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cosmo2486: well anyways.............
cosmo2486: twilight
Alison Turner: in my opinion...
cosmo2486: it has grown into some crazed out stupid a** fad
Alison Turner: thank you!
Alison Turner: lol
Alison Turner: it was cool at first, knowing that there was this series of amazing books.
cosmo2486: the book is not the best book i have read
Alison Turner: and then everyone starts reading the books AFTER the movie
Alison Turner: which totally ruins it
Alison Turner: unless you read them first
cosmo2486: AND it is certainly not the "best movie of the year"
Alison Turner: no but it did win 4 popcorns
cosmo2486: they did not deserve to win best fight
Alison Turner: ...just sayin.
Alison Turner: no.
cosmo2486: the dark knight should have
Alison Turner: that was a good fight.
cosmo2486: kristen stewart is the suckiest actress ever
Alison Turner: she was good before she started getting high every 3.6 seconds
Alison Turner: and stuttering
Alison Turner: and blinking uncontrollably
cosmo2486: she was all "but- no! i mean--- no!! you cant---no!!! snfmcka nfjk--- no!! dont say that to me!!!"
Alison Turner: how many no's do you have pent up in you!!!!
cosmo2486: at the very end when edward was goin to leave her
Alison Turner: AH! i almost cried.
Alison Turner: he's a cutie
cosmo2486: she had no emotion throught the entire movie except for that little piece of s**t
cosmo2486: omg lol
Alison Turner: ha i really thought he would bite her. i'm like omg he's gonna do it! but i had already read the book. so i knew it wouldn't happen. deep in my heart i wanted it to.
Alison Turner: lol
Alison Turner: you said s**t!
cosmo2486: lmfao the gurl next to me when i was watchin it was touchin her self everytime edward was on screen!!!
Alison Turner: they need a new bella swan
Alison Turner: lmao you told me that!
Alison Turner: ew.
Alison Turner: she was imagining him doing it
Alison Turner: lmao
cosmo2486: i know! and a new jacob
Alison Turner: jacob wasn't that bad.
Alison Turner: i mean we saw him for like three seconds.
cosmo2486: he doesnt even look indian!
Alison Turner: that was it.
Alison Turner: he's dark enough!
cosmo2486: and so am i!
cosmo2486: lol ok i am too dark!
cosmo2486: but still!
Alison Turner: he did with the long hair but with the short hair & new muscles he looks like an A&F model
Alison Turner: lol
cosmo2486: but he isnt supposed too look like one lol
Alison Turner: oh... hey
cosmo2486: what?
Alison Turner: what is....
Alison Turner: snfmcka nfjk--- no!!
Alison Turner: lol
cosmo2486: lmfao thats what she said!!!
Alison Turner: can you translate?
cosmo2486: let me go find the actual words brb
Alison Turner: lmao
Alison Turner: k...
Alison Turner: elapsed time: 64649329858 days
cosmo2486: What? No! I want to be with you! I
don’t want --
Alison Turner: you forgot the other no.
cosmo2486: but in the movie she did it too much lol
Alison Turner: lol
cosmo2486: and she was all studderin lol
Alison Turner: lmao
Alison Turner: that's what i said!
Alison Turner: and blinking uncontrollably!
cosmo2486: lmfao!
cosmo2486: i just think they one because of all of the twilight groupies were voting for them
cosmo2486: *won
Alison Turner: and shaking her head like she had no idea what he was talking about
cosmo2486: lmfao
cosmo2486: we picked that movie apart in ap biology lol
Alison Turner: but i did
Alison Turner: gay
cosmo2486: and the preview for new moon got me all pissed lol
cosmo2486: she is supposed to cut her finger on glass!
Alison Turner: the werewolf.
Alison Turner: omg.don't get me started
cosmo2486: and then they mixed up the scenes so i thought that he transformed when that black guy was there....but if you look close she is wearin different clothes
Alison Turner: yeah
Alison Turner: i noticed that
Alison Turner: wow.
Alison Turner: lol
cosmo2486: did it get you mad?
cosmo2486: lol
Alison Turner: yes
Alison Turner: the werewolf looks harmless
cosmo2486: and since they cut out the whole beautiful open place in the forest they met in the crappy baseball field
cosmo2486: lol i know!
cosmo2486: i imagined it different lol
Alison Turner: omg.
Alison Turner: me too...
cosmo2486: like humongeous!
Alison Turner: i'm curious to see what they'll do in breaking dawn.
cosmo2486: i havent read it...i gave up after new moon cuz the whole time she was all
cosmo2486: "oh, the hole in my chest is hurting now that i heard his name"
cosmo2486: and the entire time she was bitchin about him
Alison Turner: omg.
cosmo2486: i wanted to freakin slap her!
