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insanity bound
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Fan fic
The opening scene is an evening after dinner.
I found this picture on Konachan.com ~
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Len looked across the room at his sister. She glanced up from her book. blushed, and looked away. He continued to stare at her delicate face. Following the contours of her neck, and down her body. Blinking, he realized what he was doing and looked away, embarrassed. Just then, Satako (Rin and Len's mother) walks into the room.
"Yes Momma?" She replied, a quiver in her voice.
"You came home late from school yesterday, correct?"
"Yes Momma.. The teacher kept me a little longer then the rest of the class because I failed a test."
Len remembered, she had told him to go on without her and that she would walk home. He worried but agreed anyway.
"It doesn't take THAT long to be lectured on your failing grades. I think you went somewhere else, as punishment you'll have to do the dishes every night this week! We'll talk more about your failing grades another time."
"But Momma-"
"I WILL HEAR NONE OF IT! You are to do what you are told, Rin."
"Yes Momma.." She said, tears in her eyes.
Satako stalked out of the room.
"Rin?" Len said to his sister.
She looked down for a moment, and quickly looked up. A cheerful smile on her face.
"Yes Len?"
"Nothing. Just, don't listen to that woman. She'll bring you nothing but trouble."
"Oh, I don't mind. I deserved it."
Worried thoughts filled Len's mind. Sweet, precious Rin didn't deserve that. If anything her failing grades was because of the way their mother treated her.
Len on the other hand, was the man. He wasn't treated with such disrespect since he was a small boy. Len and Rin, faternal twins, now 16 years old. Were living with their mother and their mothers boyfriend, Teppei.
Rin closed her book, and sat it on the table next to her. She got up, and left the room.
Len watched her graceful stride as she walked out.

Later on Len, alone in the bedroom he shared with his sister, was thinking unholy thoughts. He couldn't help but picture his sisters beautiful naked body. Desire filled him. He reached into his pants and pulled his c**k. He stroked it slowly at first. He pictured his sister, naked and wet waiting for him. He couldn't stop these feelings. He wanted her. He wanted her to want him too. He wondered if she didn't want him, would that stop him, if she was here right now? He needed her. Stroking his c**k like this felt very good, but he wanted nothing more then for Rin to put her mouth on it. To put it in her, to show her how good she could feel by his c**k. With increasing speed the pressure in him was building. His hand stroking his c**k rapidly. He slowed down for a moment, to savor the moment. Savor the thought, of his delicate sister waiting for him to take her innocence. He couldn't hold back anymore. Going faster, and increasing the pressure he felt a feeling of ecstasy over take him as he came. He threw back his head. A low moan escaped his lips. Rin filled his head, her beauty pushing this feeling over the edge. After he finished coming, he relaxed. Using a tissue, he cleaned up. Maybe if Rin was here maybe.. No. He could be allowed these moments when he was alone but he would not hurt her. But still, the thought crossed his mind that maybe, Rin would let him take her. Maybe she would love it.

Suddenly, the door opened, too quickly for Len to put something on, to cover his indecency. But he managed to sit up on the bed and throw away the tissue.
In walked Rin, looking tired. She glanced at her brother and said
Not phased by seeing him naked, as she had many times before. Staying in the same room and all.
Len got up and pulled on a pair of underwear.
"Hey RinRin" He replied, calling his sister by a playful pet name.
Rin rummaged through her dresser and pulled out a pair of soft pajamas. She then went into the bathroom they shared. Not closing the door all the way, Len could see the occasional glance of his sisters body, as she changed into her pajamas. He sat back down on his bed.
Rin came out of the bathroom, her hair brushed and free of pins and clips.
She sat down on her bed and pulled the covers back.
Len noticed something different about her, something sad. Without looking at him, she said
"Yeah sis?"
"Lets go to the park or something sometime soon."
"Goodnight Len"
"Goodnight Rin, sleep well."
She crawled under the covers and closed her eyes. Len watched her for a while before he did the same.


Len woke up and showered before Rin. Which was unusual, she must have been really tired.
He came out of the bathroom, stark naked, drying his short blond hair. Walking across the room, he put some underwear on and made a bee-line for Rin's bed. He sat down on the edge. Her calm, relaxed breathing put him at ease. He didn't really know what he was doing, he just wanted to be near her right now. As he was watching her she suddenly trashed out, though she didn't make any noise. He grabbed her hand as she tore through the air. She stopped thrashing, and her hand squeezed his. Suddenly, overcome by something in him, he bent down and pressed his lips against hers. Being so close to her face, he could smell the light scent of her body. He breathed in the sweetness. He stayed like this for a few seconds. Finally, not wanting her to wake up to that he reluctantly pulled away. Her eyes fluttered open for a moment, she called out his name. Startled he jumped off the bed, as not to look suspicious. But she didn't wake. A bit unsettled, he threw on pants and a t-shirt and walked out. Closing the door softly, as not to really wake his sleeping sister.

