Sketchy Begginings ~

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Elloz!!=^.^= I am Ninason Nimison's sister,she is older than me soo she is my role model biggrin .A few weeks ago,she made the sketch of The_puppy_prince and thats when I asked her to teach me and help me be as good as her.She never lets me down she is the only one I talk personal to.I tell her everything and well this shop we can start together is us bonding of what we like to do which is art!~Usually I don't get into stuff and I know the picture is weird but it was based on a dream my sister had,she has SO many dreams she tells me them all the time like little stories!So my sister and I are just sketchers and artistic people but she taught me how to draw anime,I LOVED IT EVER SINCE!And Nimison if you are reading this I love you sis sometimes you can be a dumbass I can too, I admit but you're always number 1~!!