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Christmas 2k12
Apocalypsmas 2k12

Simply signed:

-The Christmas Troll


From: x_Bella Luna_xx
Message: Happy Holidays!
Contemplated whether I should make this anon or not xD

Socks wishes you a merry Christmas~

User Image

If The Fall is really coming, then I wanna be able to say that I did all I could. And I wanna be able to say that I made you smile just once before the end. So...smile...? For me...? ~Shinji

User Image

My dad is a RED,
I am a BLU.
It don't matter
Because I have something for you.

BLU Scout

standing on a street corner alone in the fog every day passed on bye, sits a little girl dressed all in rags. Each day she tries to sell her flowers, watching Gaian&��s rich and poor hurry past her without a word. And so fall turns to winter and the days grow colder and yet she still stands, singing &��a daisy for a coin a a carnation for two&�� and in the snow covered sidewalks she is left alone.

It is nearing Christmas now the streets decked with garland, and Lights twinkling in shop windows, the flame gas lamps hissing merrily in the falling snow. On one such night you are to be found strolling the streets listing to the sounds of carolers in the distance. When on a street corner you happen upon a girl in rags selling flowers. In the spirit of the season, and perhaps pity you go to her to buy one and find the money pressed back into your hand.

&��No thank you miss, keep your gold. And miss if I may so say, Merry Christmas.&�� You look back at the little girl on the corner as you walk away, her swaying to the songs being sung the poorest of all, the most happy, the spirit of Christmas.
~Little Flower Girl

If a fat man puts you in a bag at night,
Don't worry cause...
I told Santa I wanted you for Christmas.

*Merry Christmas*
-Mrs Unknown.

You wander aimlessly through the snowy streets when you hear the faint sounds of a piano from somewhere within the building to your right. Curious, you walk towards it and, seeing the door was open slightly, follow the music to a small room where a young brunette woman is playing. As you watch, you notice that even the faintest noise from outside the room seems to make her twitch and stumble over notes until she finally gives up. She stands up and turns to leave, freezing when she see's you standing in the doorway. Panic filling her emerald eyes, she backs away from you as you step into the room and you can't help but notice the dark circles under her eyes, and the way she trembles as if she's on the verge of passing out. You open your mouth to say something but don't have the chance when she suddenly presses a button on a device on her wrist. A portal forms on the wall next to her and she darts through, the portal closing right behind her. You close your mouth with a frown and notice that in her panic she had left behind her sheet music. Stepping over to it, you see a name written in the bottom right corner of each page.


Back in my day we didn't have all this fancy shmancy dressup business. We wore the pelts of the animals we ate. I had a memorable Christmas back in ought'6 when I made myself a squirrel pelt cap and I was the toast of our town. I made this for you out of the pelts of your enemies. Now don' start worryin you don't have to eat em'! I did that fer ya.
-Pappy Mint

Here's a treat that's sweet to eat!
~The Snack Fairy~

The Phantom Gift Giver appears before you in a shroud of shadow, holding an ethereal gift in the spirit of Christmas. He smiles and gracefully strides towards you, then takes your hand in his before leaning in, and giving you a soft kiss while handing you the present. He then pulls back and, with a mischievous wink, vanishes into thin air, leaving only the gift in your hands and the warmth on your lips as evidence of his visit...

He, is, but a phantom...

I can't come up with a good rhyme.
So here's a present for you during this Christmas time


You are alone, having your own town reduced to rumble in the wake of disaster. You see a tall, slender young man with ethereal teal eyes that seem to glow faintly & a pair of goggles nestled in his chestnut locks up ahead. He sees you & dashes over with an expression of urgency & concern. ''Are y-you alright?'', he asks. You nod, which causes him to shyly smile. ''G-Good. . . '', he says,''Pl-Please be safe n-now. '' Once again, you nod. He starts to lead you to what seems to appear to be a small cafe where he buys you lunch. You chat with the young man for a small while. Excusing yourself to use the facilities you come back to see he has disappeared, there is a gift sitting on the table along with the tip for the waitress. The gift's tag reads, ''I may not be able to fix my own heart, but I will fix yours.''

~Arron the Lythcol Mechanic

I live near the beach, run through dunes with my paws,
And that's why they call me SANDY CLAWS smile

You walk along a path in a snowy forest, the moon your only source of light. You look around and something flash pale blue in the shadowy branches of a tree catches your attention. Curious, you walk over and see what appears to be a silver sword caught in the lower branches as if it had fallen from above. The pale blue flashes again, and you realize it had come from the empty eye sockets of the skull on the swords hilt. Will you take the sword, or leave it be?

