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Arocka's creazzy stories
I love to write sceary, funny, wired, out of this world stories.. So I gona make some up in my journal.. hope you will like them..
"How sad, to bad..." The dark twisted voice of the girl hissed. She stood before me. Long black hair, all the way to the waist. Her eyes where blood red and glowed deeply in the shadows of this night. Her skin, rippled and teared, pail and dead. Her hands, powerfull and strong, over splattered with blood, dripping down like a cloud filled with rain. Her sharp fang like teeth glimted every time she opened her foul smelling mouth. The smell of rotten meat and blood mixed around me. She was wearing a long cloak, resting down upon the floor, covering her, ecept her face. The hood hang losely over her head, and a long strip of hair hang out. Had she been standing in her fullhight, she would probaly had been around 7 - 8 feet in hight. But she was leaning a bit thorwarths me, her evil grin in my face. I stared into the deadly eyes, so cold, so evil. This girl had no soul! Then the laugther came, so lovingly, so playfull. Like a small child playing around it ekkoed though my head. I was scared.. So scared. But that was what she wanted. With a deep mean crucket smile she raised her self alitle. I should run away. The ally way she had pulled me up in was dark and empty, it would be an easy task to run past her. But I couldn't.. I couldn't. Fear, comsuming me more and more for every second. It felt like a spider creating a thick weap around me, making sure I would go no where. Even though it was painfull, I looked back at her. She smiled, that smile.. I wanted to cry, how come this had gone this far?

"Emil, Emiiillll!" I heard her call. She was running thorwarths me with a wide smile. I just smiled back.
"Whats the matter Ixen?" I asked trying to sound friendly. The girl before me, tall, light haired. Blue - grey friendly eyes. She was wearing a dark hoddie and a pair of black jeans, the madalion around her neck. Her shoes, probaly some she had found at a used military market.. Or something. The black finger gloves. Well, she wasn't like any one else. Even though of her wierdness, I admired her. She was much stronger than any of the others in the class, and would beat many of the boys almost every thing. Then, she had this opsesion with some sort of monster.. Thing. I never lissened to what it was. I knew she liked to be around me. But I made me feel ambarased over I couldn't return her friendlyness. In a way, I just wanted to be with her too, but I couldn't. I smiled friendly to her eager face.
"Nothing is the matter." She said, looking like she was going to start bouncing around.
"I just wanted to tell you, that I finally found that song you wanted me to hear, and I got to say, it really rocks!" Her face, so sweet.. I liked her, I truely did. But I didn't want to like her. It would be so much easyer to just hate... Hate..

Hate.. The nights brese was icy cold and burned at its touch.
"Ixen.. I-I'm sorry." I wispered, my voice filled with fear. I still reconiced her. She looked alot like she used to, but then, she looked nothing like she used to.
"OH! So you even remember my name?" She roared at me.
"And you do remember what you did? But a sorry isn't enough! FAR FROM ENOUGH!" She cried. Her hair started to play around her wildly and her red eyes glowed more heavely than before.
"I'M SORRY!" I screamed in fear, curling up underneath my self to sheild my self from her fury.
"Oh.. Sure.." She hissed and kneled down. She looked like an animal, ready to leap at me, and bite my neck off.
"You, over any people.. YOU!" Her eyes narrowed and I feared they where eating my soul up. It was pain full.. So painfull.

