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Mighty Princess Sakura
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What is with things today?
I just love it that, now days, kids as young as 7 and 10 are able to tell you what sex is and what positions are. I mean really, isn’t it great?! You no longer have to tell your teens what it is and how to protect themselves. No, the media and schools are doing that for us now. Oh, and you can’t forget all those TV shows that everyone has sex, and never have a STD or ever get pregnant! That is reality now! There is no way for people to get this stuff when they have intercourse, so, why should we tell them about it? They learn it all from TV and others around them, right? And besides it is an uncomfortable conversation. Why put yourself through that unnecessarily? HOW CAN WE THINK THIS WAY??? What has happened that we can’t set our young down and say “look, television is not giving you the whole truth about having sex. It is not just something you do for fun or with just anyone you meet. It is a connection between yourself and the one you are married to, the person you love and wish to spend the rest of your life with. Also, they don’t show you all the risk of having sex with just anyone out there. There are STDs, the chance of getting pregnant, and, later, when you’re married you will have to carry the burdened of not having saved yourself for that person. You will never be able to go back and change it! You will always have to live with your chooses.” Why can we not tell our next generation that? What is so uncomfortable that we can’t bare it to bring them back on a path that is right? Why do people lack the strength and why does our media keep going against what we tell them when we get the courage? Why DOES sex sell so much? Can people tell us this? Can our government tell us why they let this stuff on our TVs at home? Yeah, we can block it and do, but why is it so bad that we can’t even turn the news on without having to shut the TV off or turn the channel when the commercials comes on? It sells! Right? SEX SELLS! So, why not keep it on? Why should we care, right? And anyway, what can just one person do? One person can…Save the world (Jesus), start a war and kill thousands, millions (Hitler)! One person can do a LOT! All it takes is one voice! So…make it LOUD!!

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