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Muh Journal (Read If Yew Want)
01. How much time do you spend on gaia? Too ******** Much

.:The Letter A:.
02. Are you available?:....
03. What is your age?: 14
04. What annoys you?: alot of things

.:The Letter B:.
05. Do you live in a big house?: ehh nah
06. When is your birthday?: April 21
07. Who is your best friend?: somebodyyy

.:The Letter C:.
08. What's your favorite candy?: chocolate
09. Who's your crush?: well my love is adrian XD
10. When was the last time you cried?: uhm today XD

.:The Letter D:.
11. Do you daydream?: uhhh no
12. What's your favorite kind of dog?: uhm english pointer
13. What day of the week is it?: friday XD

.:The Letter E:.
14. How do you like your eggs?: over easu
15. Have you ever been in the emergency room?: mhmm a couple times XD
16. What's the easiest thing ever to do?: haha alot

.:The Letter F:.
17. Have you ever flown in a plane?: mhmm
18. Do you use fly swatters?: sometimes
19. Have you ever used a foghorn?: yes i have there fun XD

.:The Letter G:.
20. Do you chew gum?: yes i do
21. Are you a giver or a taker?: both probally
22. Do you like gummy candies?: mhmm :]

.:The Letter H:.
23. How are you?: im pretty fine
24. What's your height?: <_< >_> somethin
25. What color is your hair?: brown and blonde

.:The Letter I:.
26. What's your favorite ice cream?: mint chocolate chip!!!
27. Have you ever ice skated?: yes and i fell on my a**
28. Do you play an instrument?: no ><

.:The Letter J:.
29. What's your favorite jelly bean?: uhmm idunno
30. Have you ever heard a really hilarious joke?: ehh dunno?
31. Do you wear jewelry?: yepp

.:The Letter K:.
32. Who do you want to kill?: yes i do
33. Do you want kids?: mhmm
34. Where did you have kindergarten?: somewhere but you dont gotta know

.:The Letter L:.
35. Are you laid back?: i guess???
36. Do you lie?: mhm sometimes
37. Ever been in love?: i am now

.:The Letter M:.
38. What’s your favorite movie?: uhhh not sure i have alot
39. Do you still watch Disney movies?: yepp to have memories
were just cool like that XD
40. Do you like mangos?: uh idunno i never really had a mango neutral
but i had mango water ice!!

.:The Letter N:.
41. Do you have a nickname?: yes many ppl mostly call me Bree Bree
42. What's your favorite number?: uhmm idk
43. Do you prefer night over day?: night deff

.:The Letter O:.
44. What's your one wish? something
45. Are you an only child?: no
46. Do you wish this was over?: kinda

.:The Letter P:.
47. What one fear are you most paranoid about?: cant tell
48. What's a personality trait you look for in the opposite sex?:something
49. Do you still go to the park?: yes i do with friends

.:The Letter Q and R:.
50. Are you quick to judge people?: ehh not really depends neutral
51. Do you think you're always right?: no
52. Do you watch reality TV?: hell no

.:The Letter S:.
53. Do you prefer sun or rain?: rain
54. Do you like snow?: no i hate it
55. What's your favorite season?: summer
.:The Letter T:.
56. What time is it?:2:10 AM
57. What time did you wake up today?: 11 somethin
58. When was the last time you slept in a tent?: last summer!!

.:The Letter U:.
59. Are you wearing underwear?: mhmm
60. Do you prefer underwear or thongs?: thongs lol
61. Underwear or boxers?: underwear

.:The Letter V:.
62. What's the worst veggie?: uhmm i forget what it;s called
63. Where do you want to go on vacation?:uhmm idc
64. Where was your last family vacation to?: pittsburg and ny

.:The Letter W:.
65. What's your worst habit?:haha i have alot
66. Where do you live?: somewhere over the rainbow
67. Are you worried about anything at the moment? mhmm

.:The Letter X:.
68. Have you ever had an x-ray?: yes alot of em
69. Have you seen the X Games?: no...?
70. Do you own a xylophone?: wtf is that

.:The Letter Y:.
71. Do you like the color yellow?: ehh depends..
72. What year were you born in?: 1994
73. What’s one thing you yearn for?: somebody i can trust

.:The Letter Z:.
74. What's your zodiac sign?: taurus
75. Do you believe in the zodiac?: no
76. What's your favorite zoo animal?: uhm...dunno??

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  • [04/10/09 07:26am]
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