You start to reach for the sword when you hear a girl yell, "Stop!" Startled, you turn around and see a short girl running towards you. A dark blue scarf and a hat hides most of her face, but you can still see her panicked blue eyes. Eyes, you realize, that are the same color as the flash that comes from the swords skull. She grabs the sword and as you begin to protest that you had found it first, she replies, "I-if you had touched it, you would have died..." To prove her point, she touches the blade of the sword to the tree and you watch it shock as the tree suddenly begins withering away until there's nothing but dust where it had been. "I'm the only one who can touch it safely due to what I am...", she says quietly as she sheaths the blade. She turns and starts running without another word, black wings suddenly suddenly unfolding and carrying her up into the air and out of sight. You walk home and see a box the same color as the girls eyes sitting in front of your house. You pick it up and see a note:

Sorry about earlier... Merry Christmas..?


So lovely, Ever so sweet
I especially adore that hint of pink on your cheek
But is it a blush? Oh it certainly is
Did I already cause your heart to be on the fritz?
Come here sweetheart, Or shall I come to you
Bringing you closer as I wish you do to
Brushing my lips across your cheek
Until our lips do finally meet
So sweet like sugar upon my lips
You know Ho I love such a taste, So Devilish
My hands really I cant tell them no
They shall go where ever they wish as you know
But I will have you as mine for this may be the last
In case this world of yours blows up in a supreme blast.


The apocalypse is mere hours away.
The end is surely nigh.
I trust you'll enjoy this gift today,
Let's hope tonight we don't all die!


As you make your way home through the cold snow thinking about sitting by a fire to enjoy some hot cocoa, you spot something moving among the snow pile in front of you. You stop to investigate when out of the snow, a small white rabbit peeks its head out from the snow to look at you. You reach out to pat the rabbit on the head when it jumps onto your lap suddenly, causing you to fall back. You feel the rabbit jump off you and you watch it run through the snow for a moment before stopping to turn and look back at you. As the two of you stare at each other for the longest time, you slowly get up and feel the need to follow it. You chase the small rabbit through town in the snow for quite some time before you realize you&��ve lost it. You search everywhere for it but give up and begin to head back home when you hear someone call out to you. Excuse me, but may I have your assistance for a moment? You turn to see a man walking toward you wearing a black coat with a green and white scarf, snow speckling the top of his hat and coat. I&��m looking for a place where I could find a nice gift for a dear friend. As he gets closer to you, your eyes happen upon two big white ears sticking out from the top of his hat. You take a step closer to him when you feel your feet slipping from underneath you and you begin to fall forward. LOOK OUT! The man rushes to your side and catches you before you hit the ground. You stare at him for a moment, his worried face looking down at you, before you silently thank him. Are you alright? This area has quite a bit of ice. It&��d be a shame to see such a lovely young lady get hurt on it. He helps you to your feet and walks you to an area with less ice. You ask him what it was he was searching for and he asks where he could find a place to buy a certain book. You look around for a bit then point to a building down the street. Oh I must have walked right past it. Thank you very much my dear for your help. He gently takes your hand and kisses it lightly before looking back at you with a smile, I apologize for having to stop you to ask such a silly thing, I&��m sure you must be cold standing out here talking to me. I&��ll let you be on your way now. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small box, placing it into your hand. Merry Christmas young lady, do be careful of the ice. He tips his hat and smiles before turning to walk away. As you watch the man walk away you feel something bump into your leg. You look down in time to see the small white rabbit run past you, following him.
- The Gentleman Rabbit

Santa is having trouble this year.
It is crazy at the North Pole.
Santa feels ill, has a pain in his rear.
Wondering if he can take the reindeers out for their stroll.

Rudolph wants to grow a big, manly beard.
All around his bright red nose.
Santa is afraid his deer beard will look weird.
Like a great big bush with one giant rose.

Mrs. Santa as well is not feeling swell.
Saying to Santa 'Stay home you should'.
Abandon your route, stay home and dwell.
Retire from your Christmas ride for good!

Trouble is hard on poor Santa Clause.
He is stressed to the point of crying.
He feels like a drink but cannot because,
Drinking and driving will not go while flying.

Will there be Christmas without Santa?
No prancing on the roof? No jingle bell joy?
No presents, no songs, no cheer and no hoo-ha?
We hope Santa will be strong for the girls and boys.

~The Siren Maria~

How is it that
your legs
hijack the entire

hold hostage
any coherent thought
in my mind

author the entire evening
plottwists and all

reduce my attention span

&�&I&��m sorry,
you were saying?

