Well damnitt!

These days, you can't even bellow a blood-curling scream without it becoming someone else's business. 'Cause if you do, it automatically concerns everyone whom hears it, and if the scream is that loud, lots of people should be hearing.

This is a damned shame.

Because sometimes, what you really need is to scream. To let it all out. To release the demons with sound waves and vibrations. Let the world know that you're suffering-- but that you're handling the situation. That you don't let it build up.

I've had to find an alternative. Since I can't scream, others can scream for me! Make other people's screams my own! "But Mister," says the cynic. "How would you go about that?"

Well, I have this song, see. A pretty little orchestra tune I've arranged. it would be very pleasant if it weren't riddle with bomb explosions, babies crying, and screams. And THAT'S how I vent. That's how I scream to the world. A scream that people can enjoy!

Because things are so much easier to get away with when people enjoy it. Just ask Al Capone!