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Gummi's Journal
BOY “Theres not much I care about in this world”
GIRL “why?”
BOY “My mother died my dad is a dush and my sister is at war…”
GIRL “I’m sorry I forgot about that is there anything I can do for you”
BOY “If you can bring back sis I would rape the hell out of you…”
GIRL “That’s nice to know… but still is there anything?”
BOY “Nothing that I can think of right now…”
GIRL “Well if it helps I hear that someone so called likes you I think her name is rose or something like that.”
BOY “I like someone else…”
GIRL “really who?’
BOY “A person…”
GIRL “hay I have a question…”
BOY “That is really off track but shoot.”
GIRL “Do you care about me?”
BOY “of cause why would you even ask that?”
GIRL “you said you don’t care about anyone…”
BOY “Oh… well you yak you are in my thinks to do list… ha-ha”
GIRL “T-That’s not what I ment”
BOY “Oooh you want you ment like do I like you? Ya you’re the bestest person I know and you are awesome”
GIRL “god sometime you are an idiot….”
BOY “hay hay calm down I was kinda kidding”
GIRL “h-hay there you go again!”
BOY “I think you want it”
GIRL “N-no what would make you say that!?”
BOY “oh just the fact that you are blushing like crazy…”
GIRL “S-shut up you idiot”
BOY “aw i'm sorry”
GIRL “whatever”
BOY “ya I think we are moving…”
GIRL “What why!??”
BOY “like I said before dads a dush”
GIRL “…”
BOY “hay i’m sorry to brake it to you like that but-“
GIRL “ok I will…”
BOYS “will what?”
((LUL I ended it sucks for you think of what I would have said and find out yourself ;] jkjk))
GIRL “what you were talking about before…”
BOY “oh that…. You sure?”
GIRL: “yes …. I love you….”
BOY “… I love you-“
((ok I ended now ;] if you did not get that that is sad reread it =P))

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