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Foggy night
The mist clouded my vision, maybe for the better so i didn't have to see the lurid image of the car crash. I pulled myself from the tangled mess of metal that used to be my car so I could bleed out the rest of my energy looking up into the foggy night. I tried to remember the events that leading up to me dieing on the side of the road, unknown, uncaring.

I was driving home from Northbend I had to pick up a few last minuet Christmas gifts. I love Christmas; it was a time when I could say, "Screw you world, I'm going home". once I passed Fall City, a light fog appeared. I didn't give it much thought at the time, I was the only driver on the road for miles. The closer I got to Issaquah, the thicker the fog got. I then started to get worried so I slowed down to 40 mph. I started to panic once I saw the tail lights of other cars. I moved to the right most lane and slowed down to 30 mph. I was so happy when I saw the first lights of town. But suddenly I felt a jolt from behind and I felt the car go off the road. I only had glimpse of what happened. A car was going way too fast for this fog and was shifting lanes when he hit my left side, pushing me off the road. i hit a try and ended up in my current predicament. It was almost funny, I'm going to die because i was being safe by pulling over to the right lane and slowing down. The last sound I heard was the sirens scream towards me, too late, before I blacked out.

"..... Am I dead?" my thoughts echoed in my mind. My answer was the beeping of an IG, beeping in my ear, showing my heart-beat. I'm alive, I get to go home and see my family. Oh thank god!

so long yet so soon
I never thought it would end this way, everything i love, everything i care for, gone in a instant. My father's dead corpse lay in my hands, next to my mother who's face was paler than the moon, her blood covered her head. The wound in my father's chest continued to slowly ooze forth, cold, lifeless, limp. The pain in my heart was only added to by the thought that only two hours ago, my father and mother were alive, my sister wasn't abducted, and we lived a normal life. It was still so vivid in my mind.
I was ion bed with a book, i had been reading it for days and i couldn't put it down. i can't remember how long it was until the interruption, but after sometime, i heard someone knock on the door. We usually don't get visitors so it was odd, but i heard my mother get it and decided not to care. the voice sounded like a young man, around his mid-20's. I heard only tidbits of the conversation but i could make out words like "officer" and "stake out", so i amused it was a police man. i stopped listening after i discerned this until i heard the young man yell outside "come on in guys". I heard shuffling of feet, too many feet for what should be just a few officers. I marked my page and opened my door to see what was going on outside. I saw two dozen men with crow-bars and baseball bats tearing up our house. it was only me and my mom home tonight so she tried her best to stop them. "Officer, you have no right to enter my home without my permission" she yelled at the young man clad in an officer suit. He just gave a wry smile and said, "Well, good thing we're not cops then". Without another word, he pulled out a gun and put the barrel to my mother's head.

The Mark part 7
“Roy, I know how much you like pirates and ninjas, but I really don’t want to put them on the poster. It will look kinda stupid”, Jessica said.

Roy and Jessica were in Japanese, Year One class. They had recently learned all 76 characters and had to do a project on it. The project required each student to pair up. By default, Roy and Jessica always got paired. They had to think of fourteen items to put in katakana and add pictures to it, then they had to think of two actions that should be put into katakana. Jessica was the only artistically capable person in the group, so she was designated the drawer. Roy had to think of the words and write them out. So far they had thirteen items and both of their actions decided.

“Ok so far, we have ham, bread, America, Washington, Seattle, T.V, video-games, ball point pen, basketball, coffee, note-book, and computer. Can you think of one more thing that we’ve learned so far?” Roy asked.

“Uh… no. Dang it! We need just one more. Hey, lets ask Kevin. As a Japanese two student he should know something.”

The teacher told everyone to start finishing up what they are doing, the bell was about to ring. It was decided that Roy was going to get the katakana written and decorated while Jessica would finish drawing the last of the pictures. As the bell rang everyone rushed for the door. When Roy and Jessica finally got out, they found Kevin standing outside, with a less than happy look on his face, but neither Roy nor Jessica gave it a second thought. When Kevin saw the two, his face became much more relaxed. Kevin, Jessica and Roy walked down the hall and just chatted about life until Roy had to go the other way. Roy had almost forgotten about the other katakana item that they wanted to ask Kevin about.

“Hey Kevin, we need another word in katakana but we couldn’t think of anything else. We wanted to ask you. You got anything?” Roy asked.

“Ya, potato. Here”. Kevin wrote down the characters in katakana that meant potato. Jessica started to laugh at how simple the answer was. She was expecting some sort of big, complicated word.

As the second bell for second period, Jessica decided to get a head start on her katakana drawing in English. She didn’t even try to hide it, she knew the teacher wouldn’t bother her. When second period ended, Jessica found Kevin waiting for her again, but he had the same concerned look he had earlier. Jessica took notice of it this time. She asked Kevin what was wrong.

“It’s nothing. Don’t worry about it.”

Giving a sigh Jessica said, “Kevin, I know you. Something is wrong. Please tell me.”

Giving a small whine, Kevin gave into a the vixen. “I got a call from Colin. The Death 2F Gang is moving into Issaquah again. But that’s not the real problem. There are rumors that the Government is also getting more involved into the actions of the FRA.”

“How so?”

“The… the government has… partnered up with the Gang. They are joining to double their forces against us.”

Jessica was silent for a second before she just asked, “That’s it?”.

“That’s it?! Do you know what this means? It means that we are in more danger then ever before. The Gang won’t be as civilized as the Government. they will do anything possible to make sure we're dead.”

Giving a small peh, Jessica changed the subject to the current happenings on Gaia. The Halloween Hysteria just ended and Jessica never got a chance to get all of the possible items. Kevin however got all but the zombie character items. Jessica was excited to see what the November Monthly Collectable was. They chatted until it was almost time for third period. Kevin and Jessica said their goodbyes and walked away.

Jessica just got out of Kevin’s car and headed for her door. She heard Kevin drive away behind her. When she opened the door, a cool breeze rushed by her, her mom left the window open so it was freezing inside of the house. Jessica walked over to the thermostat and turned up the heat, a few minuets later and the house was warm and cozy. The days have been getting shorter and it has been getting colder, a sign winter is on it’s way.

Jessica found a note on her fridge as she was getting something to snack on. The note was from her mom saying that they would be at her little brother’s soccer game. No matter how annoying he is, Jessica had to feel bad for her little brother, it was freezing outside and he had to run around in that weather in shorts and a t-shirt.

She got on the computer and started to do her homework, she had to finish a biology lab write-up. After about 20 minuets, Jessica was half way done with her project when she heard a loud car coming up the neighborhood. It sounded like it was going at least 50 miles per hour. Jessica heard is screech to a halt in front of her house. The blinds were closed so she slightly parted two of them and looked out. There were two men near the car; one was a brown mouse and the other an orange and black tiger. Both of them had bats in their hands and were beating her mail box with them. A female Lynx came out too. She had many visible piercings on her ears and lips. She had black and white fur that looked dyed. She was making several suggestive movements towards that house and she went so far as to completely take of her shirt showing everything on her chest. After the Lynx put her shirt back on, she opened the trunk of the car and pulled out a large rubber band, shortly followed by a brick. The two men each took an end of the band while the Lynx got behind them and stretched out the band. She placed the brick on the band and stretched it out further. Jessica didn’t know what they were going to do until the last second when the Lynx girl let go of the brick. Jessica ducked just in time as the brick came crashing through her window. It hit the wall with a thunk as the three people outside quickly got back into their car. After they drove off laughing and hooting, Jessica walked over to the brick and saw something weird; there was some sort of insignia cared on the side. She gave a small gasp when she saw what it was. It was the Death 2 F Gang symbol. Their symbol consists of two parts. The first part was a simple skull and cross bones, the second was a “2” and an “F” next to each other in front of the skull. The Gang had found her, they know who she is.
The next day, she finished the project with Roy. She didn’t tell him about what happened yesterday. Her mind wasn’t really focused on the project, Roy noticed this but didn’t really pay much attention to it; he thought that Jessica was just tired. They finished early so they just talked about what has been happening at the FRA. Roy has been going there every weekend to train. He has been making extremely good progress. He was excited to tell Kevin about his new skills. He could now make other things invisible by focusing his power into something, or someone else. Jessica couldn’t wait to get out of the class; she had to tell Kevin what happened last night. The bell rang and Jessica almost sprinted out the door, to find that Kevin was missing. Maybe he’s getting out late, Jessica thought as she looked into Kevin’s classroom window, but she found only the teacher there. Kevin wasn’t there the whole day. Every period she would wait for him, but to no prevail. She was happy to get home to see a police officer there asking her parents questions.

Once her homework was done she got on Gaia to relax a little bit, get her mind off of what happened last night. She was surprised to see that Kevin was on. Opening her mail, she sent him a quick private message, saying hi. He responded almost immediately. She was hoping he told her where he was today, but all he said was “hey”. She sent another pm to him asking him where he was today at school. Before she could do anything else he typed back, “I’ll tell you at school tomorrow”. With that, he signed off.
The next day at Japanese class she couldn’t wait for class to end so she could tell Kevin about what happened. As soon as the bell rang, she darted out of the class. There was Kevin waiting for her. “Kevin, on Wednesday the Gang-”

“I know, they threw a brick into your window”, he interrupted, “I spent all day yesterday tracking down the people who did it. We found them and they’re in custody.”


“The FRA.” He said.

“Oh”, was all she could say. Something seemed wrong with him. He seemed more angry, more apart from everything They walked to their next period in silence. During break, Jessica tried to break the ice a bit, “So, will you be at school tomorrow?” she asked.

