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Tomb of Eternal Fire
The angel's halo beckons me
Light shining from above I see
Pure, simple, innocent, and good
My soul is bared beneath the hood
Walk the path bathed in peacefulness
To the call, my answer's always yes
Live a life divine
Unkindness dares not cross my mind

Engulfed by shadows all around
Seven friends of deadly sin surround
Embraced by evil once again
Stories of me from broken men
Witness the pathetic squirm
Under your gaze til end of term
Perform deeds with a vengeful passion
Keep your heart locked in a tin
Your eyes glint in such a way
That makes the devil shrink away

Raise your head above the clouds
Believe you stick out in the crowds
Look at all of those beneath you
As plentiful as the morning dew
Know you are the best around
Picture them upon the ground
Fighting tooth and nail for
The chance to open up your door

Take the credit and the blame
Accept the glory and the shame
With your head bent down so low
Hate not your arch and bitter foe
Seek not praise for the work you do
But act for causes good and true
Treat every person fair and just
Your golden heart shall never rust
Act lowly with a meekly grace
And leave without a single trace

Say nothing unless you are asked
Volunteer to be forever last
Sit in silence all alone
Answer not your ringing phone
Always watch from sidelines far
And wish upon your lucky star
For courage to join in the fun
For strength to not turn tail and run

Shout out every thought you think
Talk about the kitchen sink
Let others know what you're about
Speak with certainty, no doubt
Have no fear in what you say
Fears and shyness you do slay
Strong and proud of who you are
Not afraid to be bizzarre

Smile for the world to see
Let overwhelming joy be free
Feeling so carefree and light
Having pleasure day and night
Sensation of a child's laugh
Captured in a photograph
Happy just to be alive
Feel your spirit swim and dive

In the depths of true despair
Many do not linger there
All hope is gone, and in its wake
Depressing thoughts begin to bake
It's torture to live through the pain
If lucky, one can come out sane
Attempts to salvage what's left behind
Would not fool even the most blind
Empty shells of what they were
Memories a hazy blur
Body's fine for the most part
But inside's poisoned from the heart

Care about what others feel
Enter into their ordeal
Open very wide your heart
Give them shelter from the start
In tune with people's mind and soul
Overtime shall take its toll
But hide not from your duty's call
From pedestal, you shall not fall
You're happiest when helping out
And planting kindness seeds to sprout

You are foremost in your mind
Solitaire agreement you have signed
Cold to all of those you meet
Heart frozen from a layer of sleet
Withdrawn, unkind your nature is
Zero marks on friendship quiz
Don't care about the matter true
Unless it has to do with you

With every fiber you possess
Love mankind, no more or less
To enemies, you shall show
Compassion that will glow and grow
Go all the way, keep nothing back
Empty the proverbial sack
Be not afraid of getting hurt
And having tears run down your shirt
But be afraid to never try
And share yourself, til time is nigh

Bitter, dark, full of regret
Hateful thoughts caught in a net
Let your anger build up high
See it crashing from the sky
Mercy has no meaning here
Ill intent is crystal clear
No escaping from this cell
Take everyone with you as well

All these emotions you have heard
Through power of the written word
Run strong and deep throughout my veins
Sets me free and gives me chains
For dominance they've battled long
Their tune an old and ancient song
Each one has grandeur on its own
Each one falls in a separate zone
Such differences, you'd think would clash
And fight and bite, and plain out thrash
Instead they blend in light and sound
Each one ensures a balance found
Like colors in a stunning rainbow
The essence seems to find a flow
Individual, they are great
But in a spectrum, they elate
Combining elements is they key
That makes up what's essentially me

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