"LOOSER!" He boy next to me laughed. I laughed to.
"Hay, what about your monster buddies, why aren't they coming? You said today they where real, didn't you?" I said with a laugh, not knowing what I was saying, or what I was duing. It was lunch breake, and earlyer today in class. Ixen had stood up and agruet with the teacher in religion class. The argument had something to do with how the demons role in the world was.
"I'M TELLING YOU! THEY are only inside your head dear. Monsters does not exist. You are to old to believe in such noncense." Miss Grabia said, our teacher. Ixen rose from her seat.
"And how do you know? Have you perhaps seen them? Have YOU been the one to stand by watching them when they go hunting?" She asked, her eyes dark and mean. It was the first time I had seen her like this. Her friendly face had a dark frown upon it. In a way it hurted, in an other way.. It didn't.
"They are real, and they are here to protect me. Why don't you believe me?" She asked, sounding a bit sad.
"Ofcourse because its childs tails Ixen, you are to old for something like that.. Leave your fantasy friends at home, AND sit down, you have detention for interrupting class. Now shut it." Miss Grabia said dertermed.
"BUT!" Ixen began, but Miss Grabia gave her an angry eye, and Ixen sat down with a heavy thumf.
Now where where standing there.
"Where are your protectors?" Some one behind me asked sounding mean. Ixen layed infront of us, blood was floading down her head from a rock some one that thrown at her. We stood behind the school no one would find out. Her face was filled with fear and sorrow, but I ignored it. Allthough, I felt horrible. Why was I duing this? WHY? She was shivering. I should have known. She rose weakly, stumbeling her way up and stood before us.
"Emil.. Why are you duing this?" She wispered. I knew why she asked me, but I simply turned my head and walked away. I knew she was standing there, getting mugged by the others. In pain and alone. But I could do nothing.
Later that day, when school was over, I found one of the boys who had been there yo make fun of Ixen.
"Have you seen Ixen?" I asked him quickly.
"Why? Is she your friend?" He asked and looked stubitly at me. I shook quickly my head.
"No way! I just wanted to know, because I was thinking of pulling her bike up in the flag pole." I said, trying to sound cool.
"I would be best if she wasn't there when we did it." I said dertermed, but feeling terrorible inside. The boy laughed.
"Go ask Geo, he knows.." He said and turned away. I quickly found Geo. He was the school mugger, always picking on some one, but also the one that knew where every one was. I smiled as I walked over to him.
"Have you seen Ixen?" I asked him, sounding dertermed. He nooded.
"Ya, she ran off shortly after you left, I think she went home. But seriously, does that dumb b***h actually believe that there exists monsters?" He asked and looked down at me. I felt uncomfatable, first of all, I had destroyed Ixen forever, she would never forgive me.. And second, Geo towered over me. He was tall, extreamly tall, and powerfull builded. I didn't want to end up as a pancake.
"Er, I duno.. But thats, I owe you.. see ya." I said friendly to him and walked away. Then, when I was sure the coast was clear I ran. I ran all I could to Ixens home. The blue blinks shined over the area and I could see them from all the way over on the other street. I speeded up. As I arrived at the road Ixen lived on, I could see her, two doctors where helping her out of the house, a blanket around her, her parents standing with tearfull eyes behind her. As I ran up and looked over at her. She looked at me meanly. But she quickly turned her head. And I saw it. The red marks around her neck. She had tried to hang her self. A police man walked up to me.
"What are you duing here? I will have to ask you to leave. Now Please." He said and blocked my veiw of Ixen.
"Ixen, my friend.................."

My friend.... My friend.... What had I done? I knew why she couldn't accpet my sorry. Because no wether how sorry I was, it wasn't enough. With a swift movement she stook off the cloak and rose to her full hight and looked down at me. Her dark outfit sat tightly to her strongly builded body.
"Emil.. Emil.. Can't you see what you have done?" She asked and shook lightly on her head. I knew what I had done, but I didn't know how to say it. I destroyed her, she killed her self because of me. Shortly after arriving upon a mental hospital I was the reason for she ended up in. She drowned her self. I turned her into a monster.
"Please forgive me Ixen.. You don't understand!" I cried. She tilted her head.
"I don't? Well, let me tell you what happened. I've always known that you liked me, but fear of getting beated up like I did, and the fear of not being cool had gone to your mind. So you did the one thing you shouldn't. You joined them.. YOU JOINED THEM!" She screamed. Tears where running down her cheeks. But they where not water.. No, they where made of blood!
"I shouldn't had! I know I shouldn't! It was just so easy.. Please forgive me.. Ixen.. Please." I cried in fear. She stared at me with digust. I knew it. I was over.. I took her life from her. Now, she was going to take mine. But she closed her eyes gently. The red tears stopped. Then, to my amasement, she reached out her hand.. I didn't know what to do. But I carefully placed my hand in hers.
"You still don't understand." She wispered and pulled me up. A cracking sound came from her back, then, two mighty bat like wings rose from her back and extended out. I wanted to scream, run away. She tilted her head again.
"I will see you on the other side." She wispered. I stared at her with a confused look upon my face. What other side? Then, her eyes flashed deeply. It felt like I had been thrown out over a cliff. Falling, falling.. Falling..

Sooo coold, soo cold. I was shivering deeply as I opened my eyes. I was laying on a cold rock surface. Gently I pushed my self up to my feet and looked around. At first I could see nothing, then, almost as if the darkness parted for me, I saw a gaint castle in fornt of me. Its twisted turns and high towers looked alive with its many gargoyls and skulptures. I glanced around trying to find out where I was.
"My queen would like to see you." The voice was soft, and almost like a small child. With a deep sight I turned around. I wasn't schooked at the sudden voice. It was almost as if I had been waiting for it. As I looked behind me, I saw nothing, then the darkness parted again and a small girl walked out. Her eyes where covered with a fold, and her dress was ripped and filled with blood stains. Long curly white hair roamed down around her shoulders, and her bare feet where turned thowarths each other.
"Come with me." She said in a dertermed voice and walked past me. I followed her, not wanting to say anything.

"Emmmiiiillll.." I heard Ixens voice giggle as she peeked around the tree. We where five years old, playing hide and go seek. I had hidden up in a tree, and was looking down at her.
"There you are!" She called and looked up. I'll never forget that smile. I jumped down, which amased her deeply.
"Uhh, how do you do that?" She asked with a happy voice.
"I just jump." I told her friendly.
"The doctor says I can't jump." Ixen said sadly. She had been to the doctor with her angle, that had been soar for some time. And he had then apparently told her allkind of things. I didn't believe her. There was something else.

Something else... The small girl lead me up the stairs to the main door. Then she turned.
"I will let you in. But I can go no father, she dosn't let me. You'll find her no problem." She girl said with a nood. Then she stepped back behind me and watched me enter the door.

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