“No. I got some business to take care of. The Gang is on the rise so we need to be prepared”. The bell rang and Kevin said good-bye, darting into his class. Jessica was taken back by how fast he left, this wasn’t like him. Now she was starting to get scared, what could possible make Kevin act like this?
______________________________________________________________________ As He said, Kevin was not at school the next day. Roy talked to Jessica about something that happened last night. Apparently a group of people chucked a brick through there window. His parents called the police and they only said it was the Gang. The police station has been getting dozens of calls, the Gang has been targeting every family that has a freak in it and even some that don’t. After lunch Jessica went to fourth period, she had math. Maybe math will take my mind off of this, she thought. She loved math, it was her favorite class; it just came so easily to her. The rest of the day went by easily and she was just about to get on her bus when she spotted Roy running towards her. He was panting so she could assume that he had been running for a while. “Jess!” he called. “Hey I just got a call from Kevin. He said to wait at your house tomorrow, don’t go on the bus. He’ll pick you up. He said he had a surprise. Just make sure it’s all right with you folks.”

“Ok. Thanks Roy. See ya tomorrow.” She said as she got on the bus.

Her bus was always crowded, she hated taking it. She was excited when Kevin first told her he could drive her home. Now she missed being driven home more that ever. This would be a first time for both of them. Kevin has never pick Jessica up from her house to school. When she got home she asked her mom about it. “Sure, I don’t see why not. He seems like a nice boy” her mom said. Her mom was a cheetah with orange fur and black dots. Jessica always liked how her mom’s fur always stayed flat, compared to her vixen fur which was almost never flat, not without constant brushing at least.

Jessica got her homework done and decided to mess around on Sporetm. She finally got the planet buster and it was time for some sweet revenge. For as long as she has been on the planet stage, the Grox have been attacking her. Now who’s attacking who Grox, she thought. Already the thought of what happened two days ago was quickly leaving her mind. She knew she had all the power in the world to stop anyone, even the Gang. She gave a small snicker at the thought of the three people who threw the brick through their window facing Kevin. After he was through with them, they could stick a light bulb in their mouths and light up a house. She decided to ask Kevin tomorrow at school what he would do the three he tracked down who broke her window. Boy are they in trouble, she thought.
The next day, Jessica waited outside her door to look for Kevin’s car. She waited for about twenty minuets when she heard an engine roaring towards her. She got up off the steps and started walking towards the street. Looking down the street, Jessica didn’t see any car. She listened to the sound get closer when she finally saw it. It was a camo green ATV. The ATV had a foot clearance from the ground, it was about as wide as a car and it had the brand name “Artic Cat” adorned on the side. Riding it was Kevin, as Jessica could tell by his off black fur, and every part of his lower body was covered with brush guards. It looked like something that should be in the woods, not on the street. Kevin stopped the quad in front of Jessica and cut the engine. “What do you think?” he asked pulling up his visor.

“It’s… um… wow!” she replied.

“This”, he said patting the quad, “is a 700cc quad. It can reach speeds of 80 miles per hour and the wench on the front can pull up to 3000 pounds.”

“So this is the surprise?” she asked.

“Yep. What a ride?” he asked handing her a spare helmet.

“Sure. How do you put this on?”

“Like this”. He took the strap and slipped it through several loops. “Thank you” Jessica said, mounting the ATV. Kevin slowly rolled the quad forward and turned around. Then after they were away from Jessica’s house, Kevin gunned the engine, making them speed down the neighborhood. Jessica got a glance at the speedometer which read “65 mph”. As soon as she read it, she felt Kevin start to slow down. Before they were anywhere near the intersection, Kevin slowed down to a slow 25 mile per hour. Kevin drove the rest of the way at the legal speed limit. He drives down the familiar roads leading to the school. Everyone they passed turned their head at least once at the pair on an ATV. Roy was waiting for the two near the parking lot and his jaw dropped when he spotted Jessica and Kevin on the ATV. Kevin pulled into the closest open parking space. “Dude! This is screwed up” Roy called. “How did you manage to pull this off?”

“I made the turn signals, added mirrors and then I brought it down to the department of licensing and registration and they said it looked ok. So they made it street legal” Kevin explained. “I’m not allowed to take it on the highway though.”

“Nice. You guys might want to hurry it’s almost time for class. I’ll see you in class Jess.” With that, Roy darted through the growing crowd and headed down the hall. “We should get going too”, Kevin said.

“Alright. What do you want me to do with this?” she asked, holding up her helmet.

“I’ll take that”. Kevin took the helmet and opened a spot on the ATV, then looped both helmet on the bar and closed it. “This bar can’t be opened without the key. It really comes in handy”

The two started to head in the direction of their first classes. They were talking for a little bit outside of Jessica’s class, Jessica noticed that Kevin seemed to be much happier than when he was the day before yesterday. The bell rang and they said good-bye to each other before heading into their classes. Jessica noticed that Kevin had a major limp when he walked; it looked like he hurt his left leg. She took one last look at his leg and saw something else; Kevin was hiding the back of his left leg with his tail. She thought it was kind of weird that he didn’t say anything about it. He looked like he was in pain with each step he took. She didn’t give it much thought but she did tell Roy about it. “He probably hurt himself. Riding that monster of a quad”, he replied. His idea made sense but she would still ask Kevin about it later during break. After the bell rang, Kevin limped over to Jessica and walked with her to second period. She had a bit of trouble getting up the stairs but Jessica never noticed it. The bell rang and Jessica walked into English and sat down in her spot. She had no one sitting around her, so she could easily concentrate on anything in front of her, she did feel lonely most of the time though. She at least had a teacher who didn’t think anything about Jessica being a freak. He still treated her like any other student. The bell rang and after she gathered her things, she headed outside to find Kevin waiting or her just like always. He still didn’t say anything about his limp. She finally decided to ask him. He just looked at his leg, still covered by his tail, and said, “Lets get to class first”. Once they where in front of the door, Kevin looked around to see if anyone was listening to them. Once he confirmed no one was listening, he buckled down and explained everything. “Yesterday I had to go to the FRA base to be get new info on the Gang, the Government has just broken the alliance with them and is now hunting them like before. The Government gave the Gang information on suspected FRA members, us included. Roy also got his window broken by the same people so we are questioning them for any information we can get. They talked, but they don’t know much. I learned all of this at our last meeting, but before that I was ambushed. The council warned that we are being targeted for some reason by the Gang but I still had to go to the base. When I was ambushed, one of the guys connected with my leg, and this”, he said moving his tail, revealing a 4 inch long scar, “is what happened. You see, the Gang wants to kill us. They don’t want information, they only want blood. This is why I was so paranoid when I learned the Government and Gang were join together. We are possibly targets for assassination.”

“It’s that serious?”

“Unfortunately, yes”

Jessica gave a short sigh and silently thought about the new dangers. She had to be able to help somehow, she always felt like the weight of everything was on Kevin’s shoulders. “Your leg will heal, right?” she asked.

“Yes, but it will take some time. I’m gonna’ have to take it easy.”

Jessica didn’t say it, but she didn’t think that Kevin told the whole story. If he knew about it, then why did he go? He could have called them and said he was sick or something. She tried to think of any logical explanation, but couldn’t. Kevin pulled out his cell phone to check the time. They had to get to class, it was 9:33, and their class started at 9:35. Just as Kevin opened the door and said good-bye, he stopped dead in his tracks. Jessica barely saw it with he peripheral vision. She took a few steps back to see Kevin, still stopped. All of a sudden, he collapsed on the round, screaming in pain and holding his hurt leg. His leg started to twitch as he rolled on the ground, still screaming. After he stopped rolling, his screams turned into small whimpers. Tears were flowing down his face, ruffling his fur. He crawled over to the left, out of the doorway. He was still on the ground when Jessica got over to him. Tears were now freely flowing down his cheek, dripping off his chin. “What happened? What hurts?” she asked.

“My leg, bad cramp.” He said through clenched teeth.

“Do you want to go to the nurse’s office?” she asked.

Kevin only responded with another whimper. Jessica helped him up on his feet, just as the teacher came back to the class. “Oh my god, what happened?” the teacher asked.

“He had a cramp, a big one too.” Jessica responded.

The teacher quickly ran inside and picked up the phone on her desk. “Hello? Yes, I’m sending down a Kevin Tork to the nurse, he had a cramp and can’t walk”, turning to Jessica, she said, “Go ahead”.

Kevin limped towards the nurse, while leaning on Jessica. “What happened?” Jessica asked.

“The knife made it to my muscle. It hit a nerve and cramps hurt… bad!” He was talking through his teeth again so Jessica kept quiet to try not to anger the wolf. Wolves have a nasty habit of hurting anything around them when mad. They get to the nurse and the nurse immediately gives Kevin a pair of crutches. He hobbled over to the nurse’s table and sat down. After she checked him, she looked at his leg and saw the stab wound. She simply said that he needed to go home and stretch his leg. Jessica helped him back over to his quad and helped him on. “Sorry Jess. I can’t drive you home today.”

“Ok, I’ll see you tomorrow then.”

The four-wheeler roared to life and Kevin speed out of the parking lot, leaving Jessica to watch him drive off. Jessica stared for a little while until she returned to her class.

