Hey Guys, Since I've been getting a decent amount of traffic regarding my art I've decided to create this journal to help you out.


- I LOVE mermaids, I love drawing them almost no matter what =X

- Singles I am strong at I'm working on couples at the moment

- Long hair, I can do short hair but it's a challenge

- Well put together avi, good colour scheme if any.

- I will draw men, but it might not come out as masculine as you want.

- I will do Original characters if you give me enough reference.


I do have my capabilities, I am not particularly strong in background work unless it is traditional and it is very unlikely that I will do traditional art for Gaia since the quality is quite a bit greater redface

I don't like ******** avatars. Cluttered and well organized, yes. Catastrophic hot mess of kittens halos wings and sashes...no plz.

I could probably figure out mecha if I really tried but you would have to bribe me A LOT to try it.

I don't like to do anthro or specifically weird avatars, sorry. Maybe in the future but not at this time. (Ears and a tail are fine) I'm not a big fan of doing animals that aren't a freaking Rapadash (AKA horse based).

I CANNOT Chibi. I have tried, it just refuses to work. I'll keep trying but I refuse to charge for that.

I do not want to do couple art. I will do two avatars not directly interacting (aka hugging kissing etc). So if you want two people in art, they better be having an epic duel.

If your avatar has Scene hair, that raccoon BS or a bump, seriously please don't message me. I won't draw it.

Things That I Like to Have

If your avatar is particularly complex I would love for you to have your equip list view-able. If you have a Tektek that would be significantly better.

You MUST send the trade before I will begin. I've had people spend the gold, promise to make it back then plan never to do so and not tell me.

Once the trade is sent I will not touch it until the art is done. I will provide you with a watermarked version. If everything is alright I will send the unwatermarked version once the next part of the trade has been sent.

Please save your own copy. I will keep the art posted but I may delete it in the future.

If you would like me to do an original picture AS MANY references as you possibly can would be great.

If you want a specific pose please tell me what you would like. and what expression

You get ONE Redo so tell me as best you can what you'd like changed. I will refuse the commission if it's still not working after that. I am a full time student with a job I can only spend so much time on a commission for Gaia.


Methkitty crap face I dunno the rest of it


Soft Shading - Click for full size.

User Image User Image User Image

Headshot- start at 100k
Bust - start 200k
Torso- Start at 300k
Full Body - starts at 500k

Cross Hatching- Click for full size.

User Image User Image User Image

Headshot- start at 100k
Bust - start 200k
Torso- Start at 300k
Full Body - starts at 500k

Lineless Artwork - Click for full size.

User Image User Image User Image
User Image User Image User Image

Headshot- start at 250k
Bust - start 350k
Torso- Start at 500k
Full Body - starts at 800k

These are rates for fully coloured. If your avatar is particularly complex I may charge you more so keep that in mind. If you want lineart only feel free to PM me and we can work out a price.

Also note that I am flexible with pricing to an extent, just PM me and we can work things out. I will likely use your piece as a sample, if you have any real issues with this, just let me know.

When you PM me be sure to include these specifications

Style: Lineart, Soft, Hatching, Lineless
Format: Headshot, Torso, Full Body
Tektek or Item list (If your avatar is complex)
Expression or Pose preferences if you have them.

Commission Slots

1. Open
2. Open

Wait list

1. N/A for now


I give out freebies from time to time.

They will be in the CB Forum and in the CB only and pretty well only on fridays. I have no specific time, you just have to get lucky (My rules are that I pick the avi I like best).

Thank you!

Thanks to Past and Future clients and thank you for choosing art from me!