Sitting at the kitchen table, munching on a bagel, was Len.
He was thinking deeply about kissing Rin.
Across the table sat Teppei.
"What're you thinking about so lost in thought boy? Something bad I don't doubt."
"Nothing." He said with force, finishing his bagel.
Teppei looked annoyed but went back to reading the paper.
Len's mother walked in.
"Good morning everyone." She said cheerily. "Is Rin still asleep? Such a lazy girl, not really worth anything."
"Hey, can you lay off her? She puts up with enough s**t." Len defended his sister.
His mother shot him a death glare, and went to get some coffee.
Len heard the shower upstairs start, Rin was up now. He looked at his mother mockingly.
Teppei, apparently forgotten coughed. Satako looked at him for a moment, almost as if he were a stranger, then turned back to Len.
"So Len, when are you going to get a steady job?" She said icily.
Len had been working on and off for a year now, not being able to hold a job for more then a few months.
"Who knows."
Len got up from the table and went into the living room.
He grabbed his school bag and rummaged through it for his homework that he neglected to do the previous evening. Len had always got good grades in school, though he could do better he really didn't care. His abilities did not go unnoticed however. He pulled out some math work and half heartily rushed to get it finished.
Meanwhile, Rin was upstairs just getting out of the shower.
She stepped onto the rug next to the shower stall, and grabbed a towel from the rack. Drying herself off in front of the full length mirror she admired her body. She was never one to gain weight easily, but she was curvy. She ran her hand down her breasts and over her stomach, touching only briefly her woman parts and continuing down her legs. Suddenly a thought of Len flashed through her mind, his soft blond hair and strong face. She wanted to feel his chest, to have him hold her. She wasn't shy to herself about how she felt for Len. Though she felt worried about what her mother would think, if she knew that she had these feelings. Len had held her hand and stayed by her side all her life, something no one else had been able to do. Their relationship had been shy as of late, because she wanted nothing more then for him to kiss her. To do things to her that no brother ever should to his sister. But she feared he would not want that. She would do anything for him, she was his. Always, and forever. If he ever wanted her. She continued to finish drying herself off, and put on some panties and a bra. Then a light wispy dress.
Knowing she didn't have much time before she had to leave for school, she grabbed her book bag, stuffed some half finished homework in it, grabbed a sweater and ran down the stairs.
When she got to the bottom, she saw the opening to the living room, and the opening to the kitchen. In the kitchen she could see her mother sitting at the table sipping coffee, and Teppei reading the paper. She shivered at the sight of Teppei. He creeped her out, though not even Len knew this. She ran into the living room where Len was stuffing papers in his bag.
"Morning Len-kun~"
Len looked up, startled by her presence. She cocked her head strangely at him for a moment.
"M-morning Rin. Did you sleep well?" Stuttering at first but regaining firm speech.
"Yeah! I dreamt of flying." She giggled.
Len smiled and stood from sitting on an overstuffed chair. Len stood 6'1, about 4 inches taller then his twin. Who was 5'10. She smiled at him, her eyes lingering on his. A certain need in them, that he couldn't quite pin point.
"Ready to go Rin?"
"Yup! Let's hit the town." She said, smiling mischievously.
Len grabbed her hand and they ran out the door calling behind them "Leaving for school now!" Mostly to avoid further conflict with their mother.
Len got in the drivers seat of Teppei's old catalac car, and waited for Rin, but she held back.
"Ummm.. Can we take mom's car?"
He wondered why she was unhappy with going in Teppei's car but he brushed it off.
Len had his license but didn't have his own car. Since there was two cars and Teppei didn't go out much it didn't matter much which car they took.
On the way to school Len and Rin talked lightly about various things.
They both went to the local public school, though they weren't in the same class.
When they got to the school he walked her to class. Still about 5 minutes until the bell was to ring.
"Thanks for walking me to class Len!" She smiled.
"Any time sis." He longed to lean in and kiss her, but not in such a public place. Probably not even in the sanctity of their own bedroom. It was forbidden.
Rin walked into her classroom, and met up with a few of her friends.
Looking at the girls that surrounded her he felt a wave of jealousy. He wanted Rin all to himself, to be close to only him.
He shook his head and thought to himself, 'This is irrational. She's just my sister. My twin sister.'
He then left to go to his classroom.
Rin was finding it hard to concentrate on her studies, as usual. Without thinking she moved her hand to her face, and ran her fingers along her lips. She imagined Len kissing her. Though he had never kissed her directly on her lips, or in any kind of romantic way. But she could feel it happening so vividly.
Jolted back to reality she tried to pay attention to the ever so boring English lesson.
The bell rang for recess. Len was eager to get out of this stuffy classroom. He grabbed his bag and handed in his in class assignment that he had worked on.
He walked down the crowded hallways, occasionally replying to hello's from people he knew. He didn't know where he was going really, but he was going in the direction of Rin's classroom. As he walked by there, he looked in and saw Rin sitting at her desk staring off into space. When he looked at her, he saw himself touching her. Kissing her all over. This scared him, because he didn't want to hurt her. He ran past to the boys bathroom. Pushing open the door he noticed that he was alone in the room. He walked up to the sink, turned it on, and splashed water on his face.
"Get a hold of yourself Len. She doesn't feel the same way. She never will."
Hurt flashed upon his face. He wanted her to feel for him. Splashing more water on his face, he finally felt his desire lessen. Just then a group of laughing boys entered the bathroom, and Len walked out.
"Rinnn~CHAN! Wake up Cutie you're lost in space!"
Rin's friend Suki said, energetically.
"Huh? OH! I'm here!" She blushed. Embarrassed that she had let herself day dream.
"Let's go get something in the cafeteria. Rin."
Rin's stomach rumbled, she had forgotten to eat breakfast so a snack sounded nice.
"Sure!" She giggled, and they left the classroom together.
Standing in line for the snack counter Rin almost was lost in her dreams again. To prevent this from happening she looked around the room.
Len walked in the door. She smiled and waited for him to notice her.
When he did he quickly looked away and walked out.
Slightly hurt Rin felt her appetite go away, so she talked to Suki and left.