The whole rest of the day, Jessica was worried about Kevin. He couldn’t even walk to his front door. What if the Death 2 F Gang attacks today? Each day just made the possibility of an attack greater. Jessica thought about it a little more and scoffed at the idea of Kevin getting hurt. The wolf could control electricity, one zap and they’re done. Jessica decided not to worry about him and just walked back to class.
The next day, Kevin was back and still limping but at least he was walking. He still had trouble getting up the stairs but he was doing ok.

A few days go by and Kevin is getting better and better. He can almost walk completely without a limp, but he is still no where near being able to run. Luckily the Gang hasn’t been acting up at all. Kevin once called Colin to ask and see if the Gang was up to anything, but they had no reports or confirmation that they were up to anything. But that was soon to change.

It was around the middle of class in 5th period when Jessica got a text. Making sure the teacher did not see it, she flipped open her phone and saw it was from Kevin. Kevin just got a call from someone at the FRA saying that the Gang is on the move. She asked the teacher if she could go to bathroom. “Yes, make it quick though” he said. Once she was out of the class she dialed Kevin’s number and held the phone to her ear. “Hello?” someone said on the other side.


“Ya. Hey Jess. The Gang is moving and they might be headed towards us. Be ready to leave with any excuse.”

“Ok, bye”. Hanging up the phone she quickly walked back into the room. Only a few minuets after she sat down, Jessica heard the intercom go off. “Please excuse this interruption. Would all students please be packed up and ready to go? Thank you”. No one knew why they were getting packed up but then the intercom went off again and the same women said, “Would all students please leave the campus. Please stay clear of the football field. There is a bomb of some sort”. No one really cared, the school always gets bomb threats like this. There once was even a real bomb but there was no way to detonate it, so no one ever took these seriously. Jessica was still a little worried. This might be the Gang. She relaxed a little bit as she stepped on to her bus, lucky for her there were no middle schoolers. God she hated them so much, annoying little brats. Jessica sat down in her usual spot and started talking to some of her friends. She saw Kevin through the corner of her eye. He was limping as fast as he could back into the school; Jessica thought he probably forgot something. Just as the busses were about to leave, everyone felt a small rumble that wasn’t the bus turning on. People thought that it was just a small earthquake, until a girl screamed pointing towards the football field. A large cloud of smoke was billowing from the football field. Large chunks of dirt and grass fell from the sky, making dents in the busses. Jessica just stared in disbelief; the Gang actually attacked them at school, meaning, they aren’t safe anywhere.

A buzz in her pocket snapped her back to attention and she quickly realized it was Kevin calling her. With extreme haste, she pulled out her cell phone and opened it saying, “Hello?”

Kevin was on the other side nearly screaming in her ear. “JESS, GET TO THE FOOTBALL FIELD NOW!”

“Ok”. Running down the aisle to the door she jumped over back-packs and any other obstacle in her way. Without even bothering to ask the bus driver, she opened the valve that kept all the air in to open the doors and shoved the doors open. Once she outside she quickly sprouted her wings and kick off the ground. Before she even got past the buses, she heard small objects whizzing by her; it almost sounded like rocks flying by her. She looked down to where she thought they where coming from and she saw a yellow female cat with a gun shooting at her. Jessica could see the flashes coming from the muzzle of the gun. Jessica flew as fast as she could to get out of the path of the bullets. Beating her wings as hard as she could until she reached the football field there she saw Kevin and Roy standing at one end and two other people at the other end. One of the unknown assailants was a grey female wolf and the other was a brown and black male fox. Once Jessica landed next to Roy, the same yellow cat walked up calmly up next to the wolf, all three of them had rifles. The female wolf, apparently the leader, just walked forward saying, “Well, well, well. Looky’ here. When the Gang’s away the Freaks will play. Now what are we going do with this, we have three super powerful Freaks confronting us.”

Kevin stepped forward just as much as she did. Kevin had no intention of fight them, he was going to see if he could try and solve this problem without anyone getting hurt, mainly the Gang members. “Hello there. How can we help you?” Kevin asked very calmly.

“Weeeell, you could help us by dying.” The female wolf replied just as calmly. Jessica and Roy just wondered how they did it. This is a war now. You don’t have civilized conversations in war. Roy could see the Gang members were just as stumped as he and Jessica were. “I was hoping we could help you without violence”, Kevin replied with a chuckle. “Sorry. Order are orders”, the female wolf said with an evil laugh. She quickly cocked her gun and aimed at Kevin. Kevin held up his hands, still not panicking, thinking he could still resolve this. He slowly backed up to rejoin Roy and Jessica. He still didn’t have a worried look. The other two furries joined the female wolf with guns loaded and aimed. “These two have never killed a freak before so thank you for giving them the chance”, she said with a wry smile. “Well I’m still hoping it won’t come to that”.

“We never take away a chance for out new soldiers to get a kill”. Then Kevin’s relaxed look faded as he realized he couldn’t stop them. She was right, the Gang has let freaks would couldn’t do more that make a straw twitch with their mind go before, but even with such a minute ability, if new members escorted a veteran, the death rate was 100%. They are going to shoot. None of their powers could stop bullets. Kevin could see the lead projectiles ripping through Jessica’s wings, bloodying them, killing her. Then he thought about Roy. His fur glistening with blood as the light of life faded from his eyes. Then Kevin could almost feel the pain of dozens of bullets piercing his own body. The dizziness as his own life is ended untimely. Kevin almost cried when he heard the female wolf yell to the two behind her, “Ready to get your first kill?”. Kevin looked away when he heard the group c**k their guns to shoot. “This is it”, Kevin thought in his mind. By their expressions, Jessica and Roy had the same thoughts. A tear slowly rolled down Jessica’s cheek as she gave a small little sniff. A little voice started talking in Kevin’s mind. It kept saying, “no, No, NO”. He felt a wave of emotions wash over him, anger dominating the wave. The anger was soon followed by an overwhelming surge of power. Kevin closed his eyes to take control of the new found power. Once he opened his eyes, they glowed a light blue. As his eyes got brighter, lightning started to crawl from them. The lightning jumped off his face as it reached the back of his head. The immense power he felt was coupled with the anger he felt towards the gang members. Now the two new Gang members had scared looks on their faces and even the female wolf narrowed her eyes trying to figure out what he was doing. Kevin clenched his fist and held his head up with them. He just shook his head saying, “No. No. No”. The female wolf just laughed and said, “No what? Your still going to die”.

Kevin looked up and said through clenched teeth, “NO! Not today”. The female wolf just laughed. “What do you plan to do about it?” she asked. It was everything Kevin could do not to loose his temper, but anger kept swelling up inside of him. The lightning from his eyes was larger and large until Kevin let out a carnal yell. Electricity swirled around him like an aura and it only grew until he was fully engulfed in pure lightning. The female wolf panic and started to shoot but any bullets that touch the aura turned into dust. The aura broke apart anything that it touched. The other two started to fire on Kevin as well, but their bullets meet the same fate. Kevin slowly started to walk towards them. In a altered voice he yelled, “You want to kill us? Then you got to go through me!”. Each step left behind a pool of lightning. The group started to back up they fired upon Kevin. Seeing that guns were useless, the two new members pulled out bats from a bag at their feet. The female wolf pulled out a two-way radio and started yelling something inaudible over the sound of her gun shooting. She then stopped and told the other two to run but they either didn’t hear her or ignored her. The fox ran towards Kevin with the bat held high in the air. While jumping up, he swung the bat down on Kevin’s head. In an almost blind movement, Kevin reached his right hand up and stopped the bat with one arm. The fox just stared dumbfounded as Kevin started to squeeze the bat. With a loud crack, Kevin crushed the bat with his bare hands. The fox looked up as he meet Kevin’s gaze of pure hatred. While still holding the bat, Kevin reared back his left hand and shot it forward into the fox’s chest. The fox went flying towards the end of the field. He hit the goal posts and fell on the ground either unconscious or dead, most likely just unconscious. As the fox passed over their heads, the female wolf and cat watch as he hit the posts with a painful, bamf. They turned back to Kevin, who let the bat slowly fall out of his hands. Splinters clattered on the grass shortly followed by the two use-to-be bat pieces. The female wolf looked at Roy and Jessica who were just as awestruck as she was. Jessica had seen him mad before when they were on the stage at the FRA, but never like this. Roy, who has only seen Kevin’s power a few times himself, was completely shocked at the raw power Kevin possessed. The cat was the first to make another move. She started to run towards Kevin and swung her bats at him as well, but Kevin grabbed it and just threw it behind him. Roy and Jessica had to dive to have the bat miss them. The bat cracked once it hit the other goal post. Kevin grabbed the cat by the collar and lifted her off the ground. The cat beg and pleaded with Kevin but nothing was heard over the deafening sound of electricity crackling and Kevin‘s blind anger. With a quick motion, Kevin had the cat hoisted up over his head and he threw her towards the goal post to join the fox. She hit harder than the fox did and she too joined him on the ground. The female wolf pulled out her two way radio again and yelled into, “NOW!”. Dozens of furries started to appear from the woods. The female wolf had been calling back up. They all lined up in a mock formation. The female wolf just smirked at Kevin and said, “Not bad! But try 22 men, all armed and trained”. To Kevin it didn’t mater if it was 22 or 222 they would all pay just the same. Kevin was just about to move forward when he heard someone panting. He turned to see Chana, (Shaw-na), running up with three of her friends, all of them had some sort of weapon. “Ah. Your back up, huh? Well good luck”. In the middle of the line up, a gap was made and a large black bear, who Kevin recognized to be the old Gang leader here, Manty Carlosa. In his hand was an RPG, a rocket propelled grenade. He laughed and pointed it at Kevin. Kevin was still wary of Chana and her friends walking up to help them. Kevin returned the female wolf’s smirk. He knew that if anything touched him it would instantly be incinerated, but just to have fun with the group he would try something different.

