Cyn or sin as he is often called is in the class reaper.
His ability and power is unknown though it is not without limit and in ways he is liable to die of flesh and bone but not of soul and lack of a better word heart.
Cyn has hair that falls down his shoulders in a river of black, though it is not uncommon that he cuts his hair to his jawline to cut down on annoyance.
His eyes were a dark brown and often took on a darker brown to black hue when times of extreme emotion came into play usually being bad for those who are near.
The man was tall at about 6'5 with wide shoulders and a well built body to make it known that this man was fit and very strong.

He is a reaper and enjoys his travels as well as being alone most of the time if not all of the time to do his work, but he did find that it was important to have his own wealth displayed in a magnificent expansion of land and a home fit for a master.

The reapers back story was and is extensive. It would take him an extensive amount of time in years to explain the gist of his life in and out of death. Unless you were death himself it was never going to happen.
Cyn had and has the habit of doing whatever he liked or if he did not like it fixing it to his liking as if it were a challenge meant to fill in time to cease his boredom.

"I trust no one and lie to everyone. If you run into me I can either be your savior or your destroyer and yes it is that simple."