This is a dream I had that woke me up when it was all done and over with.(only dream i finished. I think)
I was in school with my friends and all good people around me and in my ROTC class (where i met my first love or my ex before we went out). Then kids from a neighboring school come over and it goes down hill from there. I end up getting one of them mad and he constantly wants to fight me and I constantly say no. We end up having to talk to an administrator and we explain our stories. (the dream gets deep) the boy pleads his case and the man doesnt believe him. When I go up I just talk and the man says"i dont know why but I believe you and for some reason I want to follow you."(he ment like me be a leader and teach him). Well after all that the boy leaves the class room in his rage and goes outside.(this is what messes with me) My ex girl friend the one i was madly in love with comes in the room and sits with the mad boy and a girl sat next to them (i didnt really see her face or anything. The boy though is a kid i saw in a church lock in and never saw again. i only saw him once). They all sit indian style on the ground and I go to get water which happens to be next to them. They all start acting like children bein dumb and mockin me. Well I yell at my ex girl friend to stop and she looks at me then smiles at the 2 people. Well I get mad and say "your grandma would(i was goin to say aunt in the dream, but even in the dream I knew not to say that to her cause she will get mad) be disappointed in you if she saw you now. Well she gets mad and i walk over to a table next to them and sit down and she comes over and starts messin with me. I tell her to "go away and leave me alone" well she doesn't and she says "I'm sorry" in a joking manner and then grabs me and makes me dance with her. I spill my drink on the floor and on myself and I get mad and start punching her in the face over and over screaming "i hate you , I hate you you ******** b***h!". I dont know why but my vision goes out like static and all I can here is one of my friends come over and try to pull me off and me screamin at my ex. Well in my rage I constantly punch her over and over in the face and eventually I get pulled off. When I get my vision back im in my room at my old house. I walk around and the only thing in there is my computer desk and computer. Well on the floor is a blood spot with a huge pool around it like 2 feet big. That is where she was beaten horribly even though it was in the class room where I first met her.?.?So I go check the scene and I see some words next to the blood stain. It says" The beautiful girl (and other nice words about her features that i dont remember).When I asked her about silk. All she said was sweetness...- (the cop I forgot the name it said but i know it was asian)"... Well when I see that I look around and I see the cops walky talky and I go pick it up for them to get it back. I contact them and tell them I have it and they should get it. WEll the cops laugh at me and so I yell "fine then! ******** you guys im keepin it!". I put the walky talky on the computer desk between the monitor and c.d. holder. I start to walk out the room into the dark hall of my old house (which i use to be scared of) and I see a person in the room I just left and then I turn and look forward and I wake up. (the person said something to do with my dream like They knew what the message was and i just couldnt hear it. I dont know why I had this dream, but it was after i saw her picture of her new boyfriend and her. I guess I finally got over her cause now I dont feel a thing when I think about her. So I guess the dream was me taking out all my anger and frustration that I had for her in my dreams and when the guy said "I dont know why,but I want to follow you" makes me think im goin to be a wise person who has followers who love to hear my knowledge and learn lifes lessons from it. ) I dont know but tell me what you think of it.