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Love or hate? Heaven or hell? Good or bad? Right or wrong?
Blood Lust of the Wounded Immortal Knight
Heavy breathing is heard in the distance. A young girl who is 12 treks through the deep snow. Searching for what could be making the breathing. Her ears bring her to a young boy. About the age of 16. She takes off her jacket and gently wraps it around the wounded boy. “Are…. Are you OK? You look hurt.” The sweet gentle smile of the little girl hypnotises the boy. “I-I-I’m not sure.” He tries to sit up, but a sharp pain rushes through his body. Causing him to fall back onto the snow covered ground. “Ah! Maybe I’m not the greatest at the moment.” His eyes look into hers, suddenly moving to her bare neck. Seeing her pulse. Shaking his head, he looks for something to say. “What is your name?” She sits down next to him. Then, she says, “My name is Mizuki Kimura. What is yours?” A gentle smile comes to his face. “My name is Juro Ikeda. You are such a sweet girl… Mizuki.”

Juro sits up not caring about the pain. “Tell me Mizuki… Do you believe in vampires?” He looks into her eyes looking for a serious answer. She shakes her head. Shivering slightly. “No, I don’t. Why do you ask?” Smirking, he moves himself closer to her. Wrapping an arm around her gently. “Oh, you don’t? Are you sure?” Two fangs can be seen from under his lips as he looks at her. He then brings his lips to her neck. Her eyes widening as she pulls back. “Excuse me Juro, wh-what are you doing?” Lifting his lips up, he bares his teeth more. Lusting for blood. Not wanting to hurt her or scare her too much. Everyone knew that the blood tasted better when fear was put into the person. Lowering his lips, he hides his teeth and brings the fearful Mizuki close to his body. Tears slide down her face slightly. “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to scare you.” He brushes his fingers through her soft black hair. As black as night when seen in the snow.

The girl shivers more. Juro puts her jacket around her. “You need this more than I do. I am cold blooded. I am a… Vampire. But please! Don’t be startled.” She just stares at him, her body filled with fear. Her pulse raging. “I… I… I don’t know what to say Juro, I was not expecting this.” Still she shakes with fear.

Laying Mizuki on the cold snow, he puts his body over hers. Bringing his teeth close to her neck. “I have to do this Mizuki. I am sorry if you do not want this. But, I have to.” He brings his hand to her cheek rubbing it gently. Then bites her on the neck. Tears rush down her face as she cries in pain. “J-J-Juro! It hurts so much! Please stop!” She squirms and tries to get away. But, she is unsuccessful.

Once Juro has had enough of her blood, he departs from her neck, and lifts her up and holds her tightly close to his body. “Shh… Sweet Mizuki. It’s OK” He rubs the back of her head. Trying everything possible to settle her down. Her tears soak through his clothing. Laying her head on his chest still crying, she says, “I-i-it hurt so much. I feel so dizzy right now. Colder than ever. I feel like I am going to faint. I-i-i-i-is this normal?” She curls up into a ball and moves closer to his body. Nodding his head, he says, “Yes sweet heart, it is normal. It’s just because you are not used to it, and I did drink quite a bit of your blood.”

Juro lifts the weak cold girl in his arms and carries her to the nearest house. An abandoned old shack. Warped wood surrounds the building covered with moss and dirt. Juro opens the door placing Mizuki on a nearby chair. Run down, yes. But still livable and stable for people to be in. On the inside, there is a table with a few chairs, a fireplace, and a bed that was broken down the center.

Lighting a fire for the weak Mizuki, Juro starts to search around the small house. Looking for anything to make a little bed on the floor for the girl. He finds pillows and blankets in a dusty closet. Placing them on the floor near the fire. Putting Mizuki under the blankets. “Here, go under the covers. If you keep yourself warm, you will feel less dizzy.” He passionately kisses her on the cheek.

Slowly, he lays down next to her, keeping her close to his body. “Everything will be OK Mizuki. You’ll feel normal by tomorrow just close your eyes and sleep.” Multiple times, he kisses her on the head. Taking her hand in his and rubbing the top of it gently. Caressing her body with his. He hums a sweet gentle tune that his mother sang to him when he was sad. An old vampire tune. Sung by the first pureblood ever to exist. A gentle melodic song.

Slowly, she falls asleep. Juro brushes his lips against her neck gently. Wanting more of her blood, but realizing how traumatized she is right now. He holds back, and just kisses it. Hearing her slightly giggle in her sleep. He smiles, and starts to feel slightly tired. Closing his eyes, he sleeps still holding Mizuki in his arms ever so close. Her feeling more than just a blood supply for him, but a friend, possibly more than that. At this point, he did not care. He just wants to be with her all of her life. And, if she wanted to become a vampire, be with her forever and always.
The End... Sort of.

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