Here is another Dream Avi~
Am almost done emotion_kirakira
Just need three more items. Well technically two since the Latex Venus is sorta-ish easy to get??....Yeah XD
Am just trying to get the higher priced ones first.
I just ran out of gold to get the rest emotion_sweatdrop
So believe in me to get the rest! Please? XD

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Item List:
Black Heavenly Unmentionables
Rosamund's Redemption
Fiery Acsension
Zodical: Equinox
Scarlet Rose
Bloody Marionette
Mysterious Captain
Cherubim's Ruby Wings
Bug Wanderer
Demon Manifest
Astra: Mournful Breeze
Madame Rouge
Trickster's Deceit

Bloody Horns of the Demon
Latex Venus
Absoulute Majesty