Manty fired the rocket and it went in a cloud of smoke. Kevin instantly sent a charge into the rocket before it was anywhere close to him. He disabled the rocket and sent an electromagnetic field around it to slow it down. Once it was slow enough he caught it like a football. He held up the grenade and waved it around to let all the lined-up Gang members see. They just laughed, all of them muttering something inaudible. Manty just pointed at the grenade. Kevin looked at its side to find nothing. Then Manty motioned to flip it over. While narrowing his eyes, Kevin slowly lifted it over to find a timer with 15 seconds left. Kevin knew instantly why they were laughing, the grenade was timed, and it was set to explode in only 10 more seconds. Kevin had to hurry. He threw the grenade towards the woods to his right. He took a sigh of relief as he saw the grenade heads towards the forest. Kevin looked back and smirked at the Gang, who all growled in anger. Kevin put his aura back on in a blaze of light, just to startle the Gang. Before Kevin could take another step, he heard a rocket start up. He looked to his right to see the grenade spiraling with the rocket streaming from the bottom. Once it regained balance, the grenade headed towards the school. Kevin saw it go by and saw it only had five seconds until detonation. The rocket stopped and the grenade started to fall. Chana and her friends had made it up the hill completely. Chana was a black and white skunk and her friends were some kind of dog. One had a metal pipe in his hand and the other had a long branch, probably taken from one of the trees.

The grenade kept falling and falling until it impacted the ground. Chana was the first to get on the football field, her other friends were still on the path leading to the bleachers. She hopped the fence and ran to join Roy and Jessica, but she didn’t see the grenade planted under her feet. As she started to run towards Roy and Jessica, the timer hit zero. It exploded with a large, earsplitting crack. Because it was buried in the ground, any shrapnel and fire was absorbed by the earth. Chana was shot forward and bounced off the ground. She rolled a couple times before she stopped. She was on the ground, bleeding and coughing. Kevin knew she was in trouble. Because she wasn’t killed from the shrapnel, the full force of the shockwave from the grenade. When a shockwave from an explosion passes through you, it passes through all of your organs; And when a shockwave passes through your lungs, it makes them bleed, so you will drown in your own blood. Chana got the full impact of the shockwave so she will die if she doesn’t stop bleeding. She only has one choice. The serum that make normal people freaks has another unforeseen side affect. For some reason, the cells in one’s body, when administered the treatment, somehow get the signal to multiply and do it at an extremely fast rate. So any cuts bruises, broken bone, etcetera, were quickly healed. Chana was bleeding internally so it had to be stopped using this way.

In order to get Chana to the FRA base quickly and safely, Kevin has to end this conflict fast. The only way to do that was to seriously hurt them all. Kevin had hoped it wouldn’t come to this but he had no choice, with time against him. He turned to Jessica and told her to cut the power line and let fall towards him. Jessica was in the air in a flash and was on top of the power line, trying to loosen the cable. Once it was loose, she let it fall towards Kevin, who grabbed it and started to absorb as much power as possible. Dark storm clouds started to swirl over head. Several strikes of lightning streaks across the sky. The aura that once surrounded Kevin returned in a large surge. The entire Gang had looks of horror upon their faces, they now knew nothing could kill this wolf. Kevin let all his energy flow to his finger tips, where it eagerly waited to be unleashed. Lightning swirled around Kevin’s arms as he let the power line go, completely drained of any power left in it. The lightning swirled through his claws until it started to pool in his hands. More and more electricity gathered to form large orbs in each of his palms. He simply pointed his palms towards the lined up Gang members. For a split second nothing happened, but once Kevin pumped that last little bit into the orbs, the orbs ruptured and let spill out thousand of mega-watts of electricity. The lightning streaks towards the Gang at such speeds that it was almost too fast to see. Once the streaks hit the first gang member, It quickly spread towards the next member. Then it spread to all of them. The stream just dissipated as it hit the female wolf last. All of the stricken Gang members lay on the ground. Kevin didn’t care for their well being, he only cared about getting Chana the treatment. He yelled to Jessica to get Chana to the FRA base a quickly as possible, he and Roy would follow on Kevin’s ATV. Roy hopped on the back of the ATV and Kevin limped onto the cushion seat. The quad roared to life and Kevin sped out of the parking lot. He cut off several cars passing by. They honked and beeped at him profusely, but Kevin paid them no attention. He drove right under Jessica for thirty miles until they reached the edge of the forest. Kevin drove his ATV onto the rock terrain and traveled west following Jessica. Roy was holding onto the back rack for dear life as Kevin moved the ATV in ways that almost defied the laws of physics. Kevin was lifting the left side wheels off the ground to narrowly miss large rocks and trees. Kevin was not paying attention to anything but getting to the base in time. He looked up to check on Jessica and Chana, they seemed to be doing alright. Kevin could see the strain on Jessica’s face. “Almost there Jess!” he called to her. Jessica continued looking straight forward and gave a small nod. Kevin turned his attention back to his path. Roy was still holding on for his life. His breathing was extremely heavy, like he has been running. Roy tried to get Kevin to slow down many times but to no avail. One time Kevin speed up when Roy asked him to slow down, just to startle his friend. After the white-knuckle time, they finally saw the first sign of the base. Chana was coughing up globs of blood, her lungs were almost too full of blood.

They got to the base and the guards instantly recognized Kevin and Jessica and later Roy, once he was in view. Kevin yelled at them to open the gates and send for a medical team. They arrived three minuets later and put her on a make-shift stretcher. They ran to bring her into the informatory and Kevin ran alongside them to explain what happened. They knew the only cure. They told Kevin they had it now so Kevin watched as she sped off into the informatory doors.
Jessica, Roy, and Kevin waited in their rooms for news on Chana. All of them felt tired. Jessica was sore from carrying Chana all the way here, and she had to do it because if she rode on the back of the ATV, she would have been jostled around which would have increased the rate she was bleeding. Kevin was tired from his confrontation of the Death 2F Gang, he had used more power than he thought. Roy was tired just because he was lazy. Normally, he would have gone home and plopped his furry butt on the couch and watch TV.

They had been waiting for twenty minuets before the doctor cam out with a clip-board. He was a golden retriever with creamy yellow splotches on his face and arms. Kevin stood up as soon as he saw the doctor coming. Jessica and Roy quickly followed his actions to hear the doctors verdict. The doctor looked up to see the three walk towards him slowly. He gave a sigh and said, “We administered the treatment and the bleeding stopped but there is still so much blood in her lungs to definitively say whether she’ll make it or not. You just barley got her here in time I’m afraid. The rest is up to her”. With that, the doctor walked away.

The Mark part 6
Multimedia was getting harder for most of the students, but not Kevin. They had to use flash for the first time. Most didn’t know what to do; they kept asking Ms. Jarvinen for help. Kevin was now was exposed so he had to conceal his gift when he used it. Kevin could make the computer do anything he wanted. He made his own pirate signal, using his electricity with commands encoded in it, to make the computer do things that would be hard even for an advance computer technician. They had to make a ball bounce along a “W” shaped path. Kevin couldn’t make the ball too advance, so he just made it bounce like everyone else's. To add his own little touch, Kevin made the ball pop at the end of the bounce. Ms. Jarvinen walked by as Kevin made the ball pop. Everyone knew he was a freak, but Ms, Jarvinen was the only teacher in the school comfortable with his power. She didn’t know if Kevin really made the ball pop, or if he used his own signal to create it.

“Wow. That’s really good. Can you show me how you did it?” Ms. Jarvinen asked.

Kevin jumped at the sound of the chocolate lab’s voice. He knew that he could not recreate the popping without using his power. He flattened his ears to his head and said, “Sorry”, deleting the popping segment.

Giving a small smile, Ms. Jarvinen walked away. Knowing that he couldn’t make the ball pop, he just saved it and left the bouncing ball. He wondered what Jessica had to go through now that everyone knew her secret too.

Thinking of Jessica reminded him of Roy. Three days after Kevin and Jessica returned, the Government had found Roy and sterilized him. He had been gone for five days, luckily the Government let Roy’s parents stay home with him. If Roy wasn’t back by Thursday, Kevin planed on visiting him. The rest of the day went by normally. Everyone still tried to keep as much space as possible between them and Kevin; no one would even look at him. In his English class even his teacher hurried by his desk to get away after placing his paper on the desk. His face looked like he could care less, but Kevin knew how freak out he was. All the middle school kids that shared the bus with the high school kids always went quiet as Kevin got on. The bus driver liked having this wolf on her bus, no one talked. it was much less distracting.The middle school kids used to tease Kevin when they learned he was a freak until one day an eighth grader went to far.

Two days earlier Kevin got on the bus and went to his usual seat. An eighth grader decided to join his friends in insulting the wolf. After all his other friends had gotten their remarks in, the kid wanted to go farther than anyone else had. “Hey freak.” The kid called to Kevin, who didn’t even acknowledge him. “Nice tattoo,” he said. Then Kevin stopped. Everyone went quiet and the kid who insulted him was still smirking. Even his friends started to get nervous. Kevin had taken all kinds of insults but he would not stand insults about the mark he had. Without so much as a warning, Kevin whipped around and shot a small bolt of electricity at the eighth grader. The kid ducked and the bolt hit the window with a loud ZAP. Without another word he walked to his seat and sat down.

