News from hunter Athenas

Welcome to the first edition of my updates and is happy to announce that i will be creating a new manga, however it's different from the usual action and comedy type of mangas I usually make. It's called true hearts-shattered memories and yea it's a romantic comedy with action type of manga, some character will be posted in the next issues as well as questions from my viewer, so if there's any questions just pm them to me and if lucky 5 will be posted in the next issue with the answers... Now on other matters...

Ive been gone from Gaia for almost half o the year and it's due for me being in college but now since I graduated, I'm back on Gaia to start on this manga with my partner Nicole who is my respectful fellow artist who's co star is the new gf to my main character hunter, with theses two there no what will happen as fates cross each other and many test will see if they can trust each other. Plus hunters past will be revealed as many question his origin of his powers, past love and family, if he has any.... All this will be answered in true hearts... -^^-

Now if you want to be part of this project leave a comment so I can personally pm you and will discuss it... So until the next updated..

This is hunter out