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Character profiles
Story: A Cat’s Smile

Name: Zosma

Gender: female

Race: Vampire

Age: appears around twenty-three, real age unknown

Birth date: October tenth

Blood Type: VV (vampire type one)

Height: 5’6

Weight: 130-ish. Most of its muscle though.


Color: Black/brown, with electric blue under layers, and a white streak on her bangs. (old style- light brown-blond)

Length: short, goes to her chin about. (old style- long, to about her waist when down)

Style: spiked at the end, with some stray hair at times. (old style- usually tied up in two loops on either side of her head with black ribbons)

Accessories: sometimes she has a small, heart shaped pin, pink, that’s a transmitter.

Type: straight


Shape: sort of squared, but slightly rounded on the edges.

Color: black


Color: An almost olive colored tan

Birthmarks: a really big freckle on the back of her left knee

Freckles: Yes, across her cheeks, arms, and legs.

Scars: countless scars, burn marks, and strange marking cover her arms, legs, stomach. She covers them with her outfits usually, or a special make up substance

Tattoos: She has ‘shifter’ tattoos on the back of her hands, and across the left side of her face. They are simply just tattoos that move around & change color, depending on her mood. Usually, they look like swirls or snakes, and are black and silver. When, she’s rarely happy or joyous, they can turn a slightly pink tinged color. When she’s deeply in love, or embarrassed, they turn bright pink, and sometimes flow to shape hearts.
She also has a small, purple star tattoo under her right eye.


~Outfit one: Quoted from story
"A pair of white pants that were tight was under a weird, baggy looking pants thing that were tied around her ankle and missing the middle parts. They looked partly like genie pants but they weren’t transparent at all, but rather were a shiny black color that reflected light and shone different colors. A tight top of the same material covered her stomach and chest. They were attached to white flowing sleeves with slits at her shoulder and matched her several rings and bracelets she was bearing."
three (the left outfit)


Face shape: Long, well defined but with hints of youth in it. She has a long, perfect nose, and her smile can be crooked.


Mood: To anyone besides Peacock, she's very distant and cool. She has developed trust issues with others, and tends to like to be alone more often. Though to Peacock, she's a bit more open, and willing to show some feelings around him.

Relation to others: People don't usually like her paranoid behavior, and avoid her. The ones she stays with have learned to deal with her.

Status: Master hacker and 'royalty' to the underground world.

Sexuality: straight

Beliefs: no religion.

Superstitious: very

Psychological condition: If she were to actually go seek medical help, and they looked at her warped, corrupted mind, she'd immediately be hospitalized.

Negative attributes: paranoia, quick to judge, untrusting, cold

Positive attributes: quiet, sometimes sweet, and she can make anyone laugh if she tries.

~~Possessions/ thoughts~~

Likes: chocolate, soft music, the 1800's, safety

Hates: Cheshire, her life, the government, almost everyone.

Favorite food: Blood wine with chocolate syrup.

Prized possession: what's left of her family, and her mother's old locket.

Fears: death, pain, more testing...

Goals: to forever escape Cheshire, and keep anyone she cares for from them


Vernacular: she has a slight olden accent, but she's learned to speak without it. It shows through when she becomes frightened only.

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