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The Secret Recesses of an Immortal's Mind.
Blood of an Innocent
Uhhh...another vampire poem... sad ...jk biggrin ...though it is...

It flows like water.
It feels like water.
Though unlike water,
It has a specific taste.
It tastes of iron and tears.
Its a delicious drink.
To my its like a sweet beverage.
It coats me mouth and throat.
I drink more and more.
Loving this and only this taste.
I savor it on my tongue.
I compare it to others.
Im like a connoisseur now.
This liquid is richer than i remember.
It has an unspoiled taste.
Its the blood of an innocent.
Its so good i want more.
But i have drained my host dry.
I pout and let go to leave.
Im still savoring the sweet taste.
It plagues my mind.
It was so pure, so sinless!
I never thought such a thing possible.
I want to find and drink more.
I never had such a feeling before.
This sweet blood is controlling me.
I need this blood, more and more.
The Blood of an Innocent.
I fantasize about babies and young children.
Im horrified but cant stop.
I image their blood on my tongue.
I moan and yearn for it.
Im panting and my fangs feel heavy.
I cover my mouth and retreat.
The blood thirst is unbearable now.
I curse myself for taking an innocent.
For tasting the Blood of an Innocent.
Im running to lose the yearning.
Im addicted to the blood.
The Blood of an Innocent.
I stop as i see a painful sight.
I cry out and tears spring to my eyes.
I cant believe it, dont want to believe it.
I fall to my knees from the overcoming sight.
My mouth aches, my fangs cry out.
Before me are tons of young children.
All of them playing in the dark street.
Laughing and enjoying the simplicity of their lives.
A woman smiles and watches them.
Then a child falls and hurts herself.
I smell the blood...
The Blood of an Innocent...
I lunge forward...

**okay. i WOULD NEVER, EVER harm a child or baby. the idea of this poem was to show how innocent blood plays on the minds of some vampires. thats why some stick to drinking blood of the killers etc. but hey...even i have thought about the harming of children...like little sisters or brothers....who really hasnt?.. those without siblings maybe... sweatdrop

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