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Jess's Web Blob

Listenin' to: Fort Minor, Believe Me
Watching: tv
Eating: nothing ;;

mrgreen Eeeee! I had my formal on thursday~!
Lookie look look at my prettyful dress! ...Well it's not mine, I stoles it from my sista =P BUT the shoes are mine!!! Even though you can't see them...they ish silver...and they ish high heels...very high heels...they hurted my feet when I was dancing... ;___; But then I tooks them off and my feet didnt hurts no mores so it was all goods 3nodding

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Oh and we mustn't forget my $75 hair-do!!! Isn't it smexy? whee


Listenin' to: Savage Garden, I Don't Care
Watching: nadda
Eating: Porridge <3

BLARGHARAGH! I HATE WOOLWORTHS!!! I'm NEVER shopping from there again!!!! Well I don't care!!! I'm too good for them anyway! ....Bastards crying

Ahem, on a more happier note, it's my mummy's birthday today! I gots her some prettyful jewlery! ^^ It's also my friends birthday too! yay! =P

My graduation is tomorrow night...


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Listenin' to: The Bloodhound Gang, Foxtrot Uniform
Watching: Scrapped Princess
Eating: food

Today I went for an interview for a job...well it wasn't really what you would call an interview, it was more like a group interview type thing...cept we didnt get interviewed...if you know what I mean.. o.o; But yeah, basically we just got told about the positions vacant and what was required then did two group activities. The first one was that we were given like 5 minutes to get to know the person next to us, then we were to introduce them to the group. The next group activity, we were put in groups of 6 and given a scenario. We had to work out a strategy of what to do...Thank god there was no right or wrong answer!!!
I -REALLY- want the job...I hope I get it!!! They said we would be informed by friday...the suspense is KILLING ME!!!!!!!!11 gonk
I wanna be a check out chick damnit!!! blaugh

~ONLY 2 and a half days of school left! whee


Listenin' to: Marilyn Manson, You Spin Me Right Round
Watching: GTO
Eating: food

I went to the Kelly Clarkson concert last night!!!!!!! whee She was so fantastically great!!!! She even quickly changed into the dress that she sings in her video clip Behind These Hazel Eyes! I heart that dress!!!! x3 Me and my friends had standing tickets, and we got there early so we could get good spots! Which we did! We were like 5 metres away from her!!!

There was a back up band on before kelly, the Rouge Traders...they were kinda *ahem* sucky. I screamed out at them, and I sounded like a dying cow! Lol, it was from her singing!! The singer looked at me weirdly xD
It was kinda funny, coz the first song they did, everyone knew and was singing along, then the next few songs, everyone was dead quiet! Lol no one knew there other songs! blaugh

But yeah, it was so coooooool! Kelly has a new fan! blaugh

7 days.....

Until school ends! blaugh

User Image
Me ish the scank in the middle xp

My tummy hurts. I ate too much. gonk

It begins... gonk AGGGH! MY EYES!!!!!!

Listenin' to: NIN, Only
Watching: the screen
Eating: my pencil lol...jokes >.> <.<

Well well wells, Jess has decided to keep a weblog type..thing... *gasp*
Don't know how long it'll last though, I'm pretty lazy blaugh

Who am I? Where did I come from? How did I get here? Why is the rum gone?
I want answers...NOW.

Uhm...Anyhoo, it's friday! w00t! And you know what that means?! Yes, that's right! Study time!!! Lol, no I'm not -that- much of a nerd. Though I really do need to finish heaps of assignments which are due in next week, seeing as next week is the last week of assessment, coz I'm in year 10! biggrin So the next 2 weeks after that will be bludging, coz we get off school in 15 days!! And only 19 days until the formal!!!!!!!! EEEEE! I'm so excited! whee I'm getting my hair done, new shoes, and I get to buy some new jewelery *love* because I didnt buy my dress, I'm lending my sisters. I'm actually glad that I didnt have to go around dress shopping, because it would've taken so long *fussyness*. And plus, it's only year 10. Some girls have bought really expensive dresses. Which is pretty stupid. I mean sure, for year 12, but year 10? Stupid rich bitches...

Hm...well I don't have that much to talk about, except school...today, I set the fire alarm off... redface Well not really, but beause in woodwork I was using that plytool thing-a-majig, you know that you can burn designs and stuff into the wood? Yeah well the teacher thought I set the fire alarm off! And he was trying to place the blame on me! When we were walking to the oval, he was walking behind talking to some girls in my class and was like if anyone asks, Jess set off the alarm! Lol, but anyway, after having to wait on the oval for the whooooole school to come out of the building, then fuss over what happened, we eventually went back to class. And the cause of the fire alarm, was in fact, a moth.

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Anyway...I'm hungry.

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Good day and goodnight. mrgreen

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