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I'm going to rant now.
I can't stant people. Seriously. I recently was browsing Youtube, and I saw some Furry stuff. Not porn, of couse, just some music video with a Gorillaz song and a pair of lizzard...girl...things dancing. I looked at the coments, some were just n00bish while I also saw some "YIFF IN HELL FURFAGS" comments.
That's what gets me.
Y'see, I have no ******** idea why people do go all out against furries. I consider myself to be a somewhat moderate furry, like, I don't own a set of cat ears or anything(though I wish I did), but I'm still highly offended by what these asswads write. What did furries ever do to you?
We don't sacrifice people to some obscene god, we don't ******** animals contrairy to popular belief, some have the Fur fandom as a fetish, but a lot of us don't. We're not all gay, I for one am straight, and plus, being gay isn't a sin at all. Like the creator of the universe really cares if you like the same gender. I mean, I'm an aethist, but if a god CREATED us, then he obviously made some of us GAY, and really doesn't mind if we have a partner the same gender as us.
Now, back to the furry thing.
When people are like "It's a fetish, it will always be a fetish, you guys are all sick gay animal ******** and I want you to burn in hell" is going just a TAD far. I can understand not LIKING furries, but saying stuff like that is over the top. It ISN'T a fetish. On the internet, it's like an Origional Charicter chatplay with fur, feathers, and scales. And Furry conventions, it's like COSPLAYING as those charicters. The ones who take it far enough to actually have sex in the costumes I admit problably are a bit off, but they don't wear the costume 24-7 after that. And I bet if you ask one hundred furries, only a handfull will say that they've done the 'fetish' part of the FF. For the art, well, it's ART. I've gone to art museums and I've seen stuff MUCH more obscene than stuff I've stumbled accross on deviantart. So they've added fur and a tail. Big deal.
Seriously people. Stop the hating.

and any asswipe that tries to argue that I'm a horrible person and should burn for my lies... then listen closely...

******** in purgatory, hairfag.

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