it's my first... ever... JOURNAL ENTRY WHOOOAAAAAHH!!!!!!

ok serious now *coughs*

Hi! The name's... uh for now let it be Aeris I guess.. you can call me McFlurry or Rose or Dark or Dark Rose or whatever... but I'm most used to Aeris or McFlurry...

Don't ask about the McFlurry thing.. I'll leave that story for another time.

Trust me. It's not that exciting so I probably won't ever tell you why i have a nickname like McFlurry. Just thought I'd tell you.

OK! I own an art shop which is quite thrilling, lol. It's called "The Darkest Rose Art Emporium."

If you ever get the chance, please visit mrgreen

Life is a very strange thing in my eyes. Sometimes it's the most beautiful and wonderful thing in the world. I often have to restrain myself from dancing around when I walk home from school sometimes... It may be because I'm listening to music or because it's a beautiful day but I still feel ecstatic nonetheless. Of course seeing me dancing could be a very traumatic experiences... Dancing is most definetly something that i am absolutely terrible at. Along with running, dieting, not being bored and keeping my temper.

However we all have times when we're down. Nothing seems to go right and everything sucks. I've had those plenty of times. I think it's safe to say that at those times the world looks bleak and miserable. It also doesn't help when it continually rains. I love the rain but when the rain lasts forever and you're feeling miserable... well yeah it gets on my nerves.

Well that's enough from me for now.

Fare thee well kind readers

I'm off to visit the moon and eat some wonderful moon cheese!

*god that makes me sound high.. or about to become high lol*