well i guess today was a normal day.. i pissed off my friend by stealing her book... then we became friends again in like five minutes, and started singing beatles songs to... eachother... yup, ain't my life so interesting 3nodding . also when i was walking home i saw an old jamaican man i used to be friends with when i was like three, and he was playing golf and it was cool i guess. and right now i am really bored because i have nothing to do... and so i am going to attach this really cute animation that looks like poop... domokun and i think the poops name is domo... anyways i have no homework, and i almost graduating, and uhh well that is pretty much just it... oh ya... you won't understand what i am saying... yesye un boyat in clasa ma (aylortay) shi yull yeste un pizda mare coo par... yull noo plache neeche oona care yeste unpopular, she tot teempoo kund yo sint linga yull, yull sa meeshte... shi yul fatche usta coo pre-etne alme... yull yeshte choofoot. in gradoo shapte yull ma ubeet heart shi yo lam placoot da problema a fost cu neech oona in famillia ma, mu lasa casa am un boyfriend, saow sa merge pu un date, saow afarra coo une bayat, she cham facoot yeste, yo am fost rau la yull (na fost asha de obvious) shi yo am facoot personalitate almeaw differeeta, cu yo noo am vroot su noo fia happy cu yo osa zeec noo daca yull mu intreba " vrey sa fee my girlfriend" she acoom, noi sunt in gradoo opt she yull yeste rau. yeste problema
al-loui. shi yeste fuarte funny, cu acoom personalitate al-loui yeste differeeta...
anyways that was my first entry... BUH-BI