You know, I have a serious problem with writing in this Journal at least once a week. mad it's not that I have nothing to write, it's that once I get on Gaia all I want to do is post in my guilds, play games, do puzzles, shop and yap with friends. I am a terrible Gaia freak. I will try to be more diligent in writing, not only here, but to my friends. I think I have been a little neglectful of them lately. I realized that tonight when I was reading past posts, pm's and friends journals. As much time as I spend on here I could be a little more courteous.
I loved Halloween on Gaia. So much to do! There were costume parties, anonymous gifting, (I particularly liked that) a "family" dressup as firefighters, trick or treating in the towns as well as in a guild forum. It was wonderful. But even with all the fun I was having I missed my friends. I didn't ignore them on purpose. I would just get involved in playing and shopping and the next thing I knew it was time for bed. I did make a new friend though. (Well, I actually made friends with my giftee too.) She was my secret pumpkinhead giver. I got spoiled by her. And I think I spoiled my assigned name too. It was so much fun, particularly thinking up the clues to give and searching for my giver with her clues. I got so into it I even became a giver to others. There were a few "anonymous" givers as well as pumpkinhead pretenders. All in all a good time was had by everyone.
And in my "Family" there is always something to keep us busy. CD is great at thinking up fun things to do, even if it's just a new poll. It's nice to see how everyone thinks. It's funny, even if you don't message other family members, you miss them when they aren't posting for whatever reason. And then when they start again you are genuinely glad to see them back.
Oh well, I promise to try to add to my journal at least once a week. But it is now 4:06 a.m and I am tired. So goodnight all and have a good day (or night, as the case may be.) And since it is Sunday/Monday have a great week.