Ever since then, no one dared to make him mad. Kevin liked this, but sometimes it was quite annoying. There was one girl on his bus that really didn’t care about his gift. He still talked to him. She even joked about his gift, but Kevin didn’t care. He knew she didn’t mean anything she said.

As Kevin got home, he found a note on the counter. It was from his mom. His mom and Dad went out so he had to fend for him and his sister when she got home. Kevin didn’t have any homework, which meant he could relax for the moment. He sat down and turned on the T.V. and started channel surfing. About an hour later, he heard the door open and in came his sister. She was a ten year old dragon. She had bluish green scales covering all of her body, and a full head of dark, brown hair.

“Hey Kelly.” Kevin said.

“Hey” she called back. After throwing her backpack into her room, she ran down stairs to play on the family computer. Kevin had his own computer because he was tiered of sharing with the rest of the family. He needed it most of the time, more than everyone else at least. Most everything was normal outside of school. No one who knew him personally had changed their attitude towards him. He just hoped it was the same for Jessica. The next day at school, Roy was back. He didn’t look like he had been affected much by the sterilization. Both Kevin and Jessica stared at him puzzled as to why he was so radiant.

“I really didn’t get the same treatment you guys got; mine was a bit more civilized. I also didn’t struggle which made it a bit better. I just used the treatment to skip school.” he explained when Jessica asked him about it. Kevin just rolled his eyes at the otter.

“Glad it was better for you than it was for me.” Jessica said.

“Oh ya that’s right, you can’t remember your treatment can you Kevin? You were too young, right?”

“Nope. I was treated when I was two.”

All three of them were still getting use to being able to talk about things like this freely in public. They were so use to being as secret as possible about their true colors. This is just one of the many things that change from being exposed.
Jessica was in biology studying Carbohydrates. She really didn’t pay attention to it much. Usually she would just draw. Today she was drawing one of her Spore characters. Her teacher really didn’t care that she usually never pays attention, mainly because Jessica always knew what they were studying. She usually just let her draw, especially now that Jessica was a freak and also knew several other freaks as well. No teachers in any of her classes got mad at her. She liked this some of the time but usually it just annoyed her.

Her teacher ended early and let the class talk, mostly to try and get on Jessica’s good side, but Jessica didn’t know that. As she walked outside, she found what she expected. Kevin was standing with Roy, waiting for Jessica to complete the group.

“Hey guys” Jessica called.

The three walked to their next classes. “Together as freaks”, Roy once said. Everyone was still freaked out by the group. Jessica, Kevin and Roy were the first freaks in Issaquah in the past five years, let alone a group of them.

At lunch, Roy and Kevin were having the hot lunch, nachos with tater tots. Jessica had the earlier lunch so it was just Roy and Kevin. They usually had their own table, not that it was designated, just that no one wanted to sit near them. They just talked about life in general. It was near the end of the lunch time that they heard the intercom go off. On the other side was the book keeper saying, “Attention students, please excuse this interruption. We will have an surprise assembly today at sixth period”. Kevin looked at Roy, who just gave a little shrug. Fifth period went by fast and everyone was anxious for sixth period. No one, not even the teachers knew anything about the sudden assembly. Each teacher had to get their seating chart at the gym. There wasn’t really anything in the center of the Gymnasium. Only a microphone was visible. As Kevin and Jessica sat down, everyone around them started to panic, they had to get too close for their comfort. The same thing happened to Roy, who was on the other side of the gym. When the principle came to the microphone, everyone went quiet.

“Hello everyone.” The female cat at the microphone. “Sorry about no warnings. We had just learned about this today. We have a guest speaker. Please help me introduce, Agent Coland”. A white polar bear came out on the stage in a suit, holding a large file of papers. He shook the principle hand and stepped up to the microphone. “Hello everyone”, he said. “You all are probably wondering what going on. Well, we have recently found three freaks in this area”. as soon as he said this, everyone started to look for Kevin, Roy and Jessica. Noticing this, Agent Coland gave a small chuckle. “I see most of you know them. Yes, they are Kevin Torn, Jessica Cune, and Roy Vaddafi. We are not here about them though. We have reports of a group of freaks somewhere in the National Forest. We have new reports that they have members in this area. We are going around to all the schools the have freaks to try and find the members. Anyone who has any ideas at where the members might be, they can put a note in this box which will be in the principles office. Not everyone has to put something in, but I do expect something from the three freaks I mentioned earlier”.

Kevin gave a low growl but apparently most everyone heard it. Everyone looked in the direction of the wolf. Though Kevin didn’t know it, Jessica also gave a little foxy growl along with Kevin’s. Even Roy, who would never stop smiling to anything, gave an angered look to the Agent. The Agent gave a slight smirk to the wolf’s anger.

“Will this be a problem to you?” the Agent asked, tauntingly.

“Yes it will be”, Jessica said with obvious hatred in her voice. Kevin was surprised at the anger and hatred that Jessica’s voice instilled, he had never seen her like this. usually she was so passive. This new side of Jessica almost scared Kevin.

“And why will it be a problem?” the Agent asked, finding the small vixen’s anger amusing.

“Because the only reason you want us to write something is because you automatically suspect us of being part of the FRA.” she said.

“I never said this was the FRA.” the Agent said, his amusement turning into suspicion.

“Oh come on! Is it really that hard to figure out. What is the only group of freaks in the world that challenges you?”

“Fine. But you must understand why we have to be cautious when dealing with this thing. We can’t afford to let anyone slip.” the Agent said, getting irritated.

“Ya. You can’t let freaks slip. Have you ever once thought that maybe there are some normal people who joined them?” Jessica yelled, getting just as irritated.

“Yes we have, but it is more likely that a freak would join them. Besides, what normal person in their right mind would want to join them?”

Then Jessica went silent. She did not move, speak or even breathe for a few seconds. Without a second thought, she sprouted her wings and lunged at the Agent, the last comment made her snap, she now wanted only to hurt the Agent in anyway possible. Kevin realized what she was going, a quarter of a second after she moved. Kevin had to stop her or else they would go to jail. It is illegal to attack an Agent, and even worse for a freak to do so. Before Jessica could cover a quarter of the distance to the Agent, Kevin jumped after Jessica and grabbed her leg, pulling her down. She lost her balance and fell to the ground, but Kevin landed on his feet and caught her before she hit the gym’s floor. She regained some self composure and simply stared at the Agent while Kevin set her down. Neither Kevin, Jessica nor the Agent were even aware of the hundreds of other students watching this spectacle.

“Jessica, please control yourself”, Kevin said to the vixen he was holding back. “I want to hurt him as much as you do, but if we do, we will go to jail for the rest of our lives along with our families”. Jessica looked at the wolf with an almost pleading look. She held it for a few seconds and relaxed a little, but still kept her stare on the Agent. “Are you ok?” Kevin asked.

“Ya, I’m fine”. she replied.

Aside to her, he said, “Let’s go”. He spotted Roy in the stands. “Come on Roy. Let’s go.” Kevin called. Without missing a heart-beat, Roy had his bag slumped up on his shoulder and was walking down the bleachers.

“Where do you think your going?” the Agent asked.

“Home.” Roy said, as he jumped the last few steps of the bleachers.

“What makes you think that you can just leave school?” the Principle asked walking towards the group. “You may be freaks. You may have powers that can really hurt someone, but you still can’t just skip school”.

“Well the way I see it is that this assembly is mainly over”, Kevin snapped. “If we were to stay, Agent Jerk over there would just tell everyone how horrible this group is. That or he would just harass us. Besides we have only about twenty minuets left”.

Kevin slammed the gym doors open, making everyone, even the Agent, jump in their seats. All three of them were tired of the snide remarks, the automatic assumptions and most of all, the fear that they seem to instill in everyone.

The group got to Kevin’s car and stopped. Roy didn’t know what was going on, but both Kevin and Jessica had the same idea. “Hey Roy, remember the group the Agent was talking about?” Kevin asked.

“Ya. Why?”

“Well, you see, we’re kinda part of it.” Jessica explained, sheepishly.

“And we wanted you to join us. We could use your gift. What do you say?” Kevin asked.

Roy just gave his normal goofy smile and simply said, “Sure”.
The next day, with Jessica in the car, Kevin headed over to Roy’s house to pick him up. They didn’t have school on Friday so they could take that day off to go to the National Forest. Kevin partially knew the way but they could only go so far with the car. At one point, the road stopped and would not let them go any farther. Jessica had to fly both Roy and Kevin to the base. Carrying two people took its toll on the vixen. She had to rest six more times than when she was just carrying Kevin, but they finally got to the familiar part of the forest. They could walk from there, taking about an hour to walk, but they had to make sure that they were not being followed. Kevin sent out a low level electric signal to see if any surveillance equipment was in the area. Finding none, the group head in the direction of the base. When they finally got there, the base doors opened up letting the group in. They all passed by the metal detector, only Kevin set the signal of with his keys. As the got out of the opening chamber, they came to the interior of the base. Roy marveled at the sheer size of the base, while Kevin and Jessica tried to find the councils office. Once they finally found it, Kevin knocked on the door. “Come in” a male voice called. Kevin opened the door and was greeted by the site of a old grey mouse.

“Ah, Kevin, Jessica, it’s nice to see you again”, the grey mouse said. This grey mouse, Colin, was the father of Daniel, and the main leader of this operation.

“Hey Colin. We actually came here for business. You see, the Government somehow knew that someone from our area joined you. We think that they may be on to us. To help keep a better watch, we wanted to have our friend Roy join. He can turn invisible”, Jessica explained.