The end of the day finally Rin ran all the way to Len's classroom, eager to be around him once more.
When she entered the room, Len noticed her right away. He smiled at her, showing no sign of what she had seen on his face earlier in the cafeteria. Together they walked out of school and got in the car.


Later that evening after dinner, Len was in the living room doing not much really. He was kind of bored. Looking across the room he noticed the book his sister had left on the side table the previous evening. Taking long strides he crossed the room and picked it up. Studying the cover he read the title. 'Forbidden Love'
He was shocked at first because he thought it might have something to do with his situation, but upon reading the back he realized that it was just about a boy and a girl whose parents did not want them to be together. Not brother and sister. Not related. Of course.. It was unholy. Sinful, these feelings he harbored for his sister. Still, the name 'Forbidden Love' rang in his mind.
Rin was doing dishes as commanded by their mother in the kitchen, Len figured she could use some company and went into the kitchen.
Rin was happy to see her brother, she wanted him near her right now.
"Figured you could use some company." He said, and patted her on her head.
Still scrubbing dishes, Rin smiled at him.
Len watched her hands as she ran the cloth over a plate.
"How was your day in school?" She said, in a cheerful tone of voice.
"It was alright I suppose. Nothing much to report."
"Ditto. School is so boring." She winked.
He stared into her eyes, searching for something. Something to confirm that she didn't have the same unholy feelings as him. She stopped cleaning.
Her voice was cut short by their mother.
"You are supposed to be cleaning dishes Rin. Not staring at Len."
She walked over to where they were standing and delivered a smack upside Rins head. Rin let out a cry. Len wanted to grab his mother and hit her right back, but he held back.
"Get to work right now, or I'll increase your punishment! And we still have to talk about your little rendezvous around town that I've been getting word of!"
Neither Rin nor Len had any idea what she was talking about, but with her mothers long list of men who wanted to please her at any cost who knows what they had told her.
Satako stayed there for a moment, locking eyes with Len. As if she sensed that he wanted to stand up to her. She then left, grabbing her coat from the back door hock and leaving out the front door, slamming it behind her.
Rin didn't pick up cleaning the dishes again. She just stood there, staring at the floor in shame.
That moment, Len grabbed her, pulling her close to him. Rin cried out in shock, still shaken up after her mother had hit her.
"Len..I-" She tried to say more but she burst out into tears.
"I'll never let anyone hurt you again." He said, with fierce anger in his voice. He held her even tighter. Kissing her head. At this point he would kill anyone that dared take her from him, or tried to hurt her in any way.
"I love you Rin. It'll be okay."
Not fully understanding that he didn't mean 'love' in a non-brotherly way she said,
"I love you too Len.." still crying.
She lifted her face to him, tears falling freely. He kissed each of her eyes.
"It'll be okay." He repeated.
Holding her close felt wonderful. She was hurt, and he kissed her. She cried and he held her. He thought to himself, 'I only get to hold her when she's injured, i only get to kiss her when she's sore.'
He wanted to kiss her when she's happy, he wanted to let her know he loved her always. Forbidden Love, came into his mind once more. He finally let go of his sister, feeling ashamed he had let himself go.
"Go dry your tears and finish up Rin." He said, almost coldly.
She looked at his face, and nodded.

