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Teh Dai's Space
For RPC profiles and my rants n' raves.
My new Naruto-based Character
Kytori Idatis



Full Name: Kytori Dai Idatis
Known as – Kaitou Dai-sama
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Village(s): Grass (Home Village), Sound (Kidnappers), Sand (Second Home), Leaf (Current Home)
Bio: She was the prized Jinchuuriki of her village when she was 8; she was bathed in glory and trained by the best. Until the day the Sound invaded her village, stealing her and using an illusionary jutsu to seal off her memories. So basically she started over as a Sound ninja. When she was 12, The Sand and Sound fought a war, the devastation was unreal. Gaara, the KazeKage, rescued Kytori and preceded to name her Kaitou Dai, after the jutsu was released and she had forgotten who she was and what she had been doing for 12 years for the second time. Restarting over under the KazeKage’s guidance, Dai discovered her Kekkei Genkai, her Dougen eyes. While sparing with her sensei at age 17 she was knocked on the head and memories came flooding back to her. Gaara had to hold her down as she went into a violent frenzy of mixed emotions. After that she went into a recluse state and continued to train but half-heartedly. Gaara, thinking it would do her some good to go new places, sent her on a mission to the Konoha Village, sending word to Naruto and Sakura to help her. She is now 18 and living among the Konoha villagers, her emotions run deep and confuse her all the more as she learns more about Naruto’s Jinchuuriki, and possibly her own.

Personality: Often found in a cheerful manner, but can be spotted training hard with a look of hatred and discomfort on her face. She’d rather not be touched of become close to anyone but Gaara and his ally Naruto.

Appearance: She’s 5’8” and has short spiked deep golden hair (Same hair style as her Sensei), her eyes are yellow except for when they transform into Dougen, and then they become brilliant purple. She purposely puts on black eye makeup so that her eyes look like her Sensei’s as well. Her outfit is made up of fine silken cloth, died metallic purple. She wears a mask over half her face and a one armed tunic with a ¾ sleeve. She wear’s a tethered short skirt that allows her to move easily, along with black spandex ¾ shorts underneath it. Her accessories consist of one fish net on her ¾-sleeved arm, and a wrapped tight yellow bandage on her bare arm from knuckles to elbow. She wears her Sand village headband on her forehead and a necklace that holds a bit of her Sensei’s sand in a small gourd. She wear’s knee-high leather boots, with straps of purple and buttons of gold down the outsides. Her tunic pulls tightly to the shape of her body, with buckles of gold lining one side. The belt of her skirt holds golden buttons as well. Her hands are soft and unscarred; her nails have been painted gold to compliment the rest of her outfit. She sometimes wears a black hat that pushes her spiked hair down in front of her eyes a little bit and makes her look boyish. The hat has two golden eyes looking out the front as if an invisible face lay upon the cloth, its pupils containing rare stones she found out in the desert. Gaara told her to never let her hat be taken and to put it on when she needed a boost in strength.

Weapons: She never did use the normal weapons a ninja would use; she never used a Shuriken or a Kunai knife in her 18 years.
Hanbo – Staff; 3 foot in length that can be concealed as a cane. Can be used like a Bokken. May also conceal things inside, like a sword blade or a chain.
Kakute - The Kakute were rings that the kunoichi wore that were dipped in poison. The rings could be made out of metals, and tempered wood. The ninja would quietly strangle enemies with the ring stuck in their neck. It was far less messy then using a sword, and left very little evidence on how the victim died.
Neko-te - The Neko-te were usually used by the kunoichi. The weapon is strong iron fingernails that were fastened into leather bands fitted on the fingers, and resembled claws and were also dipped in poisons. The eyes were a favorite area to slash.

Kusuribin - She often carried a "medicine can" filled with antiseptics and ointments that she used to heal herself if she were cut or injured while on her mission. The Kusuribin was also used to carry poisons and antidotes.
Doka- a Doka is a small container for used to safely carry live coal. This device is used for lighting candles, fuses. It can also be used to warm their hands on cold nights.

Hijutsu - Hijutsu techniques are special techniques limited to those who either came from a clan or is the only person that can perform it. Bloodline limits are considered Hijutsu techniques.

Doujutsu - The eye performs Doujutsu techniques. It reads Genjutsu, Taijutsu, and Ninjutsu techniques and defeats them. People who perform Doujutsu techniques are usually geniuses.

Dougen – Black purple color to an abnormally small eye, with a star burst shape around the black pupil. This eye has several different techniques attached to it dealing with the circulatory system and the blood.

Dougen Ich – Stage one of the Dougen, redirects the blood flow through veins and arteries of human and animals alike. Can cause great pain and loss of a limb in only 10 seconds, but rarely causes death, due to the “Split second” command of the pulsing roll of the eye, it has a side affect against the Clan user who gets a headache from trying to control the blood all within only a 10 second time frame.

Dougen Ni– Causes victim great loss of blood through opening the pores all the way to the veins on the skin on random limbs. The eye has been said to “shake” rapidly as it sends “vibes” out to the blood to “suck” it from the very pores of the victim. Cannot be evaded, or dispelled.

Dougen GU – Vibration of the eye quickly causes a magnetic pull that only attracts the iron in the victim’s blood. Pulling the blood to the surface of the body, it’s quite similar to the Dougen Ni, only it can’t pull the blood from the body; it separates the plasma, O2 and other proteins, causing extreme loss of movement and energy.

Kinjutsu - Kinjutsu techniques are techniques illegal and outlawed by the Kages. Kinjutsu techniques are extremely strong and can cause huge damage. If the wrong person masters it; a whole village could be in severe jeopardy.

Amaterasu - Can burn anything in sight with black flame.

Kaitou Dai-sama
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