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The Book of Pain and Despair
A journal of my thoughts
Name of Faekat: Ziazan
Specialty: Rainbow energy
Race: Faenix
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Bright neon rainbow bangs, back of hair black.
Eye Color: light, pastel rainbow.
Fur Color: white
Chest Color: white.
Tail:Black fading into rainbow
Ears: Feathers coming out of the ears a rainbow pattern like the bangs.
Wing Color: Tip of wings, rainbow. The main wings black.
Patterns: N/A ^^
Other: He should be wearing a long sleeve black and white striped shirt like this, silver earrings will be lining his right ear, pale yellow skinny jeans, Black boots

Name: Cassiopeia (A constellation translated to; seated queen. Might help inspiration :3)
Hair:Black, with streaks of Teal
Eyes: light teal
Body: Black
Armored or Unarmored:Armored
Armor Colors: Dark Grey-Silver, Silver, and Teal
Jewels: Black
Wings:Teal with Black streaks
References: Cassiopeia (constellation for ideas)
Other: Give a nice majestic pattern (like maybe milky way-inspired or gorgeous spirals), what ever you think would look best. Those can be in teal/silver :3

Owner's Name surprised OMewOo-
Banshee Name: Shi No Tenshi
Specialty: Necromancy
Faded/Not Faded?: Faded
Hair Color:White bangs and streaks with dark purple hair
Eye Color: purple
Fur Color: Black
Tail Color: White and purple 9however you prefer just match the hair)
Inner Ear Color:
Skull Color:Eggshell white
Chain Color: Silver
Pattern:This on her hands (doesn't have to be as detailed by no means but just the idea of a hand-forearm henna tattoo) This above her breast, and this (less detailed if needed) around her stomach.
All patterns white!
Reference Images: in the pattern description ._.
Other: Don't try super hard to make the stuff detailed on anything ^^

Make me a Viking
Owner: -oOMewOo-
Pet Name: Will name when he is done
Fur/body Color:This in a grey-white-pale blue theme? What you think would look best with the other colors and would be easy on you :3
Tail: Fading shades of blue (beginning at navy) into a white tip
Eyes: Left pale-light blue (like a blind eye) right navy
Hair: Fading shades of blue (beginning at navy) into a white tip (like tail)
Clothes: Light silver. The circles shoule be a pale blue as well at the horns.
Other Info: NA

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