Once Rin had left the room, Len sat down at the table. Slightly dazed, he realized that he had told Rin he loved her. Which would normally be nothing, since they are brother and sister. But he had meant in it another way. He loved her, he wanted to possess her. To own her, his girl. His love. To protect her from any harm. He hoped that she didn't notice that he meant it like that. She had said she loved him too, he now wondered what she meant she said that. He was just her brother. Just .. Her .. Brother ..
'Just.. my .. brother.. Then why do I feel like this towards him?' Rin thought. Upstairs in her bathroom. She was thinking about him again. She hugged herself, remembering the way he had grabbed her, and pulled her close to him. She remembered his manly smell. She felt lost, she wanted him so bad. But the little things, like whenever he held her hand, or she brushed up against him, they teased her. She wanted so much more. She finished washing her face, tired from that small ordeal.
Len walked out of the kitchen and up the stairs to his bedroom. He passed Rin on the stairs, but he ignored her. As he walked on without saying anything to her, he felt her eyes on his back. Watching him descend to the upstairs.

When it was time to go to bed, their mother had not yet returned home. And Teppei had gone off to bed early. It was rather pleasant. Len was just getting into bed as Rin entered the room. She smiled, not very brightly he noted. He watched her go through her usual routine of changing into her pajamas and brushing her hair and teeth. When she came out of the bathroom she said something to him that shocked him.
"Len.. Can I.. Sleep in your bed tonight? ..With you?"
He didn't know what to say, if he said yes he would have to be close to her, to even touch her. And he didn't know if he could resist her like that. But if he said no, he would hurt her. And he was supposed to be nothing more then a brother to her, so there should be nothing wrong with sleeping in the same bed as her.
"Sure." He finally answered.
"Thank you.." She crawled into his bed, on the other side of where he usually slept.
He got into bed and turned over on his side. His back to her. She stayed on her side, facing his back. After a few minutes, Rin moved closer to him. Not quite touching him, she was too shy. He decided he couldn't stay like this, so he turned towards her. She looked him in the eyes, and without saying anything he pulled her close to him. He found her hand and held it in his. She snuggled into him, her head against his chest. She stayed like this, listening to his heart beat. He blushed deeply. Having his sister so close to him, his sister that he secretly loved in forbidden ways. It was almost to much for him to handle. But he didn't indulge. He just held her hand, and kissed her head. Pressing his lips on her soft hair. Breathing in the scent of her shampoo.
"Len, will you always hold me close and tell me you love me?"
"Always. You're my Rin, all mine.."
He had said more then he had meant to, but she closed her eyes. After a few minutes like this, he heard her breathing become steady, she was asleep. So he closed his eyes and tried to sleep. But sleep wouldn't come. She's so close to me. He realized now that he couldn't stay away from her. He might have to pretend he didn't have these feelings, but right now she was his. No one else could touch his precious Rin, his. Only his. Kissing her head once more he drifted into a dreamless sleep.


Rin opened her eyes, for a moment she was confused as to where she was. But looking around she remembered that she had slept in Len's bed last night. She was going to move, but she realized Len was still holding her. She looked up at his sleeping face, so peaceful. Moving his arm off of her, she sat up on the bed, still holding his hand. Glancing over at her alarm clock she noticed that it was very early.
6:00AM. Still another hour before she had to start getting ready for school. She laid back down, and watched Len sleeping. She ran her hand through his hair. 'He's really handsome...' She thought. She remembered the day before when he had kissed her eyes. She thought briefly about kissing him, now asleep he wouldn't notice.. Would he? She had moved closer to his face, his breath hitting hers. She sat back up and shook her head. No.

