Okay, due to the lack of updates, everyone who took the time to read all this will be disappointed because I stopped it so suddenly... And though that are probably only a few people, I hate disappointing them. So here what happened to the things I wrote about.
Remember the exams? ^^ Yea, i passed. I never really confirmed that... I now started working as a Tax-Consultor's-Assisstant (which is written in my profile as well)
-My sister
******** her, she has never been my real sister anyway. For me, she is dead. And i dont wanna talk about her ever again.
-My friend
oh well << if i write now "******** her" as well, you'll think I am loosing all my reallife friends now. But i'm not. She treated me really bad, and she did NOT get what she deserves (right now she's probably quite happy -.-). We still talk, but i broke the addiction i had (she used to use me a lot, you know ^^ she always did). I owe that success in my life to someone i got to know on Gaia... If you read this: you know who you are wink thank you...
The bad friendship/relationship still has long-term-effects... I have problems in trusting people now. I mean it. It's not acting emo or something, I cant help it
Yes << *cough* i got to know interesting forms of "roleplaying" lately >>
Let's say my situation concerning a love-relationship is not clear yet << Something is evolving, but it is not clear whether it will last long, last good, or even finish evolving before it dies. But i will just enjoy the moment
Nightwish sucks now... kidding, it's still awesome
-My Game
After a long break, i decided to continue the game. It still lives and ranks 13th of the most played games of this Genre in Europe (11th in East US ^^)... thats really good because there are a hell lot games of this genre out there... I'm proud.
-New Friends on Gaia
I made many very good new friends on Gaia. There are for example Brooke and Tsu (who i got to know because of Vim), then Elfsiren who i met while playing zOMG (and never thought we would build up such a good friendship... dont get me wrong, I'm happy about it). In addition to that, I will meet Sweetkitty25 in reallife soon. I am really looking forward to that because she is a very interesting person as well, but somehow i never got the chance to get to know her very well ._." I hope this will change after.

And... thats it again << Yea... I didnt sleep tonight so I'm quite tired -.- but well... I'll take a shower now. See you around.