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meh journal
this is my journal, where i'll put my oc profiles and stuff like that in here :P
Some new characters.
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Name: Ketchup
Age: Undecided.
Height: Undecided.
Weight: Undecided.
Orientation: Bisexual.
Personality: He's a total flirt, very sarcastic, rude or sometimes uncaring but he doesn't mean to be. He can't keep a serous relationship after a hard break up with his gf, who he was dating for a year. She cheated on him with his best friend.
Species: Lupe, from Neopets. He also has a petpet Spyder, but I don't know if I'll enter in him the rp.

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Name: Zero.
Age: 1809.
Species: Demon, uses a wolf as a cover up so he looks normal.
Height/weight: Pft, I unno.
Gender: Male.
Orientation: Bisexual.
Bio: Zero is a shadow demon, who eats human souls. He was banished from the demon world for killing way to many demons that weren't meant to die yet. He lives in the human world, feasting on human souls. He uses a very uncommon looking wolf as his cover up.
Likes: He really loves music, and killing of course. He likes shiny objects and bright colors. He also loves to wear things that don't match or make sense.
Dislikes: Eh, not a lot of thinks.

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Name: Nolan.
Age: Don't know.
Height: About 5' 4"
Weight: around 90 pounds.. he's skinny
Gender: Male.
Species: Demon/dragon/dino thing.. He's a furry/anthro, in case you can't tell.
Orientation: I'm not sure yet.
Bio/likes/dislikes/personality: Undecided.

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