Len woke to the sound of the shower going, he looked at the clock next to his sisters bed, 6:10AM. Geez, much too early. He pulled the sheets back over him. Then he remembered the night before. Rin.. Had slept in his bed. He had held her.. Her sweetness so close to him. He felt himself getting hard. He wanted her, but he couldn't have her. Angered by this he dressed and left the room, skipping a shower today.
Stepping out of the bathroom, Rin noticed that Len was gone. A sadness overtook her. She dressed and ran down the stairs, Len was no where to be found. Oh well she thought. She checked the time. Still only 6:30AM. Sitting down at the table, she noticed Teppei enter the room. He crossed the room and sat next to her. Her head turned down, as she stared at her feet.
"Morning Rin, where's Len?"
"I don't know." She replied in a quiet voice.
"Your mother is still asleep?"
He moved closer too her. This man is a creep. Moving his hands towards her he made no sound.
Walking up the street Len shivered. It was cold out, he hadn't brought a jacket. He had just needed to go for a walk. He continued up the walkway to the house. He wondered if his mother was up.
Rin shivered, Teppei's touch on her arm disturbed her. But she couldn't turn away for fear of what he could, what he WOULD do to her then.
Len opened the door to the house quietly. He didn't want his mother to know he had left the house to go for a walk, she'd probably start asking questions as to where he was going. He took off his shoes, and walked slowly through the hallway.
Teppei's hand moved from Rin's shoulder, to her breast. She moved her hands across her chest, to protect it from his touch.
"Now now Rin, let's not have any of that." He said firmly.
Len stopped dead in his tracks, he heard something from the kitchen. Sounded like Teppei, and he seemed to be addressing Rin. He walked faster towards the kitchen..
Teppei pulled at Rin's arms, trying to get at her chest. She squeezed her eyes shut. Trying to muffle a scream, she bit her lip. She thought of Len, he said he would never let anyone hurt her again. Would he?
In his haste to pull Rin's arms away from her chest, Teppei did not see Len in the doorway. He was breathing heavily, his hands nearing Rin's breasts.
Without saying anything Len walked quickly across the room, and pushed Teppei off his chair, and straddled him. Punching him in the face.
"ARGH, GET OFF OF ME YOU STUPID KID!" Teppei screamed.
Rin opened her eyes to see the scene around her. She yelled Len's name. And stood up from the chair she was sitting on.
Len was screaming at Teppei, while punching him.
Teppei grabbed Len's arm before he could land another punch.
Len, breathing very heavily now halted. And got off of Teppei. He immediately walked over to Rin and put his arm protectively around her.
Teppei got up from the floor.
"Oh just wait until your mother hears about this. You just wait."
Rin let out a cry.
"******** YOU TEPPEI, YOU DIRTY b*****d" Len screamed.
He grabbed Rin's arm and pulled her through the hallway and out the door.
He instructed her to get in their mom's car. Pulling out of the driveway, he saw his mother walking up it. She looked tired but satisfied. She looked at them curiously, wondering what they were doing leaving, so early in the morning.
Len drove away fast. Rin was crying now. After driving for a while, Len pulled into the parking lot of an abandoned building. He reached over and held Rin's hand.
"That b*****d." He cursed, not really to anyone. Just in anger. Teppei had touched something that was his. He had hurt the person who was most important to Len. He was pissed.
Rin looked up at him, tears streaming down her face. She leaned forward and wrapped her arms around him.
Hugging Rin calmed him down significantly.
When Rin stopped crying he asked her,
"Has he pulled s**t like this before?"
"A few times.."
Len cursed under his breath.
"He won't, anymore. If I have to stay by your side at all times, I will."
"Thank you Len.."
She pulled away from him and he started the car again.
They drove for a while before he parked on the side of the road.
"Where are we?" She asked.
"You said a few days ago, you wanted to go to the park."
She smiled at him, and they got out of the car.

Sitting on the swings, both Len and Rin said nothing.
The park was empty, except for the occasional morning freak walking their dog.
Len checked his cell phone, only 7AM. They weren't going to go to school today.
Swinging aimlessly Rin thought about the events previous to now. Len had kept true to his word, he came in at the right time and stopped Teppei from hurting her. She was eternally his, if there was any doubt she wasn't before. She went over the things he had said when he hit Teppei. He had said that he owned her.. Her heart fluttered. Did he mean that? She looked over at him. Sitting on the swing but not moving Len looked at the ground thoughtfully. She stopped moving, the swing continued to go back and fourth for a while until it settled down. She turned her head back to look at her hands. She was.. his Rin? His.. Rin. She had wanted this all along, but worried that he didn't. But he had said it, she was his..
Len was lost in his own thoughts as well. He couldn't always be with Rin, there would be opportunities for Teppei to get to her. He couldn't let this happen. They had to run away, go somewhere safe. He didn't tell Rin just yet, but soon he would tell her his idea. He longed to kiss her right now, but even though he had said she was his.. He hadn't let her know that he wanted more then a sibling relationship. So he just turned to her and said
"It'll be alright Rin."
"Will it?" Was her rather hopeless sounding reply.
"I will make it okay, if it isn't."
She wanted him to kiss her, to hold her, to diminish all her worries with more then just his words.
They stayed there for a half hour, then walked around the park for a while.
After a day of skipping school and wandering around, Rin and Len returned home.
Rin worried about what Teppei would tell her mother. He could twist the story around any number of ways, and Satako wouldn't care for the truth.
Len walked in the house with Rin close behind him. He looked around, but didn't see his mother or her boyfriend. This house felt almost like a war zone, it wasn't really home anymore. Especially since Len planned on taking Rin and himself out of there. Though he still hadn't told her, he doubted she would object. Rin ran upstairs and went into their shared bedroom. Len walked into the living room to find Teppei sitting on the couch watching TV.
"Where's mom." He said in a demanding tone.
"She's asleep you little s**t." Teppei sneered.
"What have you told her?"
"Nothing. I'm going to use this in a proper way. You know I can twist your mothers arm and we can both hurt Rin whom you seem to care so much about. So I'd suggest you keep your mouth shut."
Just then Rin walked down the stairs. She took one look at Teppei and ran down the hallway into the kitchen.
Len glared at Teppei, and followed after her.

