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Kerushii's Journal
This is the journal of an insane person. Enjoy.
Roleplay Detailed Character Skeleton

Name: L'arch Itera Florentine (Oberon)
Age: 20 in WTTG, 38 in GoK
Gender: Childbearing Male (Or Female)
Species: 3/4 Elvish, 1/4 Human


Parents: Jessador (Foster Mother), El'wyinian (Foster Father), Il'yiania (Birth Mother)
Grandparents: N/A
Siblings: Lucian (Foster Parent's Son)
Aunts & Uncles: Gwihael (Mother's Brother)
Nieces & Nephews: Sigismund (Sister-in-Law's Son), Vesper (Sister-in-Law's Son)
Cousins: N/A
Children: Vanya
Grandkids: N/A


Coat/Skin/Scale color: Ivory
Hair Color: Dark Green
Hair length: Waist length
Eye color: Green
Size: Medium
Build: Slender
Description: Very Very General: L'arch is seen as a beauty in the White Kingdom, despite his dark hair color.


Crushes: Nynalo Sayengor, Yerick Oberon
Mates/Spouse: Yerick Oberon
Status: Married
Preference: Depends on how you look at it. Either straight or gay.

-How I act-

Personality: L'arch takes his duties to the kingdom and the people very seriously. He can't ignore a person in need, and he tends to get cross with laziness. He can be stern sometimes, but usually he appears reserved and dignified...to some degree.
Usual Mood: Calm, tries not to get overly emotional, though he tends to slip.

-What do I think of you?-


Taka Ishida: A boy from a foreign land, he recieved the title of head knight before returning to his homeland. L'arch has a deep respect for this boy.

Yerick Oberon: L'arch and Yerick have been best friends since they were little. They even lived together for a period of time. Slowly, they fell in love and eventually got married, making L'arch the queen of the White Kingdom.

Cornell Thaddius: Having been trained under the same master, L'arch acts like an older sister to Cornell. The two are good friends.

Nynalo Sayengor: When L'arch was about 12, he had a crush on Nynalo. The two dated for quite some time, until Nynalo harmed a child and L'arch broke it off. They never quite got over it though, harboring some feelings even after L'arch got engaged. Once Nynalo betrayed the White Kingdom, however, L'arch could never bring himself to forgive the man.

Manethrall Lithe: L'arch does not know Lithe quite as well as Nynalo or Taka, but he still respects the knight as much as the foreigner.

Adrian Whyrt: L'arch's brother, Lucian's, husband. He has a bit of a seething hatred for the man, mostly because of the way his brother treated Yerick while they were dating.

Belgarion Messerli: L'arch used to watch after Bell. They became best friends, until the day that Bell killed his family save Yerick and fled. He is also still bitter at Bell for kidnapping his child as an infant. L'arch is now trying to repair the bridge between himself and Bell.

Alderic Messerli: L'arch holds a begrudging respect for Alderic. He thinks him honorable, but at the same time, years of war keep him from fully trusting the man.

Asirs "Mint" Whryt and Zacharie d'Aughacia: He barely knows the couple, but they did help L'arch once on a visit to the Black Kingdom.


Vanya Oberon: L'arch and Yerick's daughter. L'arch loves Vanya very much. They have a good relationship, as L'arch was the one who spent the most time raising and teaching Vanya.

Sigismund and Vesper Messerli: L'arch's nephews. They seem polite enough, but are they trustworthy?

Ajani: A boy from a faraway land who saved his husband's life. L'arch honors his sacrifice, but cannot convince Yerick to take mercy on him after he kissed their daughter.

Il'yiania Unaci: L'arch has only met his birth mother a few times, but even from those few meetings, he despises the (wo)man.


Powers: L'arch has three kinds of healing abilities: regeneration, transferring others' wounds onto his own body, and sacrificing a piece of his soul to heal a wound.
Weaknesses: Regeneration is not instananeous, and it saps his strength. Wound transferance can be nasty, and sacrificing is pretty self-explanatory.

-Other information-

Favorite Color: Blue
Voice: N/A for now
Theme song: N/A for now
History: L'arch is the oldest of two children, and the child of a knight and a noble. He served as a medic and an attendent to the king for a number of years, known to be quite skilled at the craft. He and the white king Yerick were best friends since childhood. They lived together for a period of time and supported one another through dark spots in their lives. When Yerick became king in the wake of his father's death, he proposed to L'arch. He accepted and the two were engaged. However, their wedding was delayed many different times by events, such as the war with the Black Kingdom. L'arch attempted to negotiate with the Black Kingdom by himself, but the attempt failed. The war was inevitable. Six months later, during his wedding, a tragedy and a miracle occured. On the same day the Black Kingdom launched a surprise attack on the White Kingdom, his only daughter Vanya was born. Through much strife and blood, Yerick and L'arch made peace with Alderic and Bell, the then-rulers of their enemy, and from then on, the two nations coexisted without conflict. But 18 years later, the Black monarchs were overthrown and the White Kingdom was threatened yet again by the overlord Felix.
Player(s): kerushii-sushi

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