“Oh! That could be very useful. Of course he can join, but he will have to go through the hearing”.

“Ok. Call us when he is done with the hearing and initiation”, Kevin said.

As Kevin and Jessica walked out of the office, Daniel rushed over to the two panting. “Hey… hey guys…” he said in between pants. After catching his breath, he continued, “I heard you guys were here and I thought you would like to meet someone”.

“Really? Who?”, Jessica asked.

“You’ll see”, he replied. Both Kevin and Jessica followed Daniel to a door that had the words “Control Room” above it. Daniel opened the door and called, “They’re here”. Without any warning a large red panda came running up and threw both Kevin and Jessica into a bear hug. “Panda!” Jessica cried. The red panda was one of their friends named Olivia, she had gone to their school last year but neither of them saw her at the high school. She always wanted to be called Panda for some odd reason. All three of them were excited at seeing each other.

“Where have you been Panda?” Jessica asked.

“Right here actually. Right before school started, me and my family took a camping trip near Ocean Shores. My dad really pissed me off and I took my car and drove away. I don’t know how but I ended up in the Forest. I was taken here when I got too closed and they asked me if I ever wanted to be a freak. And I said ‘Hell ya! That would so totally rock!’. So they did something and now I’m a freak.”

“What can you do?” Kevin asked

“I can… um, grow”, she said.

“What do you mean by ‘grow’?” Jessica asked.

“I can make myself bigger, about six times to be exact”,

“How did you find out what you can do?”

“They have a device that they use to find out what a freak’s power is, if they don’t know, or they won’t show”.

“So what do you do here?” Jessica asked, looking around the room. It was filled with nothing but buttons and levers.

“I’m the technician. I make sure everything is working properly. Oh, and I also make the announcements”.

“Oh! No wonder that voice sounded familiar”, Kevin thought.

The three talked for what seemed about an hour. They just talked about how life was going so far. Panda always knew that Jessica was a freak; she was the first person to find out, besides Jessica’s parents. When Jessica showed Panda her mark, Panda’s eyes started to tear up. She was very emotional about these kinds of things. After a few subject changes, Panda was back to her happy self. In mid-sentence, Panda was interrupted by a knocking on the door. Daniel popped his head in. “Hey guys. Roy did it. He joined”, he said.

Knowing Roy’s love of overkill, he wanted to make sure the other guy didn’t get bloodied up to bad. “How’s the other guy? Hope Roy didn’t hurt him too bad”, Kevin said.

“Actually, the other guy won. But we don’t do this to see if you can win or not, we see if the new recruit knows how to use their gift. Roy does but he could use some training”.

“Ok. We’ll get right on that. Is there anything else you need with him, or can we see him?”

“No. We’re done. You can see him”.

As Jessica and Kevin said goodbye to Panda, Roy turned the corner and greeted the two.

“Welcome to the group”, Kevin said. Roy, being his goofy self, had to make fun of it somehow. He extended his arms towards Kevin and chanted in a zombie like voice, “One of you. One of you”. Roy seemed to be taking this new responsibility quite well. He seemed really happy to be with his friends. Now the circle was complete.
The next couple of day went by normally. Kevin, Jessica and Roy were instilling fear into the hearts of every student, everyone flinched when they were not expecting their voices and everyone was expecting to die. What no one was expecting was another assembly. The assembly was just like the last one, so everyone knew what was going to happen. The same polar bear from earlier came out. He seemed much more relaxed that the last time.

“Hello everyone. I came here today to explain what’s going on. We have found out much more information about the FRA. We have many reports that the three freaks at this school are somehow connected to the them,” This just started it all over again. Kevin, Roy and Jessica gave growls towards the Agent.

“Once again, you take false information and state it true”, Kevin said angrily. “Do you really think anyone here will talk truthfully. Everyone is dead scared of us. They will do anything to get rid of us.”

“Ya, you tell him Kevin.” one of Kevin’s friends from the crowd. As the other fur shouted, the Agent looked in that direction. Before the Agent turned back, Roy went invisible. As the Agent turned, Kevin knew Roy was working his way down to the floor. “Where did that otter go?” the Agent demanded, irritation showing in his voice. Before the Agent could ask again, he suddenly feel to the floor and his nose started to bleed. Roy quickly got back to his original spot and reappeared. The Agent looked at Roy, his face bloodied. “Where did you go?” the Agent half screamed at him.

“I turned invisible because I was embarrassed from you harassing me.” Roy said innocently, but both Kevin and Jessica knew what he had really done.

The Agent just looked at Roy with pure disgust, then turned around yelling, “Assembly over!”. Because no one, not even the Agent, saw Roy punch him, he could not prosecute.

Kevin Jessica and Roy headed out of the gym, as a group of freaks. "If any good has come out of this", Kevin said, "it's that we can finally be free".

The Mark part 5
The rest of that day was total chaos. Neither Kevin nor Jessica could find time to be alone, with each other or by themselves. It seems that every furry in the building was doing the exact opposite of what Daniel said. Everyone kept enticing and annoying Kevin even though Daniel said to not get close to the wolf, much less annoy him. Several times he was about to electrocute several people, but every time Jessica calmed Kevin down. What annoyed Kevin the most were the questions. Some asked good questions like “What else can you do with electricity?”. But some asked stupid questions like why Kevin thinks he got the power to control electricity. When it was time to retire to their quarters, Kevin was extremely happy. No more nagging. Kevin and Jessica were put in the same room. It was a metal room with two beds and one old coffee stand. Each bed had a sheet and comforter. It wasn’t much but it was enough. Sleep came over both of them easily. They gladly drifted to sleep, away from every thing outside these walls.

Kevin awoke to the sound of an alarm going off. Apparently Jessica also woke up.

“What time is it?” Jessica asked through a yawn.

Pulling out his cell-phone, he said “9:30”.

A voice over an intercom, that neither of the two noticed earlier, startled them. The voiced said “everyone please report to the meeting room. We will hold a discussion on current happenings”.

Kevin thought that the voice sounded familiar and that he knew it from somewhere else. He just couldn’t put his finger on where he heard it before. Giving a slight shrug to him self, he opened the door to find two guards positioned out side the door. It was the same bull and rabbit as before.

“The boss had instructed us to bring to a special section of the meeting room. Please follow us.” the bull said.

Aside to Jessica he said, “Wow. We’re getting the ’special’ section”.

Laughing at his joke, the two turned towards a door that had loud mummers coming from the other side. When the door opened they were escorted inside. This room seemed more like an attic than a meeting room. When the two guards left, they locked the door behind them. Both Kevin and Jessica were starting to get worried. The had no idea of what was to happen next.

They heard Daniels voice below them. “My fellow freaks, today is a great day. We found, yesterday, two new additions to our army. The first is Jessica Cune, a fox who can sprout wing from her back. The other is more of a mystery to us. He is the wolf most of you saw earlier, Kevin Torn. He can apparently control electricity”. This sparked a whispering among the crowd. “We will find out just what he can do today. Open the door”.

Not understanding what Daniel meant by “door”, Kevin turned to Jessica, who gave a little shrug. They then heard a creaking from below them. Suddenly, the floor below them gave out and they were then falling. Instinctively, Jessica pulled out her wings, but she didn’t have enough time to catch Kevin before he quickly traveled the 15 ft to the ground. Kevin impacted the stage with a loud slam. “De’javu” he thought. As he got up, all eyes were staring at him.

“Why didn’t you slow yourself like you did when fell before?” Daniel asked.

“Because this time,” Kevin said looking up at the trap door, “ I had all of one quarter of a second to do something about me falling. Any particular reason you dropped me from an attic?”

“We wanted to see you slow your self again, sadly you failed. No matter we will find out what you can do.” Daniel said giving a nod to the four men off stage. They walked out in a formation shaped like a triangle. The two in the back had wooden bats.

“You will fight these men. I wish to show everyone the power of our newest members. You must use your ability or else you friend dies.” Daniel said, pointing to Jessica off stage with a knife at her throat. The rabbit who had escorted him earlier was the knife-man. Kevin reminded himself to get back at the rabbit. He turned his attention back to the four men in front of him. He felt his instincts take over. He no longer viewed the men in front of him as people, but as prey. He let his anger control him, fill him up, give him power. His eyes started to glow blue as more and more electricity was readied for his use. The group took one step closer and then all hell broke loose. An electrical surge caused the lights to flicker. The whispering got louder and louder. Then a scream was heard as Kevin’s eyes started to spark. With his usable energy ready, he used an eighth of his power in a orb like he had used at the school. But this ball had so much more energy, it turned to the size of a basketball. The wolf pointed it at the group and launched it at the ground about two feet in front of them. The orb expanded and bursts in the face of the attacking men. All four of them were knocked back to the wall back stage. The man that was the tip of the triangle formation had electrical burns. The second row of men had just cuts and bruises and the last row just got knocked back.

“There. You happy? Or do I need to demonstrate again?” Kevin asked pointing his palm at Daniel.

“I only used an eight of my power. You don’t want to see what all of it can do. Tell your rabbit to let go of my friend, or I will kill everyone.” Kevin demanded.

“Do what he says.” Daniel said to the rabbit.

“That will be all for this meeting. The council will decide what to do. Return to your quarters. No activities today.” Daniel said to the crowd. “You two”, he said pointing at Kevin and Jessica. “Come with me.”

As Kevin and Jessica followed Daniel, they were given feared looks by every furry they passed. Jessica wondered if this would be like what will happen back at their school, everyone fearing them. Jessica told Kevin about her thoughts.