That night Rin was sitting on her bed. Her book 'Forbidden Love' was open next to her, though she wasn't reading it.
The shower stopped. After a few seconds Len came out of the bathroom wearing just his boxers.
Rin turned her head to him, her eyes ran over his body.
He shivered, he felt like she was touching him. Though she was only looking.
He sat down on his bed. But made no effort to get in it. After fighting with himself in his mind her decided that now was the time to tell her his plan.
"Rin, we need to go. We need to get out of here, together."
She looked at him shocked, but nodded.
"Where will we go? With what money? How can we manage that?"
"I don't know really.. I happen to know that Teppei keeps a stash of money somewhere in his room."
"Are you suggesting we.. S-steal it?!" She stuttered.
"Think of it as a minor payback. He deserves it."
She nodded once more.
"I love you.. Len.."
"I love you too."
He got up, and hugged her tight to him. Even if he was just her brother. He was determine to keep her safe and close to him.
Rin blushed, she didn't feel anything brotherly about this hug. She rebelled, she was scared. He couldn't love her anymore then just a sibling. And she felt hurt being teased like this, she needed more then just a taste of him.. But she was determined to not have it, for fear that Len would hate her.
He let go of her and she turned her back to him, and got into her bed. He wished he could just take her now. To show her how her really loved him. But she couldn't want that. So he got into his bed and went to sleep, longing for her touch.


After getting up and showering, both Rin and Len started talking about plans for leaving.
They needed to pack essentials, and of course, get the money from Teppei's room. But how?
Len decided that he would look while Rin kept watch.
"Okay, do you have everything you need?"
He asked as she zipped her bag up.
She didn't look him in the eyes, she barely even looked up from her bag.
He was worried, she was acting distant. He was slightly angry, he wanted her to love him like he loved her. But he had to make peace. She didn't. Just his sister. His beautiful.. Wonderful.. Sister.
Rin picked up her bag and began to leave the room, but she noticed Len looking at her with a cold hard stare. She shivered, it scared her a little bit. She wished she could kiss him and make him love her. She wished a lot of things, but she had to come to terms.
"Let's go, Len." She tried to smile.
He realized that he had been looking at her with his emotions on his face. He shook these feelings off and picked up his bag.
Rin quietly tip toed down the stairs, to check where Teppei was. She saw him in the kitchen with her mother, fooling around. She was suddenly angry. Her mother wasn't good enough to keep that dirty b*****d satisfied? He had to try and take her too?
"Is he there?" Len said, jolting her back to reality.
"Yeah." She walked back up the stairs. Together they walked to the room Teppei shared with their mother. They laid their bags down, and entered the room. Rin stayed by the door, listening for any signs of Teppei or their mother. She could hear them laughing downstairs. Len started moving things around, looking under the mattress and in boxes. He didn't find much at first. Rin stood at the doorway keeping one ear keen to her mother and Teppei. She looked around the room, and noticed her mothers jewelry box on the vanity next to the door. She took a step towards it, it was made of shiny wood, and had a lock. Though she'd never actually seen it locked. She placed her hand on the top and opened. She surveyed the contents. she picked up a silver bracelet that had a little diamond heart on it. delicately, she put it on. She decided to take this with her. Her mother would never miss it amongst all her pretty jewelry that she receives from men and women alike on various occasions. She rummaged through the box some more, forgetting to listen to what her mother was doing with Teppei. she always liked her mothers jewelry.
Len picked up a decorative vase that held plastic flowers and dumped it out on the bed. Pushing aside the flowers he found about 100 one hundred dollar bills.
"Found it!" He proclaimed, patting himself on the back.
He stuffed the money in a wallet, counting it as he did this. Rin, was still occupied looking through her mothers jewelry.
"Come'on Rin." Len said urgently. Taking Rin's hand. She closed the jewelry box and they walked out of the room. At the end of the hallway stood Teppei, staring at them angrily.
"What the hell where you doing in my room?" He directed the question at Len.
At a loss for words, Len grabbed his bag. Rin did the same, and Len dragged her down the hall past Teppei. Almost to the stairs, Teppei grabs a hold of Rin's arm. She screams.
"You know Len, I'm bigger then you. I can take Rin away from you."
Teppei was right, he was 6'3 and stronger then Len.
"Don't touch her. I have no reservations about doing what ever it takes to keep you from my Rin."
He walked back towards Teppei and pushed him away from Rin. Hearing the commotion, their mother appeared at the bottom of the stairs.
"What the hell are you two doing? Get away from Teppei."
"WE'RE leaving." Len said angrily.
"And where do you expect to go?" She said mockingly.
"Away from here." Rin piped up. Finally standing up to her mother, shyly.
Satako laughed.
"Go on, go. With no money, you'll get no where."
Len smiled at Rin, and grabbed her hand.
"Don't let them go! They need to be punished!" Teppei yelled.
"They'll get punished when they come back, if they don't die out there." Satako replied.
Teppei went into the bedroom, Len and Rin ran down the stairs past their mother.
Satako went to grab Rin's arm but she was already out the door.
"********!" She yelled. Teppei ran down the stairs and the both went outside to see Rin getting in her mothers car.Len started the ignition.
They sped down the driveway and down the street.
They Teppei and Satako were going to follow the twins, but Teppei found that his car was out of gas.
"We could report a robbery." Teppei said.
"The police might question where the twins are if they find out I have kids."
"Visiting relatives?"
Satako nodded.