Alison Turner: just f*cking say EDWARD
Alison Turner: lol
cosmo2486: lmfao she was pissin me off
cosmo2486: i didnt even read the last chapter...after the whole voltaire thing i was all "oh well i guess thats as interesting as its gonna get"
cosmo2486: and then i closed the book lol
Alison Turner: wtf.
Alison Turner: lol
Alison Turner: i had to know.
Alison Turner: i had to.
Alison Turner: the last one is very... eventful
cosmo2486: lol i heard but michael told me what happens
Alison Turner: it's no fun
Alison Turner: lol
cosmo2486: he said there is gonna be somesorta war but some little b***h wishes for it not to happen
Alison Turner: to hear it from other people
Alison Turner: yeah, dakota fanning
Alison Turner: lol
cosmo2486: if i was a vampire i woulda freakin kicked her a** lol
cosmo2486: lmfao
Alison Turner: hahaha
Alison Turner: i would steal her edward.
cosmo2486: well its worse than harry potter books...which i love....
Alison Turner: fun!!
cosmo2486: you know how its all............boring boring boring boring good awesome! boring boring
Alison Turner: lmao!
Alison Turner: yes
Alison Turner: hahahaha
cosmo2486: is that how it is?
Alison Turner: kinda
Alison Turner: i liked the last one the best.
cosmo2486: but i hear its more borin and less awesome lol
Alison Turner: no i think the first and the last are the best. and the middle two are more like...fillers
cosmo2486: omg I LOVE THE LAST HARRY POTTER BOOK! there are spells goin all WHOOSH! and BANG!
cosmo2486: lol
Alison Turner: well....
Alison Turner: lol
cosmo2486: well if the first was one of the best i dont want to read the last
Alison Turner: lmao.
Alison Turner: no!
cosmo2486: the only reason i read it was because before everyone was all "oh im in love with edwards very flat nose!" my nerdy friends were sayin it was a good book....but its too...idk...borin for me to get into
Alison Turner: LMFAOFAOFAO
cosmo2486: lol
cosmo2486: i busted out laughin when i put the whole nose thing just now
Alison Turner: i liked the books and then i saw the preview and i got into it more because i could put a face to the characters.
cosmo2486: well i imagine my own characters lol and i think that they did good with alice and whats his face....the big guy
Alison Turner: emmetttt!
cosmo2486: emmet!
Alison Turner: kellan lutz
Alison Turner: talk about beautimus
cosmo2486: who is that?
Alison Turner: emmet!
Alison Turner: duh
cosmo2486: oh lol your weird
Alison Turner: how.
Alison Turner: you said they did good with him
cosmo2486: that doesnt mean that beautimus lol
Alison Turner: he is though
cosmo2486: whateva
cosmo2486: but did you see the pictures of new moon?
Alison Turner: no... what pictures?
cosmo2486: where edward is on the steps in italy
Alison Turner: oh yeah
Alison Turner: why does he look like a connect the dots picture
cosmo2486: he looks like he has freakin chicken pocks!
Alison Turner: black ones!
cosmo2486: lol i thought it was the picture but all of them are like that!
Alison Turner: i know i saw that too!
Alison Turner: maybe it's like a part of the sparkle
cosmo2486: lmfao
cosmo2486: well he didnt even sparkle in the last movie!!!
Alison Turner: idk i didn't really pay attention...
Alison Turner: i was lookin at his bangin bod.
Alison Turner: lol
cosmo2486: he walked into the light and i was thinking "wow, he perspirates in the sun light"
Alison Turner: dont you mean perspires?
Alison Turner: lol
cosmo2486: he is just really sweats alot!
cosmo2486: that didnt make sense.....he sweats alot!
cosmo2486: ha!
Alison Turner: lmao!
cosmo2486: and then!
Alison Turner: james~!
cosmo2486: they took out the whole "alice being turned by james"
Alison Turner: they left out a lot
cosmo2486: i know!
cosmo2486: and did they even mention emmets and esme's powers
cosmo2486: even though they werent really powers
Alison Turner: i don't remember what they were
Alison Turner: lol
cosmo2486: well emmet got his "strength" and esme got her "motheringness"
cosmo2486: nurturing i guess
cosmo2486: idk!~
cosmo2486: lol
Alison Turner: wtf is that even a word?
Alison Turner: lol
cosmo2486: but they never said that a part of you comes with you
cosmo2486: wich explains alice's powers
cosmo2486: cuz she could already see into the future when she was human but when she became a vampire she got her sexy enhanced and her psychic powers too
Alison Turner: but why could she already see into the future.
Alison Turner: like idk any living person...
Alison Turner: or dead person
Alison Turner: that can do that
Alison Turner: lol
cosmo2486: idk she was one of those clairvoiant people
cosmo2486: well some people say they can
Alison Turner: say.
cosmo2486: but i doubt it lol
Alison Turner: i know
Alison Turner: the end
cosmo2486: ok well conclusion is:
Alison Turner: YOU SUCK!
Alison Turner: lol


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