my about me is too long so im just gonna move it to my journal xD and im gonna make a new about me thats alooooooot shorter :] so here if you want to read it. If you haven't read it already, i mean srsly, how could u was rite on the front of my profile, you couldnt miss it O-o

Hey wats up guys im Alex ^^ Im from Texas,
but i dont say any of that gay creepy cowboy crap xD except i say ya'll sumtimes o.O weirf.... well anyway. I just noticed that i dun hav an about section so im doin that rite now. at 4 in the morning xD. well anyway stuff about me O.O I'm almost 14... so im 13 rite now.... BUT i will b 14 on Nov.18... so ill b waiting :] i have a strange mood and personality.
I'll go along with however u want. I'm very modest when u offer me things, so if u offer me a lot, my most likely answer will b, No. lol.
If u wanna b my frend. Ill only take requests if i really knoe u. And i wanna get to knoe u pretty well and talk often bfor i accept. Thats just how i am. Cuz wats the point in being someones frend if u dont talk to them. I love all my frends. Hope u guys knoe that ^^
Somtimes im really sleepy and i dont hav any energy... but most of the time, im really energenic. If u take me to towns or cinema or rally, any place that u can walk around, ill b moving around A LOT. sometimes it annoys my frends, so b prepared for that xD. If i am sleepy usually me and my frends sneak over to walgreens and buy a monster and a couple giant bags of candy to keep us awake. :]
I'm a lot more shy in rl tho. When im on the comp i can keep a conversation goin for a long time.
If u catch me on a good day, i will b extremely hyper. The number one thing that makes me go high are my frend's glasses. If i wear them, beware, u will see a complete different side of me O.O i will think i am rally tall. and i will yell random crap and wat not. but wat bothers me the most is that when i wear her glasses they make me scared of curbs O.O i cant go near them. Cuz to me theyre like cliffs. So i hav to get down on the ground and crawl down and up curbs when were outside xD i look pretty stupid probabaly but i dun really care xD
U can tell me to do just about anything and id do it if i was askin for a dare or something. ^^
Now wat makes me feel different is the fact that i like my food cold instead of hot. And i like my cold drinks, warm instead. Things are very opossite to me O.O
Sometimes idk if its just luck or not. But i have had many of those expeireiences where u sense something and then it happens O.O I'm really weirf here are some things i did recently. Idk if u belive me or not but i actually did. O.O
1. I predicted i would meet somone named sarah today and i did
2. I have healed my brother several times. (3 to b exact) ^^
3. I can read most peoples minds O.O or as my dad says i just project my thoughts well. Cuz i always say the same things at the exact same time with EVERYONE!
4. I have met a ghost. His name was Scott. but he left xD hes not here no more
5. There was a raffle type thing in my school to see who got to answer the questions. and i guessed who would get picked and in wat order. and i got it rite O.O one of them was me xD
6. I have been possesed by a ghost bfor. It took over me i felt it. and i saw its face. it was scary. O.O

ok thats good enough xD well now u knoe about my 6th sense side xD

My interests. Well this year in school im having the same old boring STINKIN SCHEDULE ALL YEAR!!! So i needa find some things to do afterschool. Honestly im not a very sporty type person. Im not in any sports really. But i really love singing and drawing. Acting, writing stories and songs, reading(surpriseO.O) and lotz of oter stuff... lol i will do just about anything. This year i think ill try out for the musical, or a lot of the choir things, and ill b in speechandtheatre competeions. lol so i hav some things for after school. OH and maybe the art club. so idk. cuz my classes are boring....... choir, spanish, and gym.....


animal: FOX, ok this is gonna sound weird. U probably wont belive it and im startin to not belive it too. but, i remeber when i was in 5th grade, i kept sayin tat a fox was my fav animal. And people always drew animes with bears, bunnys and stuff. but i was the only one who drew foxes. And now practically everyone in my schol thats an anime fan loves foxes and its theyre fav animal. So for some reason that makes me think that i made up the whole fox/anime type thing xD but i think that was naruto. (and me) xD
Color: i like, light purple and chocolate brown, black and white, purple and white, gray and purple, gray and red, red and white or black and lots of other combos xD

My eyes are brown. But when im mad or sad they turn green O.O My hair is random too. when i was little my hair was straiht and long. now its sorta long but REALLLLLLY curly or wavy sometimes. BUT at times it goes really straight for no reason. MY hair is magical and weirf. O.O OH and im gettin blue contacts xD so my eyes r now gonna b, brown, green, and blue xD

Me and my frends are makin a show on youtube that u guys gotz to watch. Were still tryin to figure out how to even get it on youtube. So b patient xD
Oh that reminds me. i dont hav any patience most of the time. But sometimes i can b patient. It rally depends on wat im waiting for. olo.
Adults are not my type of people to talk to or anyone older than me. Porbaably cuz i think they hav the power to do ANYTHING they want to me. O.O but when i think hard about it, people are just people, no matter wat age u are ur stilla person. Its not like just cuz ur older u hav higher authority. But sadly thats just how things work here in this world -.-
If im in a fight it WILL get over it quickly. ANd idk if youll ever notice, if u get into a fight with me, i will always b trying to get u back, not fight against u. Cuz i hate losin frends, and getting over a fight is where to start. Y make such big deals about these things is wat im trying to point out here, when u can forget about it and just go back to normal. We all knoe the world isnt perfect. But we can try and make it that way.
My fav animes are. Well actually hmmm idk really. I used to watch naruto alot, but after sasuke left it hasnt really gotten interestin -.- And avatar, idk if that even counts as an anime, but its really good actually, and death note i just started wtchin, so idk much about it. But its pretty good so far. Poke mon ive watched my entire life xD no one can seem to ever forget that show.
Ok i think ive talked about myself a LOT in the past hour... so i better go to sleep, im tired anyway -.- Oh and im tryin to spread around some of these new words i made up. So far i got lotz of my frends sayin them ^^ i feel specail.
1. olo=lol
3. froozer=noob
4. idgi=i dont get it
5. wowzers=wow

idk if i remeber anymore but thats all i can remeber rite now. The most used is weirf ^^ lol my frends call me weirf or weirfo sometimes xD i sorta agree O.o lol but anyway. Ill tell more about me later i guess. Well u already knoe enough lol. gnite Zzz

HACKED: jeez it seems im hacking people a lot lately. HELLO I am Angry_writergirl. call me anything u want. theres good chance ive been called worse. Weirfo here calls me Desk. Anyway so yeah what can i say about phsycotic happy wild weird random out there talkative BEAUTIFUL alex? oh yeah, hehe i just said everything i can say about. oh well, atleast i took up some space in the famoulsy long Alex's About ME! woo-hoo.

hehe i wonder if anybody will notice this. I added on to my about me section today O.o lol. Cuz i have learned many things about myself in the past week. ok. I am the worst person about making decsisions O.O EVER!! so if you ever ask me if i want something or any questions where i hav to decide.DO NOT ASK ME. Answer it for me and ill go along. :] lol. ok...yes ive noticed this also. If i listen to everything u say, and do watever u want. I just mite possibly like you... hehe OH and never ask me for advice. I am terrible at that. Um...but im really good to talk to. Ill make u feel better :] lol ill finish this later im kinda in a hurry. BYE