ugg im sooo boreddd!!!!!!! im waaay grounded to which sucks... and my friend from out of town came in yesterday and I cant hang wit her!! ahhhhhhhh!!!!!! so angryy!!! scream see? that is a pretty enraged face haha lol...........>:O also and agry face to the left....... watev... illl get over it.. i just needed to vent and btw to whoever reads this im sorry bout all the "..."s i just like them they help me transfer from one thought to the next hahah.. see.. now i could talk about bunnies (which no offfense to bunny lovers out there im not that fond of) and btw im talkin bout the animal not the playboy ones u pervs! haha jk i doubt anyone will read this anyway but im boredd enough to keep writing.. O! and btw i kno bored isnt spelled wit 2 "d"s... just sayin.. ok well i think im doneeeee
heart ya!
Lumina Shadow