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Name- Ana
Age- 15
Height- 5"5"
Weight- 100 lbs
Occupation- Trainer
Orientation- Straight

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Oshawatt/Dewatt/Samurott, Stoutland, Pansear, Victini, Tranquil

Ana can be rather clumsy at times.
She first met N in Nacrene City, and when she did, she was rather curious of him, and considered whether or not he was good or bad. However, when N gave a lecture about the relationship people thought between Pokemon and humans could be wrong, it made Ana really think about if she was a good trainer or not. Later on, she finds out her Pokemon are happy with her, and she shouldn't change a thing about her trainer-life.
The moment Ana realized N was in business with Team Plasma, she decided to despise him. However, when he invited her to join him on a Ferris Wheel, N tells her the true story of himself, and Ana realizes he isn't so bad. She starts to like him but has made a goal to become stronger.

Likes & Dislikes

Likes- N, sweet food, rare candies, discounts, water-type pokemon, easy tasks, arm warmers, and the Ferris wheel

Dislikes- Ash, really spicy food, caves, Team Plasma, Ghetsis, hot weather