“It might be even worse than this. You have to remember that a lot of people here a freaks and yet their still scared.” Kevin said.

“Not just a lot. Everyone. There is not a single person here who is not a freak.” Daniel interjected.

As the group reached the end of the hall, the only thing that greeted them was a plain grey door, but what greeted them on the other side was much more elaborate. There was a large theater that had rows after rows of cushioned seats. In the center of the theater was a large stage that had the look of a court room. In the middle of the stage was five older looking furries. One was a male mouse, who looked a lot like Daniel. Another was a female dragon, with bluish black scales, followed by a white, female rabbit, a brown, male cat and a , black, male bear.

“The debate will now begin. How are you doing Daniel?” the mouse said.

“Hey dad. I‘m alright.” Daniel said to the other mouse

“Ok Daniel, what have you got for us?” the dragon said.

“These two were found yesterday flying over our camp. And I thought we should have them join.” Daniel said pointing to the wolf and vixen.

“Wait. Did you say ‘fly’?” the rabbit asked.

“Yes. The vixen has wings, and the wolf has a power that I have never seen before. He can control electricity.”

Each of the five gave gasps, starring wide eye at the wolf.

“They are both from the Issaquah area and I think that we should have them join so we can have members posted there.” Daniel said.

“Do they know about our operation?” the cat asked.

“No. I haven’t told them.” Daniel answered.

“I’ll do it,” the older mouse said, turning two Kevin and Jessica. "As you might know, everyone in this proximity is a freak. What few people know is that the Government has been taking freaks who break the law and doing experimental test on them. After three years of testing, they have recently had a positive test.”

“What are they testing?” Jessica asked.

“They are testing a cure for the genetic code for Fricandeaus Maxium. They can cure the freak’s powers and chance of spreading the code. But we have been able to do experiments of our own. They have been able to make freaks normal, but we have been able to make normal people into freaks. We have made this facility to train freaks to use their powers. We are all fighting for freak freedom. The Government has no right to control anyone’s power. We want you to join the fight. We need someone in the Issaquah area to keep track of the Government. Will you help us with our quest?”

Kevin and Jessica needed a second to take in all of this new information. They didn’t know what to think about either the Government or the new found FRA. Kevin looked at Jessica to try and see what she thought. She looked just as puzzled as he was.

“What do you think?” Kevin asked her.

Without hesitating she turned to the wolf and said, “We should do it.”

“Are you sure? This could put our lives at risk.”

“I don’t care. I hate the Government already. I want to fight them every step of the way.”

“Alright”, he said turning to the rest of the group. “We’ll do it.”
After the meeting, Jessica and Kevin were escorted to their quarters. They were about to go through what was called the initiation ceremony. Neither of them knew what was about to happen. Jessica thought that maybe it was something like the Government’s treatment, something like an anti-sterilization. She told Kevin her idea.

“Maybe. I don’t know, that seems a little extreme. Besides, the Government has every treated freak on record. If they found out that one of them had a litter, they would instantly know that the mother or father was part of this group. It would be too much of risk.” He said.

“I guess. I wonder how much longer it will be.”

As if on cue, Daniel walked in followed by the same rabbit as before. The look on both of their faces looked a lot more relaxed and much less hostile as when they first found Kevin and Jessica.

“Come on guys. We’re ready for you.” Daniel said.

While walking down a hall way the neither Kevin nor Jessica remember seeing, everyone they passed did not have the same looks of fear that they had earlier. After about twenty minuets of walking, the group finally reached the end of the hallway. What greeted them was a door the looked more like a house’s front door than a door for a training facility. The rabbit opened the door and let Daniel, Kevin and Jessica walk in. Without stepping in himself, Frank closed the door behind Jessica. Inside, the room looked like a dance club. There were lights everywhere and in the middle was what looked like a DJ stand.

“This is our club area. We let older troops have parties here. But not only does is it get used as a club,” he said pulling down a lever near the wall, “it is also used as our battle chamber.”

There was the loud noise of gears and motors running. The floor moved back into the walls, quickly being replaced by another floor rising up, but this one had a maroon color carpet on it. The carpet looked thicker than normal carpets. There was a rack near one of the walls with almost every weapon imaginable. All of them were close combat weapons, swords, knives, and more. Any idea that either Jessica or Kevin had was erased and replaced with new ones.

“The orientation is that each of you will fight one of our members. Jessica, you have several choices to choose from. But Kevin, you only have two.” Daniel said

“What?” Kevin asked. “Why?”

“Because we couldn’t find anyone who was willing to fight you. Everyone is afraid of you.”

The shocked Kevin. He knew that he was powerful, but he didn’t expect people to fear him. He just wondered who he had to fight. He was even more curious to find out how big the people he had to fight.

Jessica was up first. She had about fifteen different people to choose from. She chose a brown fox. He had brown fur everywhere that was visible. She got into the position that Daniel pointed out. She moved the two holes in her shirt so she could sprout her wings. Once her wings were out, the fox just smiled.

“Ready? Fight!” Daniel yelled.

Kevin didn’t know what to expect from Jessica. He didn’t know that she trained herself to fight from the air. The fight didn’t last long. As soon as the brown fox lunged at Jessica, she shot upwards. After he turned and was off balance, Jessica swooped down and delivered a good kick square to the fox’s forehead, instantly knocking him out. Kevin’s jaw dropped. He did not expect that from Jessica.

“How did you-. When did-… What was that?” Kevin asked.

“I’ve been training in my room. I had to stop because every time I fell, I always landed really loudly.” She said.

Up next was Kevin. To his surprise, both of his choices were not what he expected. He recognized Justin, the cat who talked to him earlier, and another cat who was an off white color. Kevin chose to fight Justin, curious at what the little cat could do.

“Be careful Kevin, I’m more than I seem.” Justin warned.

“Ready? Fight!”

On “fight”, Justin lunged with incredible speed. Before Kevin could throw a counter punch, Justin already kicked him in the stomach, knocking the breath out of Kevin. Justin landed gracefully on his feat, while Kevin Landed on his back ten feet away, trying to breathe. Once Kevin got his breath back, he lunged at Justin. A smile grew on the cat’s muzzle. Justin put his hand in front of him, making the attacking wolf hesitant. Giving a mighty yell, Justin used his gift. Kevin felt an unknown force push him. The force kept pushing him until he was against the wall. The Kevin saw a slight surge come from the cat’s hand, Justin was doing this.

“Justin here can push anything away with his mind. Nothing is to big.” Daniel said to Jessica, loud enough that Kevin could hear.

Justin let Kevin down from the wall, Justin could move things but not continuously. Kevin fell with a loud thump. Kevin got up and looked at the cat. With a smile he said, “My turn”.

Kevin used the same move he had at the meeting room, but it looked different somehow. The orb seemed a bit lighter than is had the first time Kevin used it. Kevin’s smile got even bigger as he saw the puzzled look Justin had. What Kevin did was he made the orb in his right hand negatively charged. He made another orb in his right hand positively charged. Once both of them had about the same voltage, he rammed the two together. The orbs, being opposites and attracting each other, joining together. Jessica had seen Kevin use this move once, so she knew what to expect. Just before the two orbs completely fused together, Kevin ripped them apart, causing a huge shockwave. The wave headed towards Justin and the other cat. Once the shockwave hit Justin, he went flying up, followed by the brown cat behind him. Both of them bounced of the ground upon landing. From Justin there was an audible crack. Medics quickly came through the door and attended to Justin and the other cat.

“How did he do that?” Daniel asked Jessica.

“Kevin explained it to me once. I think he said that the negative and positive attraction is so powerful that when ripped apart, it’s like splitting an atom. Huge amounts of energy are released.” she replied.

Kevin walked towards Jessica and Daniel with a slight grin on his face. “Congratulations. You are both now members of the FRA.” Daniel said with a grin
The first few days back at school for Kevin and Jessica could only be described as weird. The first day they got back, the Government was all over them. Once Kevin got to tell them that they had to use their powers to defend themselves against the Death 2F Gang, the Government relaxed and got off their cases. However, as soon as they got the names of the Gang members that attacked them, the Gang was arrested. Apparently the Death 2F Gang was an illegal group, not only for murder but also for federal crimes. The first three days were like hell. No one would talk to them, everyone gave them at least a five foot radius when walking by, and worst of all everyone started to panic each time they spoke. Even the teachers seemed intimidated by them.

“Well, you were right. It is worse than the camp.” Jessica said one passing period.

“You seemed surprised. You can fly and I can control electricity, what reaction did you expect.” Kevin said.

As Kevin looked back into the classroom Jessica came out of, Roy popped out with out even saying hi to either Kevin or Jessica. He still felt horrible about exposing them.

“Roy. Come back.” Kevin called.

Roy hesitantly turned back to the two and walked towards them, not making eye contact.

“Roy, we’re ok. Things will return to normal. We aren’t mad at you for exposing us. Please. We just want our friend back.” Kevin said.

Finally making eye contact with the two, Roy Gave his goofy smile and said, “Ok”.

All three of them knew one thing would change. life was definitely getting interesting.