The 21st was here, yet the end of the world was not. You cautiously make your way outside and walk around, enjoying the fact that life wou- "BOOM!", someone yells in your ear, causing you to practically jump out half out of your skin with fright. The person starts laughing madly and you whirl around to see a woman with fiery red hair and twisted black horns floating behind you. A set of four black wings flutter a little as she slowly gets her laughter under control. "Shoulda seen your face, mortal!", she says, giving you a cruel, fanged smile. You open your mouth to respond when you notice her eyes. You could already tell by the floating and horns that she wasn't normal, but her eyes... Where you expected the white and iris to be was a black so dark it seemed to absorb light, and her pupils were a pinprick of flickering red like an ember. Terror fills you as images flicker through your head with each flicker of her ember like pupils. Images of worlds burning, explosions, death, whole solar syst- "s**t!", the woman suddenly yells. You're freed from her eyes as they had closed in pain when something smacked her in the back of the head. She turns and glares at someone in the distance. "Death never lets me have any fun..." Reality seems to twist around her and she's suddenly gone, a white box below where she had been floating. You're almost too scarred to pick it up when you see the note:

Death won't always be around to make me behave, mortal.


Here, I've been sent to give you your new medicine. I hope you remain strong during these end times and remember to keep that fever down.
-Labtech Campas

Oh Broken, how I long to see you all tied up in pretty ribbons underneath my Christmas tree. Cuts over your body, bleeding into my tea cup. When I am done playing with you, I'll open your body, pull out your entrails and stuff you with stuffing so I can add you to my collection of teddy bears. - Kenzie Salvatore

Hey there!

Just swinging by to wish you a web-tastic holiday this season.
Stay awesome and remember to do good when you can!

-Take care from your friendly neighborhood Spider-Santa

P.S. Don't worry about any of this "Apocalypse" jumbo, us heroes stop possible threats to Earth, like, once a month! Seriously, it's becoming more common than purse snatchers.

User Image

Remember that one time you blamed the neighbor's kid for flooding the streets when it was actually you?
I do.

- The Coal Giver

swiftly passing by
to give cheer and joy to you
happy holidays

-Christmas Ninja


* I hold a mistletoe above you from behind and pecks a friendly kiss on your cheek *

Wishing you a joyous and safe holiday .

gaia_angelleft M e r r y . C h r i s t m a s gaia_angelright

~ The * mwah * angel .


Friends call me Snow Miser
What ever I touch
Turns to snow in my clutch
I'm too much!

Sisterbroken, your wishlist says you want Gray Torque Pants? Very well.

Your wish is granted.

*Lighting bolts*

Those pants seem a bit torn though, maybe you should call them Gray Torn Pants from now on XD.

I am Calypso, and I thank you for playing Gaiaonline.

A scarf to keep you warm this Christmas~

Scarf Guy

swiftly passing by
to give cheer and joy to you
happy holidays

-Christmas Ninja

"And on the West Coast, in the best coast, everybody sing like:

So much Christmas cheer, crack another beer,

Ain&��t no right or wrong, West Coast Christmas song.

We all laugh and sing, maybe smoke some green,

That&��s where we belong, singing the West Coast Christmas song"

Merry Christmas.

You trek through the snow-filled streets, bundled in various layers to withstand the coldness of winter. It`s snowing lightly at first but suddenly the storm begins to pick up. You forgot your gloves so the snow from the flurry continues to fall onto your hands as well as stick to your jacket and boots.

The wind pulls you forward, not one step, not two, but as many as a hundred, as though you`re being dragged on a leash. The snow continues to fall even faster until you can barely see anything but white bits in front of you.

Then, you thought you hear a voice. It`s soft and sweet, but you cannot seem to distinguish the words. Now, something cold seems to grab you from the ground. You look down and see nothing but snow. Taking a step, you realize what is grabbing you -- it`s the snow itself. It`s as though the snow has cold hand that`s now holding onto your leg.

Confused, you try to kick off the snow and finally, within about five minutes, it seems to let go of your leg. You take a few steps forward only to trip on something small. What the-- you start saying as you pick up a pocket watch from the snow.

Engraved is one single word: Popo. You open the cover to see that the time reads 11:12. The second hand has completely stopped moving and the time is stuck there, frozen at 11:12. You wonder if you broke it when you tripped on it but it doesn`t look damaged. You wonder where the pocket watch could`ve come from, only remembering that you`re out there in the snow.

Looking back, you see something, or someone forming? A bunch of snow has changed into an icy figure now, a girl . . . you can make out her long straight hair, her jacket, her earmuffs, even her pants and boots, all which appear to be made of ice. The only features on her that don`t seem to be frozen are her eyes, a dark brown that study you.

