ive been thinking about this website again ^^ i might become active after 15 days when im back from vegas for band (wow in two years i became this loser with one BEST friend on the trip to everyone loveing me in the band) make me want to cry tears of happiness of somesort :3 so much s**t and drama and friends fighting, friends makeing up, atleast 5 exs now (they all piss me off expect one....kaden....) anyways sweatdrop but yeah boy two years ago i had a massive crush on someone i wouldnt have a chance with?! xp shoot me now! there again that one got replace with kaden and well after him sweatdrop lets just say i cant date/ stand younger guys...and the guys that i do crush on are waaaaaay out of my league ._. in a way to me this is like my own little blog just like in the manga here i am :3 thats way to cute i wish i had someone that looked out for me and has been watching me from a distance but i doubt thatll ever happen again, love aways ******** me over in the end anyways