The Mark part 4
“Have we gone far enough?” Jessica asked over the howl of the wind.
“No. Try to get over the National Forest.” Kevin yelled back.
The two furries were on the run after exposing them selves as freaks. They had to get away from the area they were in or else the Government would find them. Freaks are not allowed to use their powers, even in defense, if the powers are harmful like Kevin's. Jessica would be ok but because Kevin’s powers could kill, the Government would ruin his life in ayn way legally aloud. Knowing that the school has called both of their parents with what happened today, he waited for the cell-phone call. Coincidentally just as he thought about it, he felt the phone buzz in his pocket. Knowing that not only would his parents be not be able to hear him, he didn’t answer knowing that it would also be tapped. After about two hours, Kevin started to see the green of the National Forest below him. Thinking they went far enough Kevin asks Jessica to land. Giving a quick nod, the vixen swooped down and landed on her feat, setting Kevin down first. As soon as both of them are on the ground, Kevin pulls out his cell phone. He saw he had a new message, most likely from his mother.
“Honey are you alright? Please call me. I heard what happened and I need to know your alright. Please call. I love you. Bye.” Kevin’s mother said.
A tear rolled down his cheek as heard the background noise of agents scrambling to get information on where the two are. The Kitsune looked at Kevin, but the wolf just shook his head. Deciding that they shouldn’t stay in one place for too long, they chose to stay in there for a while to rest. Kevin gathered some dry wood and made a spark to start a fire. After staying for about three hours, the two decide to head out. They started to head east towards the Indian reservation.
“I don’t know if I can make all the way.” the vixen shouted with obvious strain in her voice, panting in time with her beat of her wings.
“That’s ok. You only have to make it a few more miles.”
“Ok. I’ll try. Could I have some water thou-” Jessica started to say.
Looking up, he saw the vixen start to droop. Not understanding, he saw a dart in her neck. Pulling it out quickly, he smelled it. A sleeping dart. He suddenly felt himself dropping. Jessica was out cold so she couldn’t fly, or land. He quickly grabbed her and tucked her into his arms with his back facing the ground. With all the energy he could summon in that one instant, he tried to create an electromagnetic field around the vixen, trying to negate the earth’s gravity. Slowing their decent to about 15 miles per hour, Kevin braced himself for impact. The cold ground hit him with a hard thump. Feeling a throb in the side of his head, he felt blood trickle down. Looking over at Jessica, he saw that she was unharmed. A rustling in the bushes startled Kevin, as he whipped his head around to find he had hurt his neck. Seeing two furries approach, Kevin saw one of them had a dart gun, the one responsible for the previous dart.
“Take them both. It’s too dangerous to have them just lay here.” one of the two said, obviously male.
Kevin felt scaled hand lift him up. The second person was some kind of reptile. As the first person turned and whistled, seven more furries came out and helped pick Jessica up. As three more came to lift the wolf up, Kevin slowly felt consciousness slip from his mind.
Kevin awoke to a throbbing in his head. He remembered the crash and how his head started to bleed. Felling it now he still felt blood, but the gash stopped bleeding about an hour ago. He checked his braces. Still intact, but they gave him a nice cut in his mouth. Then he remembered the people who had made them fall. “Jessica!” he thought. Jumping up he found himself in a room about the size of an average bedroom. Seeing a door, he tried to open it but it was locked.
“Jessica!” he called into the door, hoping she could here him through the door.
“Jessica!” he called louder.
“JESSICA!” he screamed at the top of his lungs, trying to force the door down.
“He’s awake.” he heard a voice outside the door call. It sounded female.
“Open the door.” another voice said. Kevin recognized this voice as the same voice he heard early in the woods.
Kevin was ready to attack at any moment. To his surprise, a small male mouse came in. He had grey fur and red eyes. He was wearing an old blue shirt that looked liked something that homeless people would wear. He was also wearing blue jeans with holes in them. Many scars adorned the mouse’s face.
“Who are you?” Kevin said as menacingly as possible with the strength he could muster.
This made the mouse jump back in surprise that the wolf even had enough energy to even talk. A fall like he had would kill most people.
“You are not in a any position to ask questions. So shut up.” the mouse yelled.
Kevin never came out of his attack position but lightened his glare a little. “Fine” he mumbled.
“Good. Now we saw from your mark that you are also a freak. What are you doing out here?” the mouse asked.
“One of the Death 2F Gangs came to our school. One of our friends, who is also a freak, was discovered. Because we hung out with him, we were targeted. We had to use our powers to escape. We had to run or soon the entire school would have Gang members there. Then the government would come and so on.” Kevin explained.
“Ok. We know your friend, the vixen, has wings. What is your power?”
“I don’t have to tell you that.”
The mouse simply snapped his fingers and two large men came in. one was a golden-lab and the other a tiger. Kevin knew that with his diminished energy, he would not be able to fight both of them.
“Actually, you do.” the mouse said.
“Fine. I’m an elementalist.”
“And what does that mean?”
“It means.. I can control an element.”
This made the mouse’s ears perk up. Having an someone who could control an element would greatly help his organization.
“And what element can you control?” the mouse asked sound a bit more interested.
“Why do I have to tell you? I know the code. I gave you type and reason. I do not need to submit anymore information.”
“Well for starters, if you don’t, I will not only beat you, but you little vixen friend too.” the mouse said while the other two guards moved closer to Kevin.
As Kevin backed up into a corner, surrounded by the two guards blocking his path, he felt an outlet. And where there’s an outlet, there’s electricity. Then he heard it. The loud hum of a quite large generator running. Probably wind, the best generator because of how windy this area was. Putting his hand on the outlet, he felt that rush of electricity surge through his body. He felt that power he had lost return.
“Big mistake.” Kevin said to the two in front of him.
Then he launched his attack. He filled his fist with electricity, and punched the golden-lab in the chest, knocking him to the other side of the room. As he turned to the tiger, who was getting control over himself, he shot a small bolt of electricity at him. The bolt hit him square in the leg, which should have knocked him out cold. But he just looked at his leg and then at Kevin. With a quick strike, the tiger had Kevin by his neck against the wall.
“Chad here negates all other freak’s powers.” the mouse said with a grin.
Struggling to free himself, Kevin tried to kick the tiger but without any good leverage, he could not do any damage. The golden-lab got up and helped the tiger restrain Kevin. Before he could hit the lab, Kevin was face-down on the ground, the tiger holding his hand and the lab holding his feet.
“So you can control electricity. I could use that.” The mouse said. The mouse gave the two furries a nod. They slowly got up off of Kevin, ready to defend their boss.
“Now, are you going to try that again? Or do I have to have them restrain you again?” the mouse asked.
“Probably.” the wolf said. “Can I at least know what’s going on? Where am I?”
“This is the base of operations for the FRA. You came over our land and we can never be too careful when it comes to strangers. The Government has been after us for years. We had no choice but to assume that you were working for them.”
This puzzled Kevin. What was the FRA? Why was the Government after these people? Kevin was about to ask when he heard more movement outside the door.
“I will have my escorts bring you to the mess hall. You must be hungry. That was quite a fall you took.” The mouse said.
“Can I know your name?” Kevin asked as the mouse started to walk out.
Without even turning the mouse just said, “Daniel.”
At the mess hall, Kevin saw hundreds of people there. He wondered what the mouse would need with so many people. He saw that some of them were freaks. He even saw a seven or eight year old squirrel, making a piece of paper combust. Kevin, not trusting anyone here, grabbed his food and sat at a table in the corner. He slowly ate his food, a pizza with chicken on the side. The two furs who escorted him here, a bull and a rabbit, were gain a lot of attention. What was getting even more attention was the furry the two were guarding. Everyone is the building gave at least one look towards the wolf. Anyone who looked too long got a low growl from the wolf. No one dared to walk anywhere near the wolf, but one little cat came over and decided to talk to the new wolf.
“Hey! I’m Justin. Nice to meet you.” the cat said. He looked no older than 13.
“Well you seem braver than everyone else here to come and talk to me. Wolves have a natural look to make everyone keep away. Kevin” Kevin said, holding out his hand.
Justin just took Kevin’s hand and shook it. “So did you here about the guy that got shot down with his girlfriend. I heard that he was detained by the boss. I think he was also a wolf.”
Kevin almost chocked on his water when he heard the cat use the term “girlfriend”.
“First of all she wasn’t my girlfriend. And second where did hear about this?” the wolf asked.
The cat’s eyes went wide. “That was you? Holy crap! You should have died from a fall like that. How did you survive?”
“My little secret. Did you hear what happened to the girl that was with me?”
“She’s fine. She’s right over there.” The cat said pointed to a table with a bruised vixen.
“Jessica!” Kevin called.
The Kitsune looked up at the sound of her name and gave a smile.
“Thank you.” Kevin said to the cat.
“No problem.” He heard Justin say behind him.
When he got to Jessica’s table, he grabbed her into a big hug. He smelled blood on her fur. “Did they hurt you?” he asked.
“What? Oh,” she said looking at the blood on her shoulder. “No. That’s your blood.” She said.
Hearing the door to the mess hall open, he looked and the mouse Daniel with about seven men behind him. “Get behind me!” Kevin told Jessica. As the group kept getting closer and closer, more and more heads looked in their direction. When the got to about 10 feet close, Kevin got a charge of 500 volts ready, his mind posed to kill.
“Calm down. We’re not going to attack you.” The mouse said in an irritated tone.
“Sorry, but I have reason to suspect so from you.” Kevin snarled.
“Whatever. We are here to warn everyone about you.” He said.
“Everyone," he called to the crowd, "this wolf has a power like no other. He can easily kill you if he wanted to. He can control electricity. I do not know the extent of his powers, but be cautious of him.” Daniel said. And with that he turned and walked away.
Now whispers were running through the audience.
“Well there goes our identity.” Jessica said, both of them wondering what will happen next in their lives

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