After a few minutes of driving Rin asked
"Where are we going?"
"Train station. We'll abandon the car nearby, and we can catch the train somewhere far away."

After abandoning their mothers car and running a block to the train station they bought tickets to about as far away as they could get. It would take only a few hours until they got to their destination. They got on the train and sat down together. Len and Rin watched the trees and bushes fly by. It was hypnotizing almost.
"It's been a hectic few days, but we'll be okay. Together." He looked down at is sister only to find her sleeping. He brushed her hair out of her face. She looked so peaceful he wanted to lean in and kiss her. He looked around the court, there was a woman who was reading and a sleepy looking old man. Len resisted kissing his sleeping beauty. He instead just held her hand and continued watching the scene outside.

Finally, they got to their destination. Getting off the train neither twin was sure what to think, or what to do. Rin looked at Len and smiled.
"We're here.. Thank you Len.. For sticking by me."
"I love you Rin, and I'll always be by your side." He smiled back. He thought to himself, 'Even if I'm only your brother.' Though he wanted her more then ever.
Rin was ecstatic. They had made it, they ran away. But.. Would she be able to accept that they were just siblings? She would have to. No matter how much she wanted him to take her, and show her the love of a normal couple.
Len noticed that she looked rather sad for a moment. He wondered what she was thinking.
They searched for a while before they found a suitable hotel to stay in for a few days. After settling in and putting their stuff in the provided drawers Rin asked
"What do we do now?"
"I'm not sure. I suppose we'll have to work, find an apartment or something."
"It's a little scary to think we're living on our own now."
Still only early, they decided to look around their new surroundings.


