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Sareth N'Ara'Lyn of C'Rodention Part 3
Just when he escaped the borders of the wall surrounding the castle and the three towns near it, he felt his heart race and the tattoo on his back burn and an intense headache attacked his mind. He blacked out, and the last thing he heard was the demonic voice that haunted his dream, ’Where are you going? Let us stay, and have some fun.’ Wicked laughter rang and dissipated in his ears.
After what seemed only to be a split second, he began regaining consciousness. He fell to his knees and looked down at the palms of his hands. They covered in blood. He glanced at his surroundings in fear. The shack the Captain Elorealani of the guard was in had been set aflame. All the guards posted at the wall were dead; their corpses lay still as stone in pools of their own blood. He got to is feet and looked with his eyes around for any sign of survivors. He saw no one alive, nor did he see Elorealani.
He checked the shack to search for the Captain, diving through the flames within the entryway. He had hoped to the gods that she was all right. He found no sign of her, not even a single corpse within the shack. He prayed she made it out alive and well. The roof began to come crashing down above him, and he dodged the flaming pieces of wood that formed the ceiling of the shack. Careful not to get too close to the flames engulfing the walls and most of the floor and ceiling, he made it out unscathed.
Two guards had come to check the wall, and they were shocked at the massacre scene. They looked at Sareth when he emerged from the burning building, and noticed the blood on his hands. The guards’ worried, fearful faces turned to ones of rage and hatred, and they drew their swords and approached Sareth.
The poor Wood Elf’s eyes widened in fear, “Wait, I did not—” He was cut off.
“Shut up! You, you killed them! How else would you explain the blood on your hands?” One of them said in a harsh, cold tone filled with hatred and rage.
“I-I did not kill them, I swear!” Sareth took a step back as the two guards approached, swords pointed directly at him. When he found he would not be able to convince them to lower their weapons to and try to explain what happened, he took off running past them, and into the forest.
The voice in his head spoke again, ’There is a city just near here….’ Sareth jolted when lightning cracked across the sky and thunder boomed merely seconds afterward. “No… No more killing.” He protested in a low voice. He risked a glance behind him to find the guards chasing after him.
’Ah, but it is fun to watch them suffer. To see them choke on their own blood is thrilling to the core.’
Please…. The Wood Elf mentally begged as his back and head pains returned. He stayed conscious this time, and he lost control of his body, Stopping dead in his tracks and turning around, a wicked grin crossed his face again as he cocked his head to the side. The guards stopped and stared at him in confusion for a moment, then stepped back into a fighting stance; swords held in front of them, blade tips pointed directly at Sareth.
The Wood Elf chuckled and cocked his head to the other side and approached slowly, cracking his knuckles, grin never leaving his face.
Stop this! Sareth screamed in his mind at whatever was possessing him.
“What in the Fives Hells of the Underworld are you grinning about?” One of the guards demanded.
He gave no answer, but an evil laugh that echoed through the woods as lightning flashed and thunder cracked again, then it began to rain. As soon as the lightning flashed, Sareth was instantly right in front of the guard that made the remark, his hand wrapped around the High Elf’s throat. With a single move of his hand, he snapped the guard’s neck, a sickening sound that delighted him dearly. The other clad in leather armor warrior backed away from the possessed elf in fear, dropping his sword and attempting to make a run for it, but he was too slow. As soon as he turned around, his eyes met with the possessed Wood Elfs. The guards hazel eyes widened in pain and he gasped. He stared down at his own torso to find a hand thrust into his chest. Sareth ripped the guard’s heart from his chest and crushed it in his hand.

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