a. Name: Marcus Dragomir

b. Gender: Male

c. Age: 439 but appears to be 22

d. Physical Heath:

e. Appearance: He's is tall (about 6'2) with pale skin. His long black hair trails down his back, just past his waist. In his human guise he has gray eyes, but when he vamps out, they become red. He tends to dress in Victoria style clothing, or when on duty is usually dressed in medical scrubs

f. Intelligence: Marcus is extremely intelligent and has several medical degrees.

g. Diet: Blood

h. Family Origins: His father is from Romania and his mother is from England. He was born in Romania but he spent most of his childhood in England.

i. Character History: Marcus was the first born child of a powerful (and very mad) vampire and his fledgling/servant. He was a quiet and studious child, keeping only to himself. Soon his parents had other children, a brother named Jeremy and a little sister named Gabrielle. Marcus found this a relief as it took attention off of himself.

Marcus was mentor to both his siblings but had a special fondness for his little sister. She practically had him wrapped around her finger. He was also unofficially put in charge of his younger brother Jeremy, who was know to get himself in all sorts of mischief. As Marcus grew older, he decided to not partake of his family legacy, serving the Hellsing Organization and opted to try and live his life as a human. He went back to Italy and started a modest life there, taking up study in medical training. He was still close to his parents. His mother visited him at least once a month.

His life was fairly normal and uneventful, that is until the eve of his 22nd birthday. His mother, showed up at his doorstep, nearly mad with grief. His father had been locked away by the head of the Hellsing Organization and his little sister had been murdered by vampire hunters. Consumed by anger, Marcus, and he came to a decision. He would embrace his family legacy. He joined the ranks of Hellsing so he would have access to the resources to track down the vampire hunters. It took 2 years for him to covertly find and kill the vampire hunters. After that Marcus parted ways with his family, and went into a self-imposed exile. He took up residence in England and began a private medical practice

j. Friends and Social Life: Marcus includes among his friends a Ghoul named Ickus and of course his younger brother Jeremy. For the most part he's fairly antisocial.

k. Character Personality: For the most part Marcus is very prim, proper and formal, usually reacting to most people with an icy coolness. He is hard to anger, but God help anyone who ends up incurring his wrath.

l. Main areas of Strength: Marcus is very intelligent and hard to anger. He seems to have infinite patience.

m. Main areas of Weakness: Marcus has a bad temper. It usually takes a while to get him angry, but when he gets there he becomes violent and his anger brings out a sadistic streak. Marcus also has a bit of a God Complex, which a lot of doctors develop. He usually thinks that he always knows what's right.

n. Occupation and Income: Marcus is a Doctor so he has a fair amount of money

o. . Any other Distinctive Attributes: Due to his vampiric nature, he can shape shift.
Shapes he can take: Mist, rat, raven and panther.

p. Words that describe the character: Cold, strong, angry, withdrawn, God complex