That`s all you remember, before you feel sleep begin to consume you . . .

-Story by The Creator
Part one, begins here . . .
A little early explanation: 11:12, 11:12PM, is the time when I began to type this up. It will come into play if I ever finish this. Each part should contain a clue or a few clues for the ending or for later parts of the story. I cannot guarantee that I can finish this by the end of the event, sorry. No later parts have been written, only this part is available currently to debug any thought that I have anything else written.

quote]You Should Clicky Here, Nyan!

A kitten with a paintbrush
And a kitten with a pen
Were playing outside
And having fun when
They saw a pretty girl
Sitting all on her own
Playing with her bunny
While watching the cold snow
So the two little kittens
Stopped with their play
And quickly went inside
Planning to brighten her day
And later when night would fall
Before she leaves the girl would find
A little gift right behind her
With two paw prints where it says &��signed&��

-- The Kitten Twins :3

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Winters!


Cradled between your tender thighs
I lift you to my mouth.
The abundance of your wetness greets me
and my mouth overflows with your warm essence.
Your sweet taste is on my tongue
and your fragrance delights my senses.
No gentle lick this visit.
No bashful cautious approach
For I wish to consume you.

Push against my hungry mouth
As the tip of my tongue slides up the slippery furrow
that welcomes me between rows of delicate pink petals.
Thrust against my generous tongue.

Show me the power of your desire
for my oral caress.
My exploring tongue lifts the hood
and finds your smooth firm pearl.
You squeal in that unique way,
signaling that I have found your special spot.
I harden in response.

My jaws protests what my open mouth provides
but I am unrelenting in my gift,
intent only on your fulfillment.
I feel your body tense,
and you are quiet now...
Concentrating... bearing down.
Soon now my love,
ecstasy approaches.

You push hard and fast against my tongue,
shameless in using me
and I so willingly comply
until you cry out...
and in your satisfaction,
I will find mine,
But mine will be the greater.

-The Master

The mermaid scurried up to you, holding a gift up as she did. It took all she had to keep from trying to pet your ears, she did love to pet soft and furry things, after all.

Giggling slightly, though she seemed a bit nervous, she handed over the gift.

"I h-hope you have a r-really h-happy Christmas!" She giggled, before scurrying off on her way. Looking down at the gift, you see a tag that reads 'Merry Christmas! From: Frightened Mermaid Anon'

The doorbell rings. A petite dark elf with red hair stands outside covered in snow. She carries a big bag full of gifts and smiles as she hands you one. "M-Merry C-Christmas, ma'am" she manages while shivering. "H-have a g-great day!"


When you awaken, you find yourself in a bed you`d never seen before, in a room you`d never seen before. You can feel the warmth of a fire burning from a fireplace beside you as pull off the blanket that a stranger probably placed on you.

Studying the room, you take in the simple dÃ&cor of the room. The walls are the color of wheat, the table beside the bed, mahogany colored. On the table, a photo frame is placed, its back facing you. The space is limited, and there is nothing aside from the bed, table, the fireplace, a small wooden bookcase, filled with unknown books, and a door, which you guess leads to another room. There`s a single window in the room, and you begin realizing how stuffy it might get in the room in the summers, even with the window.

As you begin getting out of the bed, you hear the door cringe as a middle-aged woman appears. She holds a tray containing only a simple white teacup and plate of bread. Slowly, she begins walking towards you, and all the questions begin rushing to your head. Where am I? How did I get here? Who is she? You can`t find the voice to ask her though as she sets the tray on the table, beside the photo frame.

You must not be from around here if you were out there during this season she says, motioning to the window.

You shake your head. No. She sighs and you study her, now. Her black hair is tied up into a bun, her brown eyes look tired as though she hasn`t had enough rest for a while. When she begins speaking again, you stop. It`s just Chamomile Tea and bread, she says, and you guess she`s referring to what`s on the tray.

She gives you a bow before says I`ll leave you alone for now, but I`ll come back later to check on you.

She leaves and you pick up the teacup and take a long sip. The tea is warm and soothing, making you forget about your venture outside for a moment. You turn the photo frame, wondering whose picture is on it, only to drop the teacup. The tea spills on the floor and the cup shatters into various uneven shards but you don`t even hear the impact.

The photo is of a girl, the frozen girl that you`d seen outside in the snow. Her features are not frozen on the photo of course, but there`s no way you could mistake those dark brown eyes for anyone else`s . . .

-Story by The Creator
Part two, ends here . . .
Sorry for the lateness, I'm going to go start working on part 3 now, actually.

