Cena cuz he is so famous and got everything going good in his life and getting paid big money. And if u got a problem with that then u can just kiss my black a**. not really though just like John Cena as a friend for the guys. And girls to just... LOVE HIM LOVE HIM LIKE U LOVE URSELF!!!!!!!!!!!! heart heart heart