Rin walked out of the shower, wearing only a tank top and underwear. Len was putting something's away in the provided mini fridge. He looked up to see her, his eyes betrayed him. Looking her overly Carefully, his felt his need growing. Something dark overtook his face. He started to walk towards her, speed increasing with each step. Rin looked confused.
Len pushed his sister down on the bed. Breathing heavily, he leaned in close to her.
He held her hands down on, though Rin didn't try to escape. He nuzzled her neck, breathing in her scent. He moved his leg over her, so she couldn't kick him, or use her lower body strength to get away. He pushed himself into her.
"L-len.." Rin said, shocked by what he was doing.
His grip tightened on her wrist. She was almost too shocked to fully take in the wonderful feeling of his body against hers.
"I can't hold back Rin... I need you.." Len said. Still breathing heavily.
He kissed her neck softly.
"Nnngh..." Rin said, not resisting his kiss.
He continued kissing her neck, moving upward towards her face.
His face level with hers, he looked her in the eyes. Something burned inside of him, nothing could stop him now. He was going to take her.
"...Keep.. Keep going.." She whispered. Curiosity and love showed on her face.
He now saw that she wanted him. She had wanted him all along. She felt his hard c**k pushing against her leg. He leaned in and kissed her lips. She opened her mouth to him. Letting his tongue explore. He nibbled on her lip, and moved his face down lower. He let go of one of her arms so he could fondle her breast. She let out a small moan. Letting go of her other arm he helped her out of her tank top, taking a moment to look at her breasts. Medium size, with very pink nipples. He put his hand on her breast, squeezing her n****e between his thumb and forefinger. She moaned, a little louder this time. He kissed each of her breasts, Moving his face to her n****e, he licked lightly. Teasing her. Putting his mouth on her n****e he sucked, and played with her other breast with his hand.
Her breath was hot, she didn't understand why he was doing this to her but she loved it. She loved the thought of her own brother doing such dirty things to her. She squeezed her legs together, trying to lessen the need in her. Noticing this, he lifted his face from her breast, and kissed a line down her stomach. But instead of giving her what she wanted so badly, he again kissed her mouth. He let his hand move towards her v****a. He lightly ran his pointer finger up her panties, he felt her getting wet. He did this a few times, then increased pressure. Finally, he had enough. He backed off from her, and took of his pants and underwear. She sat up, rather dazed and wanting more. She watched him pull down his underwear and saw his hard c**k. She wasn't quite sure what he wanted of her, so he put his hand on her head and guided it to his c**k. She kissed the tip lightly, then opened her mouth ready for him. He pushed her head down on him. She swirled her tongue around him. He gripped her hair, and pushed and pulled up and down. Moaning, he said
"********, Rin." She made a noise, un comprehendible though because her mouth was full of c**k. Making sure to not let go just yet, he pulled her head off of him. She licked her lips and looked at him, waiting for his action.
"Turn around." He said.
She complied like a good girl. He kissed each of her a** cheeks. Her kissed her c**t, and ran his finger along the front. Licking her wet panties once or twice, he stood up.
"Take off your panties, slowly."
She put her hands on her panties, pushing her face into the bed, and pulled them down, bit by bit. He watched more and more of her a** show. Once she had them all the way off, he pushed his finger a little bit into her.
"Nnnngh" She gasped. "Le-len that feels really good.."
He pushed his fingers in further. She let out a moan. She was pretty wet now. He stood up, and put his c**k at her entrance. Teasing her for a little bit. He rubbed the head on her c**t.
"Ahhh.. I can't wait any longer..." She squirmed.
He chuckled. Teasing her like this was fun. He teased her c**t with his c**k a bit more, then finally, slowly pushed it into her.
She gasped.
"You're still a virgin aren't you?"
She nodded. He pushed further in slowly.
'It hurts a little bit.. Bit feels really good..Keep..Ahhh.. Keep going.. I need you all the way inside me.." She half whispered, moaning half way through.
He pushed himself all the way in her. Moaning a bit himself. It felt so good to finally have himself in her, he got what he had wanted for so long. He pulled out a bit, and pushed in again. She moved her hips with him, and called his name. He thrusted in and out, savoring the feeling. Loving doing this to her.
"Nnnh.. Nnnh..."
"If you want it that bad, I'll allow you to play with yourself." Len said, firmly.
She shyly moved her hand to her p***y, and rubbed her c**t. She let out a deep moan. It was almost too good. He thrusted faster. His c**k going in and out of her while she rubbed her c**t was becoming too much. She moved her hand faster. Suddenly, she felt waves of pleasure take over.
"Len..len!!" She called out as she came.
Len smiled, seeing his sister so wild was a pleasure. She was loving his c**k. She was his. All his. He continued to thrust, deep into her.
When she finished comming, he pulled out. Her face in the bed she looked so comfortable, so content. When she noticed he was no longer inside of her she turned around and sat up.
"Good girl."
His c**k in his hand, he used his free hand to hold her head. He stroked himself, and pushed the head of his c**k against her cheek. Going faster, he stepped back a bit. Warm come hit her face. She opened her mouth wide, his semen spurted over her face and into her mouth.
"Ahhhhhhh Rin" He moaned. When he finished coming, he stroked a few more times then stopped. Rin swallowed what she had in her mouth, and using her finger put more on her tongue. Savoring the taste of her brother.
Len handed her a tissue. She wiped what was left on her face and threw it away.
He leaned in and kissed her, slowly, slipping his tongue into her mouth. He pulled away, and laid down on the bed. She crawled under the covers, he did the same. Both exhausted, she moved close and snuggled into him.
"Len, I want this.. I want you to love me more then a brother should.. a sister."
"I've always wanted to do that to you. Don't expect it to stop here. You're mine, Rin. all mine."
She looked at him and smiled, bigger then he'd ever seen her smile.
"Mine." He repeated.
She closed her eyes and snuggled even closer to him, and eventually drifted into a peaceful sleep.

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