About a minute passes before you finally snap out your daze and set the picture down, back onto the mahogany table. By then, the woman has reentered and she`s picking up the pieces of the teacup, a cloth now placed nearby. Her hands move skillfully and steadily, not hovering on any single shard for a second. She moves to get the cloth but you grab it first, wiping up the spilled tea.

She watches quietly until you finish and you can feel her eyes trained on you for those forty seconds. How long was I asleep for? you ask her, as you hold out the cloth to her.

She slowly takes the wet cloth before she answers you. Two days. You were asleep for two days.

The answer strikes you, leaving you silent as she continues. You were out there in the snow, I thought you`d died for a moment before I checked for your pulse. My name`s Jess, and welcome to Dong.

She pauses, and you guess she`s waiting for a small introduction from you as well.

*insert small introduction here with name should you choose*

Jess begins to walk toward the door again, her hands full of broken shards and a wet cloth, as she seems to notice the untouched bread and sighs. You wonder if you`d offended her but she`s already opened the door and entered the other room.

About thirty seconds later, she returns with some logs, to throw into the fireplace. You study Jess again, as she does, and guess that she`s not wealthy at all, from her stained, white garments but then again, you haven`t seen anyone else yet. Clearing your thoughts, you turn your attention to the picture again, looking from the picture to Jess and then back again. You feel around for the pocket watch you`d picked up earlier and find it underneath the blanket.

Tracing your index finger on the engraved word, you realize there was definitely something you were missing here . . .

When she finishes, Jess looks back at you and catches your gaze. Her tired brown eyes then rest on the pocket watch. She seems sad, with tears nearly rimming her eyes and you know what you want to know next. Who is she, the girl in this picture? you ask her.

You think back to the icy figure you`d seen before falling asleep in the snow as she answers M-My daughter. She disappeared two years ago.

-Story by The Creator
Part three, ends here . . .

Sorry for all the details, my readers. I`m trying to create as visual of an effect as I can because the story`s supposed to be happening right before your eyes. Also trying to prolong the story a bit since I`m literally planning the main thing to reveal for each part as I go on. And sorry to those like Sir Kaoru, who wouldn`t accept food/beverages from random strangers, just play along with me, yes, no?

Reminder, yes, I have to write this every time, I have not written any parts past this one and cannot guarantee that I shall finish before the event ends. Thinking back, I still have another story I have to should finish.

I`ll explain the strange names in the end (still have some hope that I`ll actually finish) but some of you might know, depending on what languages you know. Or you can quote me and ask, if you really want to.
Cakpawefmweofwe, I had no idea what to send this time. Falling back on these sketchbooks as backup.

How is it that
your legs
hijack the entire

hold hostage
any coherent thought
in my mind

author the entire evening
plottwists and all

reduce my attention span

&�&I&��m sorry,
you were saying?

-The Master

My hands, my hands, my ha uh my hands Can&��t keep my hands, my hands, my, uh, my Can&��t keep my hands, my hands, my, uh, my Can&��t keep my hands, my hands, my hands out the cookie jar

To my lovely readers,
I`m going to need your assistance for part 4. You`ll need to come up with a way to explain how you got/found the pocket watch to Jess. Please avoid lying >_> your response will be void if you flat out lie. I don`t mind a bit of variation so long as they contain the same general concept -- refer to part 1. Your response does not have to be long either, a sentence or two shall suffice.

No worries (no idea whether to call you Sister, Broken or just Sisterbroken), I`m just glad you enjoy watching them unfold and I`m a copy pasta anyways, so it`s not like I`m going to custom write the messages.

The Creator`s creator

The rope tightens slowly,
your body trembles for me,
sweat glistening across your back.

I pull it tighter,
watching as your body strains so beautifully,
so delicately arched, so deliciously painful.

Knees bent, legs held wide, open for my pleasure,
Back arched, hands brought back to touch feet,
chest thrust forward and heaving, so beautiful and wanting..

You can not see me, but feel my presence,
I lick at the sweat rivelettes down your back,
you whimper so.

My hand caresses your wetness "Not yet, my pet",
I say as I tighten the ropes more,
"You will beg for me soon enough."

Muscles strain, limbs start blueing,
the whimper almost constant now,
I press the oil into place, making you slick.

You groan under me, knowing whats coming,
My finger enters, pushing deep into the ring,
soon joined by another.

You try to squirm, its adorable,
I push deeper, harder,
You rock on your stomach, bucking.

I grin and remove my hand,
quickly thrusting myself into your tight ring,
A sharp intake, and cry out into the gag.

I thrust harder, faster, grabbing your breasts,
I pull you back up onto your knees,
"See", I say into your ear, "you can take it"

-The Master

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