Chapter I "Mansion Of Hell"

The doors groaned and made a loud thud when she opened the mansion's doors. She stared at the strange drawings and markings on the door. She looked closer and it revealed a drawing of a place. She dusted the door for a better view and immediatly knew what the drawing was showing. It was showing a drawing of hell, including some ghouls that looked frightened as they all stared at the most horrid demon king, the devil.

The princess stepped back shaking with fear. This mansion.. these doors... and the drawings of hell.. what do they all mean? She had to find answers. She walked outside of the mansion to see if anyone lived around the area. But the land was dead silent and the trees rustled quietly with the ominous wind. Scared the princess rushed back into the mansion and closed the doors. But when she turned around everything changed. The lights were on and it revealed beautiful furniture made of gold and silver. It was like someone had done all this just now.

Still weary and cautious, she tiptoed to the dining hall. To her surprise the table was already set with delicious food still warm. This was even stranger than anything else the princess had been through today. Well.. she was hungry so she sat down on one of the fine chairs. Just when she was about to take a nice big red apple, a hand grabbed her shoulder.

To Be Continued...