Just as her father signed a peace treaty with a rivaled nation, his soldiers rode out to war against the rival nation, their Commanders having not been updated on the current status. Once the king had received word that the troops had been sent to war, it was too late; the enemies were in sight, and the war had nearly begun. He sent the only one he could trust to deliver the news of the treaty to the Commander before the war could begin, he sent the greatest messenger in his kingdom... his daughter. She arrived to see the troops clashing in battle, and the Commander sending forth brigade upon brigade to fight. Her only hope to prevent further bloodshed was to warn the Commander immediately. As she ran through the crowds of soldiers towards the Commander, the enemy forces made a sudden push forward and crushed half of their army in what seemed like seconds. Though she knew it was too late to stop the battle, she hurried to the Commander who fought alongside his soldiers as the enemy approached. Just seconds before she reached the Commander, a jolt of pain shot through her arm, she heard herself scream at ear-piercing volume. She looked to see a bloodthirsty warrior tearing the axe from her arm and aiming higher, aiming for her heart.
She awakes on the battlefield, staring over thousands of horrifying, decaying corpses scattered upon the bloodstained hill. She recognizes the Commander's pale, terrified face. His eyes are open; he glances fearfully around the shredded battlefield, seeing no signs of life aside from his own which fades rapidly. She kneels before him and attempts to put pressure on the gash in his stomach. Her hands slip through and she feels the damp ground beneath him. She feels his heartbeat slow, his breathing come to a steady halt. He closes his eyes and seemingly floats up from his bloodied corpse. Shocked, he sees the innocent Princess standing beside him. A tear falls from her eye as they turn to see thousands of spirits begin fighting again in the mangled battlefield. The spirits of the fallen are doomed to repeat their last moments in life again and again, and a Fearful Warrior has reluctantly